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From: Joseph Adrien Serge Bourassa-Lacombe
Cc: Honorable Guy Chevrette - Ministre des Transports ; Honorable Louise Harel - Ministre des Affaires municipales et de la Métropole ; Honorable Jacques Brassard - Ministre des Ressources naturelles ; Honorable Louise Beaudoin - Ministre d'Etat aux Relations internationales ; Honorable Sylvain Simard - Ministre Fonction publique et Président du Conseil du Trésor ; Honorable Jean Rochon - Ministre Travail - Emploi - Solidarité sociale ; Honorable Remy Trudel - Ministre Santé et Services sociaux ; Honorable Gilles Baril - Ministre Régions - Industrie - Commerce - Tourisme - Sport ; Honorable François Legault - Ministre de l'Éducation ; Honorable Linda Goupil - Ministre Famille - Enfance - Condition Féminine - Aînés ; Honorable Guy Julien - Ministre du Revenu ; Honorable Maxime Arseneau - Ministre Agriculture - Pêcheries et Alimentation ; Honorable Joseph Facal - Ministre Relations avec citoyens et Immigration ; Honorable Agnes Maltais - Ministre déléguée Santé - Services sociaux et Protection Jeunesse ; Honorable David Cliche - Ministre Recherche - Science et Technologie ; Honorable Jacques Baril - Ministre des transports ; Honorable Michel Morin - Whip en Chef du gouvernement ; Honorable François Gendron - President du caucus du parti ministeriel ; Honorable Claude Boucher - Secretaire d'Etat aux Infrastructures municipales ; Honorable Andre Boulerice - Secretaire d'Etat Accueil et Integration des immigrants ; Honorable Lucie Papineau - Secretaire d'Etat aux Regions-ressources ; Excellence Très Honorable Adrienne Clarckson - Gouverneur Général du Canada ; Très Honorable Jean Chrétien - Premier Ministre du Canada ; Honorable Herb Gray - vice premier ministre du Canada ; Honorable Allan Rock - Ministre Santé Canada ; Honorable Lawrence MacAulay - Solliciteur Général du Canada ; Daniel Cormier - Chef du Parti de la Sagesse du Québec ; Mario Dumont - Chef de l'Action démocratique du Québec ;.Jean Charest - Chef de l'opposition officielle ; Maire Jean Perreault - Ville de Sherbrooke et tous vos concitoyens ;.Micheline Roy Directrice Générale - Collège de Sherbrooke (maintenant CÉGEP de Sherbrooke) ; Réal Tremblay - Représentant Sherbrooke CDPDJ ; Me Claude Filion - président CDPDJ ; Me Annick Reinhardt - Commissaire CAI ; Association des Médecins Psychiatres du Québec ; Dr Yves Lamontagne - Président Collège des Médecins du Québec ; Dr Claude Mercure - directeur des enquêtes au Collège des Médecins ; Jean-Pierre Duplantie - directeur général RRSSSE ; Rosette Côté - commissaire aux plaintes MSSS ; Tribunal Administratif du Québec ; Inspecteur général des institutions financières ; Me Yves Renaud - Comité déontologie du Québec ; Bureau du Coroner du Québec ; Sécurité Publique Communauté Urbaine Montréal ; Sûreté du Québec ; GRC - RCMP ;.Jean-Pierre Lacroix - Journal L'Itinéraire ; The Record of Sherbrooke and all your readers ; La Tribune de Sherbrooke et tous vos lecteurs
Send: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 11:15PM
Subject: Complaint in Police Deontology against the Sherbrooke Regional Police Service (SPRS) 20010901 09:30PM!

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à la déontologie
1200, Route de l'Église, RC.20
Sainte-Foy (Quebec) G1V 4Y9
Phone : (418) 643-7897
Telecopy : (418) 528-9473


Email : deontologie-policiere.quebec@secpub.gouv.qc.ca                                          French

Please take note that a copy of this complaint had been sent
by recommended mail to the Police chief September 4th 2001 5:03PM:
NAME: Bourassa-Lacombe FIRST NAME: Serge Joseph Adrien DATE OF BIRTH: June 20, 1957 09:12
ADDRESS: 583, Guizot Street East, Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2P 1N4
TELEPHONE (HOME) (514) 388-4567

I wish to complain about the behaviour of the following police officer or special constables:

NAME: Michel Carpentier - Director of the Police Service 


NAME: André Castonguay - Director of the Criminals Investigation


NAME: Michel Martin - Public Relation of the Police Service


NAME: Michel Gagné - Constable




PLACE OF the EVENT (Municipality, road...)
400, Marquette Street, Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada J1H 1M4
Summarize the incident and explain your reproaches. If you reproach to the police officer or special constables some abusive remarks, obscene, blasphemous, discriminatory or disrespectful, please bring back the words employed as exactly as possible.

CONSIDERING the deposit of a civil lawsuit in Superior Court on April 14, 1998 NO: 450-05-002521-983.

CONSIDERING the 10 hours Interrogation Before Defense in this file held in the Sherbrooke Court House on: 98-11-25, 98-11-30, 98-12-09.

CONSIDERING that the defendants cannot go against the applicant in this case.  

CONSIDERING that a criminal complaint was received by the Sherbrooke Regional Police Service (SPRS)  : SBK2000091813 September 18th 2000 at 12:12PM and 12:18PM

CONSIDERING that these criminal charges that I am deposing in reference to the Criminal Code of the Country are very serious:  public mischief, illegal detention during 57 days, forgery, use of forgery, mist lead, criminal harassments, physical and mental torture, chemical torture (Lithium, Haldol, Rivotril, Dalmane, Ativan, Cogentin, Mellaril and Stelazine), attempted murder by overdose of legal drugs, plot and persecution forcing me to leave exiled.

CONSIDERING that the medical file had been hidden from me for a period of more than 34 months and that I had the courage to call the Commission of the social affairs of Quebec on October 23rd, 1997 to be hearing in that case NO: SS-10369 in order to obtain this medical file. 

CONSIDERING that I have a bulky documentation and that I have a thorough knowledge of the file.

CONSIDERING that it goes from there for the interest of the Public Security and that I make a commitment of passing through all legal necessary procedures so that all those which acted into of torture in 1995 recognize themselves as guilty or be recognized guilty of their crime in order to decrease the criminality and the suicide rate that we have.

CONSIDERING that I received necessary protection from GOD «TO NEVER JUMP THE GUN».

CONSIDERING that the mental force that I have come from GOD, via HIS SON JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH. I have to put all this force to the profit of the community.

CONSIDERING that it is lagging since six years now and that I denounce all those whoever are involved closely or by far in this highly criminalized story since the beginning.

CONSIDERING that I already testified under oat in front of GOD and of men for having declared that all my written letters for the pass six years have been dictated to me by GOD. According to what its written in Matthew 10:27 : «What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.» Written declaration Saturday March 10 2001 01:16PM in this letter addressed to the Very Honorable Bernard Landry C.C. to all his ministers. Subject: It is lagging since six years -» Cost 15 MILLIONS $ !

CONSIDERING no evil was done on my part I therefore have nothing to fear from the authorities.

CONSIDERING that «For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.» Romans 1:18-19  

CONSIDERING that it appear in all this story that the Sherbrooke Regional Police Service (SPRS) is responsible for several police bad works in all this story since 1995 and that I am only the Tip of the Iceberg of all this police corruption.

CONSIDERING that the Sherbrooke Regional Police Service (SPRS) preferred to treat me as a individual without address known  and telephone known, having arrested me by using a name which I do not have any more right to use since the Director of the Marital status Me Guy Lavigne provided to me a new name since July 12th 1996 because I had serious reasons to see it changed NO: 1996 CN 1149 File 952054. It is necessary to take into account that the arrest occurred when I was running as a candidate in the County of Sherbrooke at the time of Election Canada 2000.

CONSIDERING that the behaviour of the Sherbrooke Regional Police Service (SPRS) is trailed in corruption since the whole beginning for me and for several others.

CONSIDERING that belongs to GOD REVENGE and RETRIBUTION and that it does not fall a bird to ground without the WILL of OUR-FATHER and we are valuable more than several birds as its written. «Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace? For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.» Hebrews 10:29-31 «And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.» Matthew 10:28-33 I remember May 19th, 1997, I were to write in Appeal to the Police Chief of the Police Deontology at the same day as Richard Fontaine a police officer at the departments of the criminal investigations of the  Sherbrooke Regional Police Service (SPRS) went to the Sherbrooke University Hospital Complex HOTEL-DIEU because of a pain in a leg to arise from it with the assistance of the Mortuary. «Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.» Galatians 6:7

BY ALL THESE REASONS I ask the Police chief of the police deontology to do what is necessary and act in consequence of this complaint.


- Decision of the Marital status   of Quebec - Renaming NO: 1996 CN 1149 File 952054

- Decision of the Commission of the Social Affairs of Quebec NO: SS-10369 (398068)

- Civil Lawsuit against the Sherbrooke University Hospital Complex CHUS of 1 888 000 $ NO: 450-05-002521-983

- Letter addressed to the Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard of August 24 2000 08:34AM -» Subject: It is lagging since five years and half now!

- Letter addressed to the Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard of September 24 2000, 12:20PM -» Subject: ''CANCER IT IS NOT TREATED WITH AN ASPIRIN!'' = CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS REF/N.: SBK20000918013

- Letter addressed to the Prime Minister Bernard Landry of March 10 2001 13:16 -» Subject: It is lagging since six years now -» Cost 15 MILLION $!

- Letter addressed to the Director Michel Carpentier of the SPRS of October 13 2000 22:51 -» Subject: Criminal Complaints N-Ref.. SBK20000918013 - What do you wait to begin this criminal investigation? All is a question of public security of course!

- Letter coming from the Cabinet of the Minister for the Public Security October 27 2000 N.R. BSM 5397

- Letter coming from the Cabinet of the Minister for the Justice of April 20 2001-» Subject: Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation

I remind you that this Foundation was created by GOD on February 12, 1995 in order to denounce the Medical Mafia and to overcome its mental illnesses in order to build a better country! As well as decreasing criminality, relapse crimes and suicide rate of such amount. As long as the government will not come to support Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation as it supported Terry Fox Foundation there will be more and more dramas of horrors in Quebec.

It is my duty as citizen to act like GOD OUR-FATHER asks me and behave like Victor DeLamarre II and Martin Luther King Jr the White Nothing Was Wrong With The Black. It is also my duty to continue to achieve what GOD asks me to do in the name of HIS SON JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH with the POWER of the COMFORTER, this HOLLY-SPIRIT even SPIRIT of TRUTH. I will thus continue to say to people whom I meet on the road: Keeping-hope! With the pleasure of traversing Quebec by Hitch-hiking from North to South without idleness from West to East like a spiritual speaker in anti-crime and anti-suicide guidance under homeless conditions in order to build a Better Country! «Obey to JESUS CHRIST in order to obtain Eternal Salvation.» Hebrews 5:9 That the will of God be done in earth, as it is in heaven. And that God comes to help people who stress in the distress in Quebec! Amen! 

It goes without saying that all documents which you will find herewith in contain by themselves several links towards other documents and which you will be able to see all documents on the Internet site bearing my name www.bourassa-lacombe.org. It should be said in passing, I invested more than 5 000 hours of works in this site in order to facilitate the task of our decision makers. I remind you that I forgive all these people for their evil they did inflicted on me, but GOD does not ask me to forget this destiny which is mine but rather to build a Better Country with that. And by love for all these people which have made the error to having inflicted on me evil, I must continue to work to convince them to make a repentance i.e. to admit the wrong that they have done to me, to regret it and to makes amends and to compensate me financially for the damage done to my person. 

I know that one day I will obtain justice before man on this living earth due to a revelation that I have received from OUR-FATHER. When? I can not say, however I can guarantee earliest will be best, the need is there we could say, it goes from there for the public security! 

And do the work that
 the Sherbrooke Regional Police Service (SPRS)
 refuses to make since the beginning 
i.e. carry the whole story to the attention of 
the Substitute of the Attorney General 
of the District of Saint-François. 

What can I say! I am just the incarnation of Serge Joseph Adrien Bourassa-Lacombe since July 12, 1996. 

P.S. Do not forget the various Cabinet reshuffles.


ADDRESS : 400, rue Marquette, Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada 
J1H 1M4 or C.P. 610, Sherbrooke, J1H 5H9
ADDRESS : 400, rue Marquette, Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada 
J1H 1M4 or C.P. 610, Sherbrooke, J1H 5H9
ADDRESS : 400, rue Marquette, Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada 
J1H 1M4 or C.P. 610, Sherbrooke, J1H 5H9


AT Ste-Foy

Why Such Signature?

Serge Joseph Adrien Bourassa-Lacombe
Alias : Victor DeLamarre II et Martin Luther King Jr The White Nothing Was Wrong With The Black


1645, rue King Ouest, suite 188
Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada J1J 2C7
Pager : (819) 560-5793
Fax : (514) 389-6271
583, rue Guizot est,
Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2P 1N4
Telephone : (514) 388-4567
Fax : (514) 389-6271

Complaint thrown out by the Police Deontology against the Police of Sherbrooke 20010919_01-0748 ! ?