Lennoxville, October 5 th 1997


I, Eric Nutbrown, declare that I first met Serge Bourassa-Lacombe in Spring 1991. I know him pretty much by now and have known him before he was send to the psychiatric ward at the CHUS. To be honest with you, his spirituality bas changed. Even before that time, he was a giver of pure love. I remember him as a big humanist a man who cares for others so much, even when he was a Christian sinner. I recall that I paid him a visit every Sunday during his hospitalization at the CHUS.. The first time I saw him at the 4B. I was scared of the way he behaved in front of me like a real zombie. I was very surprised to see my friend in that state. On March 11 th, with his father and friends, we moved his furniture and his clothing and his weird behaviour, caused by the pills, this Saturday afternoon tired me very much. On my fifth visit, Serge surprised me again as he announced that he had started a strike since the March 14th against taking pills. I was afraid of his decision because of my lack of knowledge. But I remembered that he had convinced himself of letting his beard grow during his strike. When I visited him on the April 2nd, he was behaving as a matriculated man with his ping-pong ball. On the April 11th, I had decided to receive him at my home for the night during his 24 hours of leave because he was like before.

In the summer of 1993, we went on vacation together to Quebec city. I will always remember how he convinced me to go on this nowhere vacation that permitted me to discover who Serge really was. Firstly, as we arrived in Quebec city, I broke my only car door key of my 1984 hatchback Camaro. I thought my first real vacation was a disaster. Per chance my friend Serge was able to convince me not to give up my vacation. He was always able to take the right decision and he decided we should go toward Chicoutimi. The problem was riding with a pack f ul1 of valuable camping stuff f how can we be safe with unlocked car doors. Forced to admit that my car was not new, just before the Laurentian park the heater core was leaking on my feet because Serge was the driver. Even so, he possessed a tremendous knowledge, like a genius. We came back by night because the antifreeze was leaking and Serge recommended this to save the engine.

The week after. Serge had repaired all that was broken in my car and he surprised me again. By chance that he bad recommended me to have my handbrake fixed, after having warning me of the emergency need of having it done properly. The year after, driving my car down the hill on Belvedere street, noticing that I had no brakes I became panic stricken. Thank GOD, Serge was sitting on the passenger seat and he grabbed the handbrake in time to prevent a car accident at the corner of a major intersection (Galt and Belvedere).

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