Friday on September 14 2001 8:00PM 
Cape-Saint-Ignace (Quebec) Canada


Constable Alain Tardif of the Sûreté du Quebec - Saint-Jean-Port-Joli Station communicates with the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), with this intention to check the legal information relating to me, after usual waiting say : «Could be dangerous for the Government's members.» What can I say, its lagging since six years now and that I write to the government's members, claiming for that justice will returned to me. It is normal that they reached a paranoid psychosis about me in order to confirm the official quotation of the Serge Bourassa-Lacombe's Foundation:

«Persecution provokes paranoia while lack of understanding from people may cause schizophrenia»
«La persécution provoque la paranoïa tandis que l'incompréhension du monde peut causer la schizophrénie»
(King James Version) «Marc 3:21 Mark et Jean 7:20 John» (Version Louis Second)
«Joseph Adrien Serge Bourassa-Lacombe»

September 28th, I benefited from my passage in the municipality of Saint-Pascal de Kamouraska to elect Mr Claude Béchard, Deputy of Kamouraska-Témiscouata to transmit by his office to the Government's members for me, the Good Seed of the day (La Bonne Semence). Mister Béchard understand that they took a very bad direction on my subject and that this fact did not please at all GOD OUR-FATHER.  

Mr Béchard could not confirm or invalidate the whole behaviour but on the other hand it was seized by my speech:  

«Keeping-hope! With the pleasure of traversing Quebec by Hitch-hiking from North to South without idleness from West to East like a spiritual speaker in anti-crime and anti-suicide guidance under homeless conditions in order to build a Better Country! «Obey to JESUS CHRIST in order to obtain Eternal Salvation.» Hebrews 5:9 That the will of God be done in earth, as it is in heaven. And that God comes to help people who stress in the distress in Quebec! Amen!» 

More especially as I gave him 8 of my businesses cards and this prophetic letter of September 5th 2001 which the object is  :


In which it is mentioned that  :

That does already more than six years that I does prevention in mental health and does not matter where I am, I do what I have to do. Lately, I was passing to Montmagny, a municipality of 12 170 souls, I note that eight days before my coming in this city, Yvon Giasson 42 years has shut down his son on Tuesday 14 August Ludovic, elderly of 10 years, and his spouse Carole Deschamps, before to comited suicide.  Tuesday October 24th 2000, Richard Lachance an individal had drove his car to a train in Saint-Pierre-de-Montmagny. He was just turned to 50 years. On Sunday September 27th 1998, Pascal Giasson 23 years had killed the son of his partner of life, Maxime 7 years, Maxime was in fact Yvon one of his uncle's son. Maxime's father had committed suicide six years previously! Monday August 13th 2001 in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, François Fournier from Saint-Aubert a 26 years old man creates a big emotion at the Caisse Populaire using an axe to get in. All these drama of horrors are not urban legend!

As a president of Serge Bourassa-Lacombe's Fondation, I noticing the accomplishment of revelations that GOD OUR-FATHER had given as prophecy.  I realize that in Quebec the situation its worst than what the statistics want us to do believe. The extent of the phenomenon risk to increase itself again more, all will depend on quality of ears of my Readers. «If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.» Mark 4:23

I recall you that Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation has been created by GOD February 12th 1995 and prophesied by me from the same day in order to denounce the Medical Mafia and to overcome its mental illnesses in order to build a better country! As well as decreasing criminality, relapse crimes and suicide rate of such amount. As long as the government will not come to support Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation as it supported Terry Fox Foundation there will be more and more dramas of horrors in Quebec.

I know that one day I will obtain justice before man on this living earth due to a revelation that I have received from OUR-FATHER. When? I can not say, however I can guarantee earliest will be best, the need is there we could say, it goes from there for the public security! 

Since September 5 there was amongst other things  :

The drama of Saint-Pascal: Wednesday September 12th 2001!

The municipality of Saint-Pascal to Kamouraska, was the horrible scene of drama. A 28 year old man Francis Thériault, a 21 year old woman Lison Dubé, thus a young girl five year old Sandra and a one year old baby ARIANE, all from the same family, died in what has all appearances of a family drama. The surprise was big in the neighbourhood. The couple had even made projects of marriage.

And the drama of Kirkland  : Thursday September 20th 2001!

Seven bodies in a house, John Bauer a father of Kirkland killed his family. The six bodies found by firemen, around 10:00AM in the residence of the family of John and Helen Bauer, in Kirkland, West suburbs of Montreal, carried all the trace of balls. The six victims of Bauer, his wife, Helen Caroll, 50 years, its three sons, Jonathan, 22 years, Wesley, 18 years and Justin, 14 years, his father-in-law, Elmer Caroll, 75 years, and its boss, Lucio Beccherini, 44 years, all were killed out of shots drawn to the back from the head, with a 22 gauge gun with four inches gun, which did not had a silencer. The weapon had been stolen in 1987 in a private residence of Vaudreuil. We are unaware of how Bauer, advantageously known in his community and without legal antecedent, had itself gotten. Seven dead, its the worst family drama to occur in Quebec.

September 28th 2001 from 10:40AM to 10:48AM

612, rue Tache
Saint-Pascal (Quebec) G0L 3Y0
Telephone: (418) 492-7730
Fax: (418) 492-3274


I deliver and ask the deputy of Kamouraska-Témiscouata  to transmit by his office to the Government's members reached of a psychosis paranoid about me since at least September 14th 2001, the Good Seed of the day (La Bonne Semence) brought back by my friends from the Sûreté du Québec at Cape Saint-Ignace!

Claude Béchard

PQ le 24  PL le 2

271-94 2001

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, Romans 1: 21-22

Does our civilization still have reference marks  ?

Impossible not to put the question when the topicality reveals us some of turpitudes of the world in which we let us live  : affairs of morality or corruption, crimes and offences, perversions, complicities and traffics in any kind  !

How to explain such an amount of dishonesty, immorality and violence  ? The Bible gives us the cause of the evil. Let us read again the verses of today  : the men ridiculed the rights of God, their Creator. They thus lost their moral reference marks, resulting from Christianity, impressed divine regulations.

Today, the man became his own center. He wants to free himself from Christian morals and seeks to appease all his covetousness, his impulses : disordered sexual desire, foolish taste of the capacity, immoderate love of money, etc. The legislation thus softens more and more the rules, so that each one can act according to its good pleasure. What was reprehensible yesterday is tolerated today, before being legalized tomorrow. This process of looseness is concretized by many examples.

However, in the Bible, God reveals us his thought on the most concrete subjects of our daily newspaper. It wishes for each one of its creatures a happy life, i.e. harmonizes some with what it approves. If the Word of God forms our thoughts, inspires our actions, we will be really «the salt of the earth» (salt fights corruption) in the middle of a declining civilization.

La Bonne Semence 30, rue Châteauvert F-26000 Valence

The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), part of National Police Services (NPS), is an automated system which provides tactical information on crimes and criminals.  This computer-based police information system, operational since 1972, is located in the RCMP headquarters complex in Ottawa, Ontario.   Over 60,000 police officers across Canada can obtain immediate access to operational police information from a terminal in their office or in their police vehicles.