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1000 km by bicycle

L'Écho de St-Germain was the first to place my story before the public. Thank you very much to Roméo (MÉO) Bouchard.

In the evening of September 7th, a young man name by Serge Bourassa-Lacombe came to tell us that he reach his thousandth kilometre by bike at 15h. Between the cradle of Kamouraska and the Calvary of St-Germain. Having been to suffer a real tortures by force psychiatric cures at Sherbrooke, in order of injustices of his teachers, he bikes for to come in help of those like him who had been unjustly qualify of Marc Lépine 2 or Pierre Lortie 2 or Fabrikant 2…

The intolerance, the injustice and the lack of understanding toward the marginal make to suffer and make crazy.

Be ware of hunter because they are armed!

Serge Bourassa-Lacombe's foundation, yes! It's become possible at 16:15h.
-Founded at Granby the July 13th 1995 in the after noon
-This is not charted yet for the moment because his President-Founder lives like a tramp since May 12th 1995 for to make the truth explode  

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