Hystoric Autobiography FROM BOURASSA-LACOMBE
before my exiles in the UNITED-STATES!

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CC: 57 persons

Student association of the Sherbrooke college (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke)

Mister Jean-Francois Morin, representative for internal business

475, rue Parc, pavilion 6
Sherbrooke (Quebec)

J1H 5M7

Good morning to all of you,
 Who dutifully will read this letter from start to finish.
As all those who will have accepted it by post recorded certified copy.

 «Words will always fly away, as writings will always stay»
 As well as:
 «The truth is sometimes best left unsaid, as any truth is good to read.» 

This letter is going to allow me to take stock of the situation on my life and on many others, because in thirty eight years, me, Serge Joseph Adrien Bourassa-Lacombe decides to put me in bare in front of God and the human beings for the good of all humanity. First of all, the day of my birthday this year, I lost 32 $ of food to acquire a certificate of police coming from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As this certificate certify that researches in the national file of Canada reveal that no born person of this name at that time made the object of criminal condemnations! It confirms that throughout my grown-up life that is to say from 1975 till 1995 I have no criminal past. This Certificate was signed without consultation by the agent Roux Martin CVO862 on June 20th, 1995 and coated with plastic as they make it for a driver's licence. Besides while combining those two I could acquire a certain peace as travelling. Before maintaining you of this period of travelling beggar lived since last twelfth of May. I must speak to you of Serge Lacombe, the child that they saw being born on June 20th, 1957 in the Complex Hospital of Verdun (CHA) at 09 h 12.

This child is gifted with a hyperactivity from her childhood. Furthermore thirty months afterwards the first breathes outside the belly of his mother, he is aware of it. Poor mother, her who has of make open her low belly to see me being born. Publicly, I say to you thank you and I hope that one day they are going to acknowledge all evil which they made to you. My father in all that, was more impoverished than my mother, because he is part of this generation of well brought up men with staff. I saw my father assaulting my mother more orally than physically however. From my two and a half years, I knew that it was not the fault of my father. I still remember when my sister headed for me by crying when my father seized his wife by arms deeply by shaking her to make understand to her that it was the man who had to control the woman. My mother did not seem to want to accept it because she struggled and shouted to crack soul. In front of this act of violence, I comforted my sister of my four years by gripping her in my arms and saying to her: «It's all right, it is going to arrange.» I was called on June 30th, 1957 in this parish. And let me say to you that I lived them the seven pain more than once.

The seven pain is linked up in this hyperactivity which lives in me since my childhood.

Besides my father beat me precisely, because in this time there, the church said that I was surely demons possess to be hyperactive like that. How I could not excuse my poor father, with the conscience which I had in this age there. In 1963, I was six years old and it is at this instant when Madam Jose Laurent comes to become established at home with her husband, that is to say in a double living room of the accommodation that we live in my family and I. She was a nurse, when her husband was a doctor in training at the hospital were I was born, both natives of Haiti were so much accepted by my father that they had a child whom my mother brought up during six years. Then, they left to go to work in United States.

During these six years, I study at Richard a primary school. I am the first of my class in any area in spite of the fact that I need to go to the urgent hospital by ambulance several times because my classmates beaten me. What can I say, my hyperactivity as well as my joviality upsets them all. Besides, at this time there, the teacher (or even professor) threw us by the head his paintbrush to erase the blackboard, she used it even in reverse on our joints. When she had it me enough, she drove me to the office of the superior of the school herself.

Then there, it was Hell! The superior was in fact a brother carrying these clothes long enough to reach the soil. The one that we had payable by this school, straightened us in the following way: a leather piece that the barbers use even at present to whet their razors. We called it the banana for its curve of its suppleness. Those who had received it from this superior will always remember it because he dashed forward to hit are hand as if to succeed in cracking a wooden log.

Having given me six blows in the left hand and asked me if I had had enough, this last asked me for the right hand to balance both hands. It was to try to get the demons outside of me, all this aimed torture directed to me. Anyhow, my father, appreciated hardly my behaviour and each time they straightened me in the school, he beat me at home. Today they use no more these methods, in front of the hyperactivity of a child they give him Ritalin a medication, that they use to control his mood from its childhood by a narcotic let us say, chemically lawful.

Personally, let me say that you are really out of the will of God.

From my six years, the presence of the family Laurent to us had its good side because my father ceased aiming any violence towards my mother. However, my father let off stream on me, with or without reason. When he had this thirst to let off stream, he isolated me in the toilet and hit me hand opened on the skin of my backside or else used a stick that they use even today to toss painting directly on the skin of my backside.

My poor mother as well as my sister were witnesses of all this physical violence aimed to me, throughout my childhood and of my adolescence.

But each time they crushed me, I got up again still jolly and hyper assets. I always excused because I was aware of why. It is for this reason that all my life, I helped the weakest than me instead of crushing them as the most part of people doe it. It is in the Catholic school where I learnt the ten command of God. I even forgave my cousin Luke to have thrown me in the bottom of an open well my head first : Me who was only six years old while he was only four and a half years. Since I learn the word of God that I persevere in serving Jesus Christ our Saviour, I am one of his attendants pushed by Holy Spirit, I get up again every time, even more extremely to serve HIM.

It is in 1970, that I end my seventh year in the school Jean-Jacques Olier. Besides, I recycled at the end of this year a dictionary which I had recovered in the garbage at the end of the year of this school. I make all my secondary to the High School Monsignor Richard. I see a tremendous number of lack of discipline there, several facts explain this academicals come-down. Firstly, my parents cannot help me any more in my studies because I attain a level of different study. Secondly, this lack of discipline made general that the teachers as well as direction could not overcome. Thirdly, a certain Gilbert Jolicœur, sickened me and aimed all this free violence to me. It was for me a certain dread. I acquire my certificate from secondary five in 1975. During all these years I made more enemies than made friends, because I went to school to learn, not to fight with others. Instead, I ran most quickly from the school not to have to fight precisely.

In autumn, 1975, I started to study at the College Andre-Laurendeau in administrative sciences, choice rationally established by the vocational adviser of the High School. I, who was good in mathematics, would like to work as chartered accountant he said to me. This year there, it is already five years since I work twenty-four hours a week plus my school. Without counting, these summers without vacancy, not to become too heavy for my father. Thinking that it would become comprehensible in due time. Time changes but my father changes not.

I became a man, my father stopped any physical violence, on the contrary increase his mental violence regarding his unique son. I am hyperactive therefore hypersensitive. I swim in alcohol during two years, from morning till evening, to forget all evil which he makes to me. Happily that it affects my academicals results in no way. The only acquired failure was in winter, 1976 in differential calculus and entire II, because our professor was active union representative against the government of epoch, or even general strike of the teachers of Quebec. Yes, by abuse of power this professor had cast a whole class.

While I abused this alcohol, without ever affecting my partial employment job as well as my studies. I wake up at some point with one bowl of late engrossment as an orange, where is my stomach. I learn from my family practitioner, that one even which treats my medical records since my birth. «You had got a duodenal ulcer, it's not that serious in fact», he said to me. «You have just discovered the weakness of your body, you are nervous as your mother», he still says to me. I accept his diet of six months of cream with Tagamet as medicament to go out of it provisionally. This doctor had compelled me to die with it, while I had decided to go to be  entrusted to the doctor Camille Simard in 1978. It is besides with advice and monitoring of the Dr Simard that I shall achieve in getting rid of this illness in 1990.

Yes, by dint of courage, I knew how to straighten my cerebrum myself without the help of social worker (psychologist, psychiatrist). For those who do not know, the person who suffers of a digestive problem of this type must re-learn to think and to get rid of this poor behaviour gate. It took me thirteen years to learn to manage my stress to have no more problem of nervous diseases.

In 1977, I am forced to take a sabbatical year because collegiate life and partial employment job as well as this nervous illness affecting my stomach as one throws flame am untenable. I am hired as office clerk for Hydro-Quebec until February 1980. During this time, I am studying in the evening: 225 hours in «Drawings Architecture» 1978-79, 120 hours in «Motor I» 1979-80, 60 hours in joinery 1980, 120 hours in «Motorized Basic electricity I» 1980-81. When I delay my resignation in my upper present in the job of Hydro-Quebec, they aim me in the office of the personnel manager of the head office. During one morning supplements this one tries to persuade me to stay.

I says that to him, it took me three years of my life to realize
that my hyperactivity does not allow me to work as civil servant.

At the meantime, I met Joanne Vincent technician in radiology, in a dance hall on June 20th, 1978. Shortly after, I learn that she is the daughter of Romuald Vincent and Angele Lafreniere. On the first of September, 1979, we got married in this parish Saint-Clement in front of God and the human beings. Then suddenly, six months after having celebrated our marriage, she says to me that she has never loved me. I really do not want to leave her because I like her. But then a became a part of these beaten men, because she applies to me some solid smacks to persuade me to leave her. At some point, I cannot stay there any more because she threatens to commit suicide or to kill me then I leave.

Weighing up: six wedding months, definitive judgement of pronounced divorce February 26th, 1982 acquired from a wrong admission of conjugal violence of the party respondent, financial loss by me of $20,000.  In the parish Saint-Clement of Montreal, between Serge Lacombe and Joanne Vincent was declared void and disabled person in front of the Catholic church on September 21st, 1990 by the ecclesiastical Court of Montreal and confirmed by the Court of Appeal of Canada on January 11th, 1991, expense by me $600.

I still forgive, even if I acknowledge this swindle pure and simple. A hyperactive young man, jovialist and gifted with a servitude towards Jesus Christ our Saviour, as me will never think be to nick like this. I became naive without realizing it, because I imagined the very impossible.

It is immediately after having leave Hydro-Quebec which I begin to be salesman on the road. One month in the Canadian Automobiles Association to learn that with only a third year they could make an annual income in the six figures. It was not my case, I am forced to suppose that for four years I tries hard, for me it was to work sixty hours a week to withdraw an annual wage from it below the poverty line. It is in February 1982 when I end a lesson of human relations Sylva Bergeron with my friend Lynda. To try to make discover an art of living..., with one and the others by developing knowledge, will, power and to believe it at my friend's. This barrel struggles lost. On January 21st, 1984 I end a lesson of introductions in microcomputers. It really interests me.

In autumn, 1984, I am inscribed in spite of me in juridical technology, because initially it was meant to be a return in study in police technology. That please since 1977 that I tried to joint the police force to become a peace agent. Today I know very well why they have never wanted to given to me my chance.

The first thing which I declared in meeting, 
it was because I shall be an incorruptible policeman.

To perform this return to studies without its being a load for my companion I work for an security agency on the Olympic Village from 18 h 00 - 06 h 00 in the morning and it 7 days of 14. To see my academicals results for a twenty eight-year-old man one can say that I just had to be studying. I leave by saying to me that bailiff's middle is too much closed to let me enter there. And that in the bottom, it is not perhaps what I search. Does I will going to search all my life like this, I was saying at that time.

In spring on 1985, I decide to get involved as commercial representative in the field of the equipment of garage for the company Bear Automotive Inc.

At the time of my appointment, I have a certificate of collegiate studies in Human sciences with maths, fifteen years of working experience to serve the public, I have four years of experience as man of service and pump attendant in a station service. Furthermore I manage in English language and I acquired a certain theoretical training which will allow me to be able of selling these equipments $35 000 each.

The manager mister Ronald Routhier hires me even if I do not have a car at my disposition. The day after my appointment, I rent a Ford Escort 1985, in the short term the time to see my sales advancing. The company gave me 1 500 $ before hand on wage, I had 650 $ to be paid for the auto only besides essence and of my food. I worked on average eighty hours to make a name. And then six months after my appointment, I discover that the manager Ronald Routhier of the company Bear Automotive Inc steal from me 700 $ from my wage. Rather than to ask him for a refund, I tell myself that if there he steals the poorest, he steals surely others from it. I decide therefore, to make a criminal inquiry while working.

On October 19th, 1985, I put all my inquiry into paper and I make four copies. On Sunday, October 20th, 1985, I went to Toronto, I slept in the Rest Inn to be fresh as a daisy the following morning. Please take notes, all those who read me whom I live under the threshold of poverty established at this time there. However, I do not hesitate to put all expenses relating to this trip on my credit cards. My coast of credit is at this instant A-1 everywhere. On Monday morning, October 21st, 1985, I remind me stand in front of the president of the company in Canada mister Ted Hyde, the manager for the East of the country mister Ross Jenkins as well as the accountant of the time. From 9 h 00 to 13 h 00, non-stop I speak their in English and they follow with my writings. With four pages of writings as well as very incriminates proof, I succeed in making them to take the plane the same day towards Montreal.

On Tuesday morning misters Rod Boursier secretary of our branch in Montreal as well as mister Camille Roy representative who had since the beginning a good time coming to sell his used equipment in my territory by the back door were discharged. While the manager mister Ronald Routhier was suspended to be finally discharged at the end of fourteen days. Mister Routhier, himself, made responsible for coming to intimidate me by asking me one morning to go to borrow or to steal 600 $ and to delay him, because the company had forced it to reimburse this sum. I answered him that he owed me 700 $, that he was responsible for his life himself and not to bait me any more with it. Forced to suppose that during several months, I went for a walk as a conveyor of silver, because this man could live it up to me at any instant. I learns later that he face cardiac problems after his dismissal.

Why to have risked my life to report them as it,
it was for me the way of Holy Spirit,
will to serve well my God,
Jesus Christ our saviour.

By dint of courage, By persistence and By patience, I became a good salesman in my domain. I bought for myself a brand new Buick Somerset on 1985. I was the first representative in the car field to acquire a cell phone. For me the service to the customers was very important. One day, I crossed Guy Jalbert from Rock Forest one day in the centre of estimate to wait for a bridge of lift for car which deferred being delivered by the conveyor. After fourteen hours of wait, I installed it from twenty o'clock till six o'clock. It is mister Guy Jalbert himself, who awakened me the following morning. For me the goods were delivered, it is only an example to show the notability which I knew how to acquire in the car field. All my competitors knew who I was, how I was called, with which effectiveness I worked to serve my customers. In spring on 1987, I was in the summit of my art, I had become the best seller in the garage equipment field.

In June 1987, a man of the name of Myer Bloom come to see me to offer me to go to work for him in Quebec City. I explain to him that I earn well my living by working in the Montreal region, then why move in Quebec. Mister Myer Bloom was then Manager from the east of Canada for the company Moog Canada Ltd. I am forced to suppose that I had a good working opportunity.

Managing of territory for a part of Montreal, Laurentides, Abitibi and Temiscamingue.

However, a blow that I cannot come back any more rear, that is to say a blow which I achieved in selling my auto to mister Serge Grenier and that I move with the auto which is provided to me by my employer, mister Myer Bloom begins showing me her natural truth. Enough that I invite myself to go to meet him in his office one Friday afternoon of July. I point out to him while I did not need him to live and while he will owe from this instant there to respect his employees, by beginning with mister Raymond Briand who holds concurrently fourteen years of servitude for him, and mister Giles Lecompte who holds seven year of servitude as well as me of course.

Mister Myer Bloom always belongs stubborn not to respect individual, his attendants as human being. It even tried to hoard of twenty percent of my bonus in 1987, that is a sum of $1 500. Command that I recovered in our annual national meeting of December, in front of all force of sales of Moog Canada Ltd. Mister Bloom, from this instant there, does not give me of presents, everything means were good to extend my working weeks, on the contrary my employer allowed me to travelled in Florida, several times in St-Louis, Missouri, as well as several times in Toronto, besides allowing me to travel across the province of Quebec everywhere. While mister Bloom sickened us at job, we who all worked together to exceed the objectives of sales of the company. In Abitibi/Temiscamingue my territory is growth from 60 to 90 % of the market. I had still become the best in my domain.

In 1987, I acquire my first letter of recognition of one of my customers. In 1988, mister John M . Giebe senior vice-president delays me hiss Golden Cross Pen saying to me that only few people has one and that I shall have to sign important letters throughout my life with this last. On March 23rd, 1989 mister Myer Bloom send for me in his office of Pointe-Claire in a afternoon to delay me a written warning letter just before leaving for Mexico of the fruits of our labours. It was on Holy Thursday, his letter was C.C .: Mike Holland, Manager of National sales as well as Mary Jones head of human resources.

I was so angered, especially since this warning was founded
that on a packet of lie and that he had just acquired a weapon
to be able to discharged me in the thirty days according to the closing of this letter.

On Good Fridays, it was a vacation day for my working associates but not for me. I took over real facts and I put the truth on paper. Four pages for shown the not justifiable of a warning writes of a page. I forwarded this letter to my boss, C.C .: to the same persons. It extended my job of one year. What year! The upper present returning my life even more hard. On June 7th, 1989, they speak about me favourably in the English-speaking newspaper The Gazette, because for the first time of my life I gave some of my blood when I overlook the Honmoku Maru boat of Nissan, this last being belayed to the old harbour of Montreal for a car sale, me who works by bike this day there because the company car was in the garage for a problem of maintenance of brakes. On November 13th, 1989, I have to write a letter to mister Bloom asking him to cease baiting me concerning a mechanical breaking on the company car for which I was not even responsible, C.C. in five worker of the head office of the company, so all the persons concerned by this history of mechanical breaking.

Weighing up of this working experience, walking papers achieved by mister Myer Bloom by conspiracy with the help of certain persons working as leader of similar firms in the one on whom I worked. And it happen just after I buy a home with the woman whom I loved. I have several letters of satisfied customers. Everybody in the car field appreciated me for the job which I provides their, I was the best. For what reason, I could not be engaged by another employer in the car field. Mister Myer Bloom led a dirty campaign towards me.

Loss caused by this conspiracy: home, woman, 30 000 $ of annual wage, 7 500 $ of Bonus, 2 500 $ of essence per year, $1 500 loss of vacancy, car of available function 24 h, food provided by the employer as part of my job, loss of possibility of progress, etc...

From April till December, 1990, I forward 500 curriculum vitae, for 50 interview, to be finally engaged by a financial shark. During my appointment misters Gaetan Bourdon govern and owner of Beauty Star inc. located in Ville Saint-Laurent as distributor of hairstyle products, a direct liar proved to be for me. In both questions that I put down to him, I acquired two lies.

Weighing up: this man is untruthful in 100 %!

Who I replace and why I asked him. He answers me that he have just lost a man who works for him for ten years and what this man worked as a god for him, besides he so well worked he says to me that I am made to replace him with two men to cover his territory.

I agree to take one of both territories to discover from the first working week that the one that I replace he had been fire because he sold some stuff for himself besides selling for his boss. I persevere to work on it during ten months really, because I really trust in me. However when I have problems of territories, I have no support from mister Gaetan Bourdon. Besides the only support which I had of this man, it is when he came to work at Coaticook with me, he said to me to me that it was to help me out.

Weighing up: of this day according to him I needed an elocution lesson and a sales courses.

The week of in suite I returned him my resignation. If mister Bourdon had been frank and honest during my meeting, I would have definitely never work for him. I understand now why he became owner of the company Bedard of Quebec another distributor of products of hairstyle.

From September, 1987 till August 1st, 1990, I see frequently a young woman whom I love and whom I help a lot, her name is Johanne Provencher girl of mister Ernest Provencher and madam Francoise Guillemette. This woman was very near me and I was very near her. She was studying at the Teaching hospital of Sherbrooke to become doctor. Today she is internal doctor in a hospital of the region of Quebec, she knows that I took part by the active way in the success of her studies, because I invested in our couple relation a lot without ever victimizing it in her personal choices. And even, at an instant of her student's life in medicine, she announces me that she have been solicited by the Canadian army for a contract of enlistment in force.

She asks me for my opinion, because she does not want me to move away from her by the choice which she will make. I then take time to light the choice with her, by taking a sheet which I separate by a stroke of pencil right in the center of this sheet and in the vertical. I say to her: «When it is necessary to make a choice mattering in our life, it is a question of weighing for and against of this choice. You see Johanne, if you do not enrol you in armed forces, you saw a $10 000 debt per year what makes a complete $30 000 debt. On the contrary, if you accept their invitation to fill up their need, these people give you an annual $25 000 wage besides being very the main topic of your school fees. You will therefore be able to put aside 10 000 $ easily yearly what will make 30 000 $ at the end of your studies. However you will have to fulfil your pledge with them and it till the end of this last, you get involved in this contract to serve the army during five years after your studies. So never you break this contract, they will be entitled to demand all silver of you that they will have poured you. As for these five years it is quickly passed and it doesn't much matter the choice which you will make, personally speaking, I have no intention to move away from you. » Having enlisted in the army, she owes to summer, 1990 to leave in the Canadian West to accept a training of officer.

Separated during two months, I wait for her with a puritanical fidelity by love for her. Upon the return to this military base, the feelings that she had for me in the past had changed. Was it because I had been unfairly discharged by the company Moog Canada Ltd barely a month after the purchase of a home in joint ownership? Was it really by her personal evolution? Or! Further to a military inquiry into my person without knowing it. Today, I am entitled to issue these three hypotheses, because May 30th or 31st I went back in the guardhouse #22 to discuss with the same policeman official as on Monday, May 29th, 1995 when I could possibly apparently identified because I have a good photographic memory that medicine happily did not succeed in destroying it. This policeman advised me that he would be entitled to put me in cell because there is a criminal mandate of bringing against me and whom every the police bodies search me since 1979 he says to me. I say to him then: «It is impossible, there is an error because I have never hidden from the police, I always worked and I always went to school.» He says to me: «You are going to see they are going to show it to you, they are going to take out your file on the printer.» Then sitting a long paper as the arm on this printer he says to me: «In 1979, you stayed in Saint-Leonard, did you reside on the street Cellier?» I answer then negatively. He says to me: «OK! It is not you whom they search.»

Whom do they search then and for what reason? They search Serge Lacombe, been born on June 20th, 1957 as me, with the same physical appearance as me, my look-alike what, however my look-alike would have aimed «Violence sex towards one or several women in 1979.» In 1980, I again remember having been stopped by an police car in the Hochelaga neighbourhood in Montreal on the Haig street, if my memory is faithful to me. This policeman had given me as reason that a taillight was burned. He asks me then to go out of car to determine the breaking. As I say to him that everything is normal, four-five other police cars arrive as reinforcements, then they search me summarily. It is while a detective arrives in his phantom car who went out of his car by saying when he lighting me on my face with his torch: «OK! Guys it is not him that they search» They leave all. While me I ask to both last for what reason they merged me with another individual as it? They said to me: «You mingle not of it and continues your way.» I found crazy event at this instant there, without more.

Besides from August 1st, 1990 till June 24th, 1992 we lived together considering herself to be friend because her loving life had taken another way. From August 1st of this year there, I am forced to suppose that I passed across a pain of love which lasted ten months. To get out of this pain I saw a doctor who recommended me an university lesson of yoga and Swedish massage. During this period I took no medicine to control my mood. Furthermore I was not dangerous either for me or for others.

In July 1991, I am subjected to the theft of my car and as I am at this instant, judged by the fitter of the insurance company as living being of a precarious job there, they accuse me intentionally of having stolen my car. Fate is thrown there, I am confronted to cross a cross-examination of Service anti-crime of the Underwriters by mister Jacques Bergeron special agent. The interviewer mister Bergeron ended her inquiry on May 14th, 1992 to establish finally that I was not blended with my theft of car either nearly, or from a distance. I announce the whole the fitter mister Jean Denis Brault of Dery Barette and linked, this last is sick and replaced by somebody else, I do not know by whom. This last says to me: It is not because the interviewer of the Service Anti-crime of the Underwriters concluded that you are not blended with the theft of your car which we are made to pay you. It took me six months to find a lawyer with enough ball to follow legally the Missiquoi et Rouville insurance company.

It is three years since this insurance company gives me 3 000 - 4 000 $, when I demand 16 000 $ of them more interests incurred since the theft which goes back up in July, 1991.  

In November 1991, mister Benoit De Gari ex working companion for Beauty Star. To us had been committed at the same time to replace a certain Rock Leclerc to cover the region of Sherbrooke. The purpose of his call was to give me the telephone number of a man who was in search of a driver to drive him in Florida with his car. I phone mister Hubert de Palma to learn that he is a Catholic priest. I says to him that changes nothing, because he still needs a driver and I have beyond a million kilometres of going through and I shall know how to install an unbelieving chemistry between us. I leave with him and we stop in Ocala Florida to see madam Jose Laurent, this lady who lived at home when I was a child. Then finally, I pass ten days with him in North Fort Myers on the west coast of Florida. I try to find a job and I came very close to find one.

I came back to Quebec with a leather necklace and the head of a bear sculpted in the bone by a Seminole Indian. This memory of Florida is going to change my life absolutely. Because having crossed forty-four hours in bus to come back in my country and I meet a girl of the name of Pauline Deraps fifteen day after my arrival in Sherbrooke which said to me that she is studying in the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke)  to become technician in Animal Health. I consider therefore, as it a return in study in the same technology. I send my inscription by registered mail on February 20th, 1992 to madam Monique Lafnier help pedagogic in the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke). Then in spring, I must do again my chemistry of the secondary IV and V, to be accepted in this technology. I decide at the same time to do again my physics of the secondary to succeed in deciding well between these two pure sciences. Surprised, I learn by madam Monique Lafnier that she refuses me at the first turn of selection, because, she says to me, my chemistry of the secondary V is not ended. I answers to her that it is a detriment against me because the regular students did not finish too. I am finally accepted for autumn, 1992 as I wanted it.

At the same time in this period, I see frequently my friend Pauline. This one entrusts me in January that her brother Sylvain is in a very precarious state. She tells me that her brother had a very serious accident, having become hit by a reckless driver on November 8th, 1991 in his village of Aguanish. That he was in Sept-Îles with a numerous fracture in the leg left at present and suffering from a deep depression. In front of the emergency of the situation, I offer to Pauline to share the expense of a rental car with her and I leave alone for Sept-Îles. Arrived at Sept-Îles in the evening, I meet Sylvain and his mother into the house of one of his uncles. I reassure the mother of Pauline and the following day I come back with Sylvain. He is really in a confused state by all these medications that he have to take. Because Sylvain is attained of several psychotic diseases, besides these four metal stems which cross his tibia.

In brief, Sylvain had a need urgent to change his ideas at this time there and Pauline and I had succeeded to do so. Sylvain came to visit Sherbrooke and in this week we went to visit an pet shop all together. They discovered a cat and fell lost in admiration for him. The following day, I went and bought the cat because I knew that it was necessary for Pauline to have it. I arrive with this cat at the surprise of Pauline and her brother. Of course Pauline agreed to pay for half of the expense knowing that I did not have a lot of money myself. At the end of the week, Pauline and I decided to bring back Sylvain to Sept-Îles noting that his leg needed care as well as a renewal of medication. Why, did I invest me suchlike in this relation? Oh well! The Merriam-Webster calls it altruist and let say that this upsets everybody which are selfish.

In June 1992, I got involved as volunteer of «La Grande Randonnée Cycliste de l'Estrie». On June 24th of the same year, I break my left collar bone in a bicycle accident. In this unbearable pain without the help of this pain killer, I succeeded to make laugh the world by telling them about my fall of my bicycle. Even in trial I uninterrupted to help others as myself. I make so much good in my circle, that July 24th of the same year, my friend Gordon Bruce invites me on his driving boat of thirty-six feet. His boat is belayed to the quay, when this one blows up that we even had no time to leave. Which terror, we all are partly burned in different degree by nice sunny Friday. Luckily that I was there because the owner of the marina wants to apply some butter generously on us or to invite us to jump into his swimming pool when I know that this water contains a tremendous number of chemicals. From some butter on a scald it comes of a hurdy-gurdy medical belief, they thought that it favoured healing in supporting time they know that it speeds up the scald. I knew that I takes some cold water, then I invited everybody to take a cold water shower and to put ourselves under the shade. While I asked that they cover with a blanket this woman most burned of all because her skin had already begun being faulty. This last remained old of six months in the hospital because an infection became established in her wounds. That it would have happened of this woman if we had poured on her some butter on her body.

It is as when I intervened to stifle the fire spread on a tablecloth of kitchen caused by some alcohol of stove in melted. Luckily that I sacrificed this new tablecloth rather than to see another guest trying to put it out with some water. It is as to pull on the emergency brake of Camaro when you are temporary and what your friends is in a state of panic because his car hurtles down the coast south Belvedere in Sherbrooke and because the system of hydraulic brake does not answer any more. Luckily, that it had followed my advice the former year when I asked him to make repair his emergency brake. Eric Nutbrown will always remember of this walk by car by nice Saturday evening. How many persons did I indeed save? I would not know how to say it to you, but a thing is sure in urgent situation I do not panic and I follow hyper efficient.

On August 24th, 1992, I make my entrance in the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke). From this day, I realize that certain professors wonder definitely what I come to make in technology animal health, me who have precisely just been thirty-five years old. Certain professors give a certain reservation even. Besides, from the first session of studies some young classmates reject me and draw away others with them. Lack of discipline becomes established there and no professor dares to put discipline in there, none of them invites the students to cease whom they reject me, because, they hope surely that I leave this technology.

I pass on top of everything to it by making of yoga. At the same time I work on the Motel LA Réserve, 4235, west rue King, Sherbrooke as night auditor, that is to say Friday and Saturday evening from 20:00 till 08:00. In this first year, I am first of class and I realize that certain students of third year cry because we not provided them the blossoming for which they hoped in the choice of their training period. Also I get involved and I become one of the managers for «La Grande Randonnée Cycliste de l'Estrie» as manager it means that once the week, I participate in a meeting of the board of director in the presence of mister Laurent Peloquin, President-founder of this event. Besides, on June 3rd, 1993, I received, from the mayor of Sherbrooke of epoch mister Paul Gervais, a letter of congratulations and gratitude for my work as volunteer.

In February 1992, I help a mono parental woman, I lend her eighty dollars so that she can nourish her small daughter. On March 10th, 1992 madam Suzy Deraps reimburses me with a check by knowing that her count is in deficient supply. I always wait for her refund. May 8th, 1993 mister Serge Leroux nicks the CaISSE Populaire of Sherbrooke and at the same time as several dealers of the region. Mister Leroux in the same time he was one of my roommate, he also nicks me.

I achieved to acquire signed personally a recognition of $3 200 debt
his social number of insurance is 263 631 465 or 475
and his number of driver's licence is LERS 6610 3114.

In the month of June, 1993, I work as a students workers for Stephane Ricard. I sue this last by the Labour standards board, I always wait to be paid by him. Then the Labour standards board say to me that they cannot help me legally to recover my money. I use opportunity to say to you what do I think about this situation. The problem is, that there is a written law which can always be interpreted in many ways. This written law always favours the richest or the one who makes fright most. Furthermore there is always this not written law which always protects the evil-minded. When we deliver evidence in the courtyard, do they ask us to swear to say all truth only the truth by having our right hand on the Bible? Do these written laws respect the will of God? Do these laws not written respect the will of God? Here is where comes from to us all this evil-minded corruption. I think that in 1995, it is the time they alter these preparing laws of the new millennium. They should not allow any more the swindlers, the impostors as well as the thieves to escape from a legitimate refund towards the victim.

I worked from August 1st till September 30th, 1993 to Bombardier of Valcourt as worker specialized on the line of assemblage from 23:00 - 07:00. It is therefore to say that from August 25th till September 30th, I slept one hour on the floor of the classroom and two hours in the evening before going to do my working night. I criticize mister Stephane Ricard for this difficult period of my life. Luckily that I did not put my studies in danger. From October, I persuade the owners Patrick Lagniel and Michel Igual of the Restaurant La Falaise St-Michel to hire me as dishwasher cleaner, as potato peeler and to prepare the vegetables. I work there until September 1994. During summer, I also work at Bombardier of Valcourt. I stop to work at any job at the end of the summer 1994 because I board for last year of the program of animal health. What mean for me whom I shall go from 18 to 38 hours of class. It is now a very serious time to succeed, I must stop any job, I do not need to say to you to what extent that very this amount of money that I had lost in different swindles would be very useful me for this last year of study. Happily that my friends of the Falaise Saint-Michel were as well as my father who fixed me financially when the need was felt.

In November 1994, my professor Patrick Metcalfe calls me to meet him in his office to say to me that if I do not change my attitude my course of pathology as well as my course of nursing are put in danger. That nobody wants to work with me in a team anymore , that the problem it is me and not the team. I then says then, that I am rejected since 1992. That the problem, it is not me but definitely the team. Because, I am in the College to achieve my studies. I announces to him that I had been named president of my class. From September, I hasten to inquire to misters Yvan Denis and Gerard Deshaies of procedures concerning my trainee because I want to have special trainee. These two professors have then a good time playing ping pong with me. I approach mister Yvan Denis then to announce him my wish to see him united to mister Gerard Deshaies concerning my up coming trainee. I announce them that my wish is go to get a training period in China.

I communicate with my friend Geng Li Zhao, a man whom I have godfather for three years because he had been accepted in my country as political refugee. On October 10th, 1994, I send a second letter to my friend about my trainee. Pressurized by these two professors to acquire an answer, I communicate with an other one of my friends, this time, it is madam Jose Laurent, domiciling in Ocala, Florida. I had received an answer from my friend Geng Li coming from Beijing (Beijing), in China. This letter points out to me to communicate with mister Wang De Li of the zoo of Beijing and what if I need additional information to communicate with him.

On October 31st, 1994, I send a letter to madam Krist Carrol, this lady will put me in touch with madam Siobhan P. Ellison DMV. This letter being sent in English, my professor Yvan Denis gave a clever pleasure to correct it for me by writing in the endorsement: «Or you do not have dictionary, or, you are too lazy to search indoors. The study of a language passes by very numerous incursions in this big volume!» You need to know that at that time I was a student hyper opened with my professors and with the students besides, I was also 37-year-old, adult and I composed this letter in English myself.

November 27th, 1994, madam Siobhan P. Ellison, DVM, PA confirmed that she would be happy to accept me and that we seem to have a mutual interest in yoga and that perhaps we could make some salutations together in the sun. By this answer, I see very well that this veterinary surgeon very well understood my English and very well appreciated my curriculum vitae.

On December 7th, 1994, at 08:30, in the morning, misters Yvan Denis and Gerard Deshaies say to me that I shall not go in Florida. Because I am a harebrained, marginal being, who does not want to mould in the mould which they give me for my trainee, which I miss seriousness and because I only want to have to take my trainee as a vacancy. They want to bring me back on earth of a very aggressive tone.

Not more aggressive than them, I give them entirely reason by saying to them: «I am harebrained, marginal, and not mouldable. For no consideration, I shall consider a training period in Quebec because I decided that I will go in Florida for an immersion in English language. It is even sure as I shall not be in training period 24 hours a day and as I shall eat grapefruits and oranges in your health. That I shall leave with the trip which gets organized in the College by our travel agency quadruple occupation at six nights and seven days in Daytona Beach. I shall be therefore in hundred kilometres from my training place. Besides, I wonder, which therefore is the best putting for the judicious choice of a training period, the student after two and a half years of courses in animal health technology or a professor whom he will not see probably any more from his life. I have the right to a certain reward after all these schoolboy's sacrifices and what with knowledge which I have in animal health today, that is the same that you, one of us can very well head in the animal room to seize a cat by the skin of blow and to grip it until time which it stifle.» It is heard here that I only mimed gesture to be very including by these two wormy professors.

To make sure to be very including I went to see mister Rene Richard Registrar of the College and representative for this trainee. I make an appointment with this last Thursday, December 8th, 1994 at 08:00. The following day, I arrive with two coffees to meet him in his office, I must have stapled him because he run away from me. Believe it or not, he cannot meet me because he had another more urgent appointment. I delay my coffees therefore to both secretaries by asking the secretary of mister Rene Richard for another date. I meet mister Richard therefore in the afternoon of Thursday after my lesson of haematology. I explain my situation to mister Richard by going to the point of telling him all debate whom I had the day before with misters Yvan Denis and Gerard Dehaies. This letter of November 27th, 1994 of madam Siobhan P . Ellison had arrived by fax at the central fax of the College and found on December 8th, 1994.

On Friday, December 9th, 1994 mister Yvan Denis is hard stubborn in not confirming me this training period because according to him I have no sufficient experience in the horses to be allowed to leave there. Overall, my clinical training period is confirmed by a veterinary and pre-empted by my professor. My history succeeds in going around our department.

Misses Claire Bariteau and Martine Nadeau,
two professors are indignant in front of this obstinacy on behalf of
mister Yvan Denis because this history risks causing to fail me some exams.

On Sunday, December 11th, 1994 at 08:30 I had received a telephone from mister Yvan Denis, this one sensitizes me in the fact that he wants to supervise my clinical training period. He offers to write a letter for me that he will have me to read before he will send it to madam Ellison. On Monday, December 12th, 1994, he had me red the letter which says that I have no experience in the horses and that it will be at risk and danger for the one that receives me. It is the type of letter that they compose to have a categorical refusal. I authorize mister Yvan Denis to send this letter because my contact in Florida was very solid, several persons there waited for me. The same day madam Ellison answer by fax by saying to my professor that according to her belief a conjunctivitis on a mouse this is treats as a conjunctivitis on a horse. For what reason, mister Yvan Denis delays me the copy of this letter and confirms me the approval of my training period on December 15th, 1994 only.

On December 25th, 1994, I walk in Downtown Montreal to enjoy myself, finally I end in a bar on Saint-Denis street. I met for a 36 old woman, mother of three young children, left by her husband thirty months ago because she had a small depression he entrusted me. I had a feeling that this woman needed my help. She was accompanied by her brother this evening there. I asked therefore his brother to see us out at his sister's. Asked thing, acquired thing and I stop you because I make only help relation. Besides in five years, I tremendously helped people. It upsets tremendously people who are paid to help or to recover. December 26th, 1994, madam Lyne Dusseault helper chief nurse in the hospital Pierre Boucher of Longueuil, thanks me for having shown her that she could please a man still. I was accepted by madam Dusseault on the 15 and on the 16th April, 1995, at this instant there I made the acquaintance of these three children. I even played Monopoly with the oldest of her boys. My friend Gordon Bruce came to peak me up there in this Easter day to go to have dinner in the restaurant To Doval in 150, rue Marie-Anne is in Montreal, because they serve the best chicken cooked on embers in the city. It is necessary to reserve (514) 843-3390 in and to ask for the owners misters Marks or Xavier. I prayed so that the dream of madam Dusseault comes true and some months afterwards she said to me that she saw frequently seriously the man whom she hoped to meet.

On December 31st, 1994, I go with my friend Eric Nutbrown to the bar Meadow's of Sherbrooke to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of 1995. It is a ritual for me and him since five years now, me who habitually do not drink in this wakefulness of day of the year I blow up some champagne bottles which I share with my friends. The 1st of year 1995, I go to Montreal with my friend Jean-Pierre Champagne. I see all my family and ask my father to bless me as he made it as my usages. On January 2nd, 1995, I see again my friend Lyne Dusseault, before leaving by hitch-hiking towards the city of Quebec to visit one of my friends Lucie Taillon auditor for the ministry of the income of Quebec. I had been invited to spend the first week of January with her, I make acquaintance with her African boy friend Abdou Amidou. For this week, I meet a woman of the Cartier Saint-Sacrament who is called Mary-Claude. I spent a lot of energy to help this lady in it to go out of this depression. She even drove me to her mother the first day as I met her.

On January 8th, 1995, I went back in Sherbrooke, but before leaving, I invite my friends Abdou, Lucie as well as Nancy Nolan a friend of Lucie to come to visit me at home before I leave for my trainee in Florida. On Wednesday, January 11th, 1995, I did receive an offer of training period in Quebec by the company Friend Alliance Medical, I decline this offer by explaining that my internal spirit asks me to go in Florida. However, when I will return from Florida in June, I shall communicate with him. I am aware that it is possible that there is no available job at this instant there, I am also aware that if there is one, they will then hasten to hire me. On Thursday, January 12th, 1995, at the request of madam Mary-France Deschamps, 195, rue Beauharnois, Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1G 3Z2, I write a letter of motivation to transmit to her the «Force of courage» which I have.

Overall, from January 2nd till 15th 1995,
I helped forty persons in relation help + or - two,
without accepting any money to do this job.
I would say even more, that I spent it on serving Jesus Christ our Saviour.

January 16th, 1995, I begin my sixth and last session, I also learns that I achieved all my lessons at that date. I make a discount then in front of everybody by beginning with the figure thirty. Eh! yes! He remains me then thirty days of school and I am the one who is the most filling with enthusiasm of the College, I express this wish to achieve this final sprint in beauty. I am the one who always sat down with these young new students of Animal Health to share a lunch, a debate or to encourage these young persons to continue their plan of studies. I am president of the group 1308 since autumn on 1993. I even have the responsibility for the monetary bottom of the class since January 5th, 1994. I have then: thirty-seven and a half years of experience of life, twenty-five years of working experience to serve the public, eighteen years of schooling and I combined work and school during eleven years. What led me to become a big opened book to help the humanity. I am jovialist humorist while being an experienced motivator pushed persistently by the Holy Spirit to serve God, Jesus Christ our Savior.

On Sunday, February 5th, 1995, I accept to have a late dinner at home with my friend Lucie Taillon from Quebec. I make the service of the couscous which I prepared myself with love. I begin by serving Lucie to serve then my roomate madam Gaetane Gagne who leaves with me at 880, rue Jogues #101, Sherbrooke, J1H 2X9. I was taken by stupefaction when by serving Gaetane, she introduced me to my friend Lucie by saying: «Here is God, God in person!»

The following morning in the College, I asked my professor Patrick Metcalfe for his approval to contact the class personally. Given that there remains only a week of class, followed by two week of exam and that later we shall all go to get our trainee by dispersing each of us. I explain to them that I am the oldest of this class, I am even older than our professor, that I cannot leave without leaving them a Message. I say to them then: «That we leaved two and a half years together as in a family. You all pointed out that I was rejected all this time. You know this morning, I took the dictionary and I look to the definition of the words excuses and forgiveness. I do not have to apologize in front of you because I forgives you all. It begins with a person who rejects an other one and who draws away other with him. You should not reject people like this because we are never protect from a rejection. This will happen to you perhaps one day, in your working place as in your community.»

I make a comeback by telling them this history of last autumn in when I wore a yellow and white shirt and that a student calls me the Canary so many time that day as well as the following day when I wore a green shirt then. Besides, I even seized this last by the neck having heard him Canary for fortieth time this day there. This student feels attacked in his ego. Then, I explain in the class that I expected to see all these reactions. I take a white chalk at this instant there and I draw a line in the vertical downward on the blackboard. Then I say to them: «You know to the right of this line there is the good and to the left of this line there is evil. There are people who harm and people who are good. There are also people who remain on this line, these people experience difficulty in differentiating what is good from what is wrong. These people are then undergo the influence of good and the dread of evil.»

Then a student intervenes by asking me to speak about my childhood. You know that when we are opened as a big book we become at  that very moment vulnerable in front of those who abuse. I their tell therefore, that during my life in the primary school I went to the hospital by ambulance several time as a matter of urgency because my classmates beat me up. Once it was because a child wanted to play to me a trick, he tells me then to bend on my head than he kick me his shoe finally in my eye. I saw stars, blackness and the following day I was in the same class in the presence of my attacker and all the others who did not want to be attacked as I had been by him. I say that I had no hate in me because I had learnt that it was necessary to forgive to be in accord to the will of God.

On Wednesdays, February 8th, 1995, at 10:30 I am in a room adjacent to the place of histology because I had finished that of other one not ended, that is a blade of histology. I hear then, the student who rejects me by tarnishing my picture for two and a half years, is since the beginning of this training. He uninterrupted still, in spite of the effort which I unfolded on Mondays by delivering a Message of peace in front of the class. It is at this instant there that I confront this student with a rather amazing verbal violence because I want him to cease tarnishing my picture. I ask him in front of all these students to make an effort for a half week of class and for two weeks of exams. I ask for it in my name and in the name of every students, because I want the success of everybody.

The professors let unsettle this disrespect from the beginning.

You will understand the reason why I do not want to charge this young born student in 1972 for the responsibility. Because I checked him off by pointing my finger severely and because I shouted in his direction so that he ceases for good. A student panicked and in her state of panic she made it thrown into a panic many others because she qualified me as «Marc Lepine II» in future by saying to everybody who wanted to hear it:

«You saw him, he is mad, he could go as well to his house
to search some weapon and come back to kill us all as Marc Lepine.»

I shall hush up about her name because she also was born in 1972 and as my associate of class I do not want to bring her responsible for all problems which this history caused to me.

On Thursday, February 9th, 1995, madam Claire Bariteau, professor, delay me a questionary of inquiry from the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke), session: Winter, 1995, by saying to me that they had chosen me to answer this social economic questionnaire of sixty-six questions. I am surprised to see that the first question is the following: «What is your age?» I am probably the only 37 years old student of the College and definitely the only one of the department of Animal Health. In afternoon, I end to answer this questionnaire, by noting that my name is written in the endorsement of the last page.

This writing does not go contrary to our Canadian Charter of rights and freedom
of the person as well as the first question of this opinion poll.

I hasten then to see again madam Claire Bariteau to ask her who wrote my name. She answers me while, according to her, there was not offence because she had also made it for everybody. I says to her that it does not excuse her because it is really contrary to our Canadian Charter and that for this reason I keep my questionnaire I want to say to you that madam Bariteau will be protected by my foundation, because she is not at all responsible for all problems which this history caused to me. She was only indicated to do job.

At the same time, on Thursdays evenings, my roomate Gaetane Gagne speaks to me of her bedside book «I'M OK, YOU'RE OK.» This book which she invites me to read for four years and from that I saw no interest there. She says to me: «The philosophy of this book is very simple. According to this book, everybody is correct, your father is correct, your professor is correct, me I am correct, you are correct. Everybody is correct, the killer is correct when he kills, the thief is correct when he thieves and the liar is correct when he lies. Remember Serge before killing, you are going to steal and before stealing you are going to lie.» I answered her: «It is not part of my values and all religions are good, and that it is however necessary to be good with. Besides that you are Jew, Greek, German, English, French, Italian, Armenian, Lebanese and that you make take to lie, to steal or to kill, you will be judged and castigated as a result of the seriousness of your act.» She says to me then: «We live in a religion war you and me. Everywhere in the world, they kill for a question of religion. It is most killer war in the world.» I answer to her: «You does not have to be afraid because I shall never kill you, you are perhaps going to kill me, but not me.»

On Friday, February 10th, 1995, at 08:30, madam Martine Nadeau professor says to me that my professor Jean-Pierre Roy knows one of his friends who as same as me have a spiritual gift and that he makes as me just good with it, she asks me if I would like to meet him. I am then in the presence of these two professors and I answer to Martine in the affirmative by saying to her: «My physical and spiritual guides ask me to go to meet this man.» She asks me what is a physical guide and what is a spiritual guide. I say to her: «You are a physical guide for me as well as Jean-Pierre and a spiritual guide you do not see it. And I have an army of it behind me, that's why you must lead me to this man.» She bring me to the fifth floor of the Pavilion II by pretending to search the place. I tells her to follow me because I know where it is and as we arrive at the office, the psychologist came out to receive us. It is while I realize that he has a spiritual gift like me, I have to see if he uses it in a good way.

Once we are inside his office, I say to him that I am Serge Lacombe, finishing student in Animal Health coming from the group 1308, and what's more the one that they qualified as future «Marc Lepine II». He says to me that his name is mister Jean Soucy and that he is psychologist in the College. I sit in because I am invited to do it. I sit and take the same posture as him in front of Martine Nadeau my professor and I ask him: «Speak to me therefore about you!» He really did not expect it. Martine offers me therefore to stay with me or to leave. I say to her: «If you want to stay, you stay and if you want to leave, you just have to leave. And I acknowledge not knowing the reason why you lead me in this office, but it doesn't much matter, you will never have any problem with it because I love you very much and I think that you are very good to have teach to us at the time that you were mother of three juvenile children.» So she left and I am here alone with the psychologist Jean Soucy who want me to speak to him about me. I will do it during one hour and half and during this time I say to him every so often that I am perfectly lucid. He answers me each time that he is not sure about that and each time it frightens him.

At some point, I ask him to put himself in my place as a man who was wrongly qualified as a future Marc Lepine, besides they came to investigate me because they wanted to know what do I had inside of me. I make him reading the forty fourth question of this opinion poll, opinion poll which they had asked me to fill the day before.

Here is question #44:

«Choose in the list below the governmental measure which would seem to you the most likely to favour the increase the birthrate in Quebec. Please choose only one answer.


#1 to Grant to the mother, to the birth of every child, an allocation augmenting with the rank of the child in the family


#2 to Grant to the parent (man or woman) remaining in the home a proportional wage to the number of children of pre scholastic age under his nurse


#3 to Grant to the parents of substantial family allowances or credits of levies augmenting with the rank of the child in the family


#4 to Grant to the parents of benefits for the accommodation and reductions of expense on certain services, and it proportionately in numbers of children


#5 to Favour the bet at the employer's on foot of guard's free services in working middle for the pre scholastic children of age and to organize the same service in school for the children of scholastic age


#6 Other one (to specify) Stop to waste the money of the tax payers»

Having read this question in front of him, I ask him: «What would you have answered to this question?» Mister Jean Soucy psychologist answer me that he did not listen to. I says then to him: «You ask me to speak to you and you do not listen to me.» I reveal to him my answer and ask him: «If I read to you this following question are you going to be attentive it is less long to the last one?» Having replied in the affirmative to me, I had red to him.

Here is question #45:

«If, in future, you formed a couple and liked to have children, which following options would choose you?  


#1 An official marriage


#2 another type of union»

I ask him: «What would you have answered to this question?» He answer to me: «An official marriage» while I answer to him: «Dependent on the progression of both persons put in reason, it can be an official marriage or another type of union.» At a certain some point I note definitely that he does not want to understand that the problem does not emanate from me. Then, I say to him: «You have a master degree in psychology, when these lost students come to ask for your assistant, you show to them that the problem comes from them and never from the educational system. Later on, I pick them up in the small spoon without having any certificate in this domain.» I am in his office since 09:00 in the morning, it is now 10:35 what happens to me now? I become very dazed, and I am on the point of fainting? No! My friends, this rascal is on the point of succeeding to hypnotizing me. I had noted from the beginning of my time with him that his purpose was to make me very siphoned off by energy. Four years ago, I had tried to make hypnotize on a stage and the very much renowned hypnologic in domain had asked me to leave the stage because he would not succeed in making it to me. This hoodlum of psychologist had no chance to hypnotize me because I had to meet one of my professor madam Janet Pinkos at 10:30 to help her to overcome this sadness which she shared to me at 08:35 this morning there. Mister Jean Soucy knew about this date mattering for me as for madam Pinkos, but he was deliberately spirit to make me miss it.

Before falling absolutely under his control, I get up from the armchair and I say to him: «Give me your hand, I will show you what is the irrational!» The hand in mine, I have make, what some people call a transfer of energy by negative polarity that is I brought back to me all the energy which the psychologist Jean Soucy siphoned off from me during ninety minutes and I took the liberty of bringing him to the state of hypnosis which he had bring me and I did it in two minutes. I then said to him: «You realize now, that if I go on during ten more seconds although you will going to stretch down to sleep.» Mister Jean Soucy answered me yes, then I am passed from an irrational state to a rational state by making him this warning: «Now, there are people who will call you or there will be people that you will going to call. You will have the choice then to be good or of evil with what you have just lived. But do not forget that there is this law of return and that God is there to watch you.»

I met on Saturday, April 22nd, 1995 a student who had been studying with me throughout the program of Animal Health. At the end of January, I had pointed out in a lesson of histology that she lived a depression, my intuition said to me that she lived a pain of love. On Saturday there, on April, she was in deep depression. I was with my friend Eric Nutbrown who determined the same thing as me. It been disconcerted by what the psychologist Jean Soucy had made her live. No! Be not going to think that mister Soucy attacks her sexually. This student explained to me that when her boy friend taught her that he did not want to live any more with her, it had led her to live a pain of love which had been fast transformed into depression and what not to put these studies in danger, she had considered it a good idea to consult the psychologist of the College mister Jean Soucy. She entrusted her story to this man and then Jean Soucy laugh finally of her.

I shall hush up about her name because in the state where this ex classmate was on Saturday, April 22nd, I am sure that her tale was true, unconvincing but true. This student was in training period of training in Animal Health and had only one idea at the head, the suicide. Besides, in front of my friend Eric Nutbrown, she asked me if I do not know an efficient we to commit a suicidal act. In front of her state of soul, I say to her: «You do not have the right to let you down like that because you went to see yourself this pathetic character while me they led me to him. And that in spite of the fact that I lived 57 days in psychiatry because of him, me I still have the taste of live, it is God who asks me for it then hang on also to her hope a better day for her.» This student calls me at home up to date on with me of May, 1995 and asks me to help her because she wants to acquire this job of technician in Animal Health in this veterinary hospital. I so well motivated her by the phone, that the following day she was hired and even there had been twenty-four persons in front of her. I had by telephone succeeded in making what some people call a transfer of energy by positive polarity.

Now here I am in the Friday evening of February 10th, 1995, I have a late dinner in A.L. Van Houtte Coffee on the street King West in Sherbrooke with one of my professors Mark Beaudoin and her friend who is also used in the College. Of course that before making himself to this place we were all in the College and that I finally could help madam Janet Pinkos in her office before going to have that late dinner.

Overall for this week imprinted by emotions and by discoveries of paranormal phenomena: I declare to you by my writings to have helped 130 persons in relation help + or - ten and let me say to you that it upsets all these workers tremendously: social worker, psychiatric nurse, psychoanalyst, psychologist, psychometric people, doctor psychiatrist, psychotherapist and all other dealers nearly or from a distance have some money to be made with the neuropath or the psychopath.

Some of these workers go lecherous and wicked to reassure use them and their wage, they go even to the point of lying of connivance with the others to reassure use them, it is an insurance which is not expensive of the whole. The most part of these people are very educated, the society gave them the power which they have. But that it is of the abuse of power of these dealers armed, armed with the load of the proof of chase and armed with this lawful narcotic which they call medical prescription. You knew that they can kill a whole stable with the chemist's shop of one psychiatric wing. I dripped in their medicine, but before to speak to you about it, let me say to you how I fell under the influence of the medical torment.  

illegally Arrested

On Saturday, February 11th, 1995, I ask to my roommate madam Gaetane Gagne of 880, rue Jogues #101, Sherbrooke, J1H 2X9, to leave her apartment for the day because I receive my parents and that I do not want to impose to them a religion war. She accepts freely knowing that it remains for me only fourteen days of exam and after I shall go to a training period during ten weeks in Florida. Whether it should not be my surprise to see her crossing in front of the patio door  within an hour of midday when I share some pizza with my parents. Before she penetrates into her apartment, I explain to my parents that I am going to have a bath for I do not want to see her. While having my bath, I hope that she came back simply because of something she forgotten home. Having washed me, I went out of the bathroom dressed with my dress room and I saw madam Gaetane Gagne in the presence of my very disconcerted parents. It is while I point my finger in her direction severely by saying to her that she does not have the right to make this to me deeply by hitting the kitchen table with my right fist. It is while she says: «You see your son has never been aggressive like this towards me, it is necessary to call the police.» My father did not say a word, then not being afraid of the police I say to her: «Call the police!»

She takes over the phone and says wih a very calm tone: «I am in the presence of my roommate mister Serge Lacombe who is himself in the presence of his father and his mother, he is in an insane state.» And than using a very anxious tone: «Quickly! Quickly! Send two police cars not one but two at 880, rue Jogues #101, Sherbrooke. Quickly! Quickly!» When she was betraying me in the telephone, I had a reaction to advance towards her without ever touch her body. My father kept me continuously by thinking that I was going to jump on her. Poor man, all over his ignorance he could not see this Machiavellian plot. As for my mother in front of this type of situation, she sees nothing there, then knowing that my father had used this situation to give him a reason to live. Thinking I am there without any witness on my side, I judged that it was better for me to leave then to stay there. Then, I quickly get dressed and I left with what I have of more important, my school bag because I really have two weeks of exams before leaving for Florida.

Ah! Yes, I forgot to say that I have left with four eggs uncooked that I had deposited in my pockets. Is it defend by law or is it defend by medicine? I head therefore at my friend's Restaurant La Falaise Saint-Michel at 100, rue Webster, Sherbrooke, J1H 5N3 whom I want to thank publicly. Thanks to misters Patricks Lagniel and Michel Igual whom they can join by tel: (819) 346-6339 or by fax: (819) 346-4622 for the reservation of a worthy table of honourable mention and whose reputation is not any more to make. They really a part of these people who will have allowed me to be here today. I explain to them what has just happened at my home and than I went to the police station of Sherbrooke on Marquette street, to deposit my version of the facts there.

We are on Saturday, February 11th, 1995, it is 15:30, I see the official policeman and say to him: «My name is Serge Lacombe, I live at 880, rue Jogues #101, Sherbrooke. About one hour and half ago, my roommate madam Gaetane Gagne called you so that you come to pick me up so I am here to give you my version of the facts.» He makes me wait in vain, during about fifteen minutes. In what purpose? I ignore it and ask again to him to take my deposition. In front of this second refusal, I ask him to bring me a psychologist for that I saw one yesterday at the College and that I want to understand for what reason they do not want to take my deposition. They point out to me a police car which was park outside the police station, by saying to me board into this police car these two policemen are going to drive you to a psychologist.

I arrive outside to sit in the police car, when they ask to put the handcuffs on me. I went back inside the police station and I saw again this official policeman by explaining to him that I refuse to put these handcuffs because I am not a criminal. He says to me while it is the law which stipulates that every person boarding into a police car have to to be handcuffed. I surrender and accepted to be handcuffs my hands in the back. What I would not make to see a psychologist especially because I am not under an arrest for if I was they would have than pronounced my rights. Finally they drive me in the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE), 3001, 12th north avenue, Fleurimont (Quebec) J1H 5N4 . I came out this police car at about 16:00 and before entering inside this hospital I take some big whiffs of cool air. Then, I enter in with a filled torso and my head straight and up with a very joviality smile. Of a peace which seems to frighten, because both policemen who accompany me surely have no habit of it because I saw them trembling in their pants. They are definitely more afraid than me.

I entered on February 11th at 16:00 in that Hospital to be release of it only on April 12th, 1995 at 10:30, let me say, that I was never imprisoned, however the the condemned prisoner, he knows it when he will be liberated at the end of so many days while me I knew it when I went out of it. How that happened to me. First of all, my mother revealed me the truth in May: «Serge what did you wanted us to do in this February 11th, 1995 after that your roommate Gaetane Gagne had said to me and to your father that you did not go to school any more, that you doped yourself, you took sleeping pills , that you did not sleep any more, that you did not eat any more, that you awakened her at night and that you hurt her.» You would have been able to ask me if it was true, when I went out of the bathroom this day there. My father as for him would not have been able to make understand madam Gagne that it was useless to call the police for the gesture which I had just put down, that is to say to point severely a finger on a woman without touching her while pounding a fist on a kitchen table by saying:

«You have no right to do this to me.» My father even declared to me without realizing it probably, having declared to the police of Sherbrooke February 11th, 1995: «Yes, I saw my only son trying to kill this woman in front of me.» My roommate madam Gaetane Gagne would have declared to the police of Sherbrooke on February 11th, 1995: «My roommate Serge Lacombe tried to kill me in front of his father and his mother.»

What Machiavellian conspiracy! Even my father mingled with it, because what did he have to lose in this story? Only a son who was never allowed to prevail by him. It was a nice opportunity for him to give himself a reason to live, him who saw his boy succeeding where several was unable to make it. He seized the opportunity for which he has waited for fifteen years to make a failure of my life because he has never agreed to see me leaving my job of civil servant, him who has worked for thirty-five years of his life in the bottom of a plant as stock controller. It is for this reason besides that I always knew how to forgive to my father for evil that he made to my family, that I always supported my father in his tests and that I always hid the violence which lives in him since I am aware of it.

On February 11th, 1995 at about 16:00, I got in that Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE), located in 3001, 12th north avenue, Fleurimont, J1H 5N4. Both policemen who accompany me, point out to me my room located at the emergency. This room is a isolation room. They ask me, if they can release me from the handcuffs without any problem and if they can close the door behind me. I reply by the affirmative. To make a summary of these 57 days of committals as much as I can do. Let me talk to you about the movie  «Vol au dessus d'un nid de coucou.» the French version of «One flew over the cuckoo's nest.»  with the American actor Jack Nicholson. This film being a classic which some of you saw, they even said to me that they use this film in the training of these people who work in psychology as well as in psychiatry. This film was produced from the tale of a book, his author has probably dream about the future. It being known by those who make some. In the hospital, I was Jack Nicholson. However, I did not have electroshock therapy and they did not open me the skull to go to search in brain.

I had been during 57 days physically and mentally torture of all kind.
I saved the life of madam Pauline Bergeron,

this lady at 07:00 in the morning was in a fit state convulsive very serious, her skin began to turning blue,
her eyelids twinkled continuously and her eyes were in a bizarre state.

I saved her life by taking her by both arms by asking her to stay with us because it was not the time for her to leave, that God still needed her on this earth. I reacted more quickly than the medical team a nurse who was call to watch the patient next to her. Then, I applied to Pauline who lent me her Sony Walkman every evening with the tape «Memorandum of God» where from I acquired all inspiration which I needed to continue acting definitely in spite of the torture, a transfer of energy by positive polarity.

Besides to confirm my success, my torturers Lynn Gaudreault psychiatrist doctor, as well as Mark Lefebvre doctor and a certain «Ousef» trainee in psychiatry commits to delayed to me on March 20th, 1995 only one «note of evolution» in the file #398068: (What you will read in boldface, was intentionally added by me because patients were witness of my behaviour inside this accursed wing. Furthermore I had the chance to see my friends who visiting me every day. And thanks to them, whom I want to thank publicly, I knew how to overcome any obstacle which they raised in front of me. While, the text underlined which you will read was written and scratched by the medical team.):

«Psychiatry, patient notified that:

1 - If direct threat against personnel (s) or beneficiary (ies) either patient (s) or masculine or female visitor (s)

2 - Otherwise collaboration with the team:

* Try of healing of other patients?

* Disturbances frequent in the meeting of other patients?

One hour in 61, jacket and PRN (Haldol + Ativan)

1 - If agitation or non-controllable attack by other means

One hour in 61, jacket and PRN (Haldol + Ativan) » 

All this writing is only falseness, except for 61 i.e. isolation room located in the 4B of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) and PRN (Haldol + Ativan) intramuscular PRN i.e. injection, (Haldol + Ativan, two medicaments to control the mood very strong for the brain).

If madam Pauline Bergeron came to die even before she supports my writings, you will consider all doctors who played with her body for forty years as criminals and you will have to consider them to be as such because these are the admissions of madam Bergeron who is fifty five-year-now old.

Therefore let me say to you for what they use this isolation room at the emergency of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE). It goes without saying that this room is under electronic listening, they film there your behaviour. I had guessed it even before to put my feet there. His door is provided with three locks, they lock me up in double turn there. I am left with a bed bolted on in the floor, a small table on wheel that we can use to eat in the bed and a plastic litre as  water container as we find in any hospital. I drink my water because I am thirsty. When we absorb a litre of water and when we are normally constituted, the desire to urinate comes fast. At this instant, knowing that I should not become aggressive inside this room, I invite the members of the medical team of the emergency individually to come to open for me the door by turning the door handle to attract their attention, then I acquired their attention by indicating to them by sign to come to open. I turned the handle twenty-four times without violence, without aggressively and without receiving any answer. Am I patient? Yes, because according to «Webster Dictionary» I am in the hospital therefore I am patient. So patient that I find with my lucidity to urinate in this water container rather than to make it on the ground or else in my pants not to become aggressive and by hoping that a member of this medical team will come to inquire about me soon.

After a certain time, it is normal to be thirsty having urinate suchlike. All over my lucidity, not having had answer during twenty-four try and error, I knock of a good punch in this Plexiglas window. I succeeded in making move a member of the medical team. He opens the door and I tell him my history by saying to him this: «I am perfectly lucid, this it is a water container and inside there is my urine because rather to urinate on the ground or in my pants, because you did not come when I asked you for 24 times, I was made to act suchlike. Now my friend this behaviour goes contrary to the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom of the person, furthermore it is a serious breach of my vital needs. Bring me to the tap that I can be taken myself some fresh water, this is pressing!»

I also made some yoga sat in this bed as a yogi in his position of lotus by invoking God by saying: «Lord, Jesus Christ protect me in any circumstances, at all times, every where.» My father, who knows how to read no text of law came to sign papers to see me committed, it was 19:00 when he comes in the edge of the door, I seize him firmly by his left coat sleeve, attract him towards me and close this door behind him by saying to him: «Dad, do you know the history of this room? Look at these marks on the wall it been made by the nail of a human being in the past, point out all these scalds on the floor made by cigarettes, see this cellaring in this Plexiglas practically transverse, was also made by the nails of a human being very as these streaks.» Then I carry my right hand around his shoulders by asking him: «Do you want to make a Ruth, a Gilbert or an Ulysse with me as your brothers and sisters?» Then he left by saying to me that he preferred to see me inside than outside. You made a nice failure of my studies.

Sunday evening, on February 12th, 1995 at about 20:00, a nice nurse comes to see me to tell to me that I should sleep because I did not close the eye for 39 hours. I answers to her that I did not come here to sleep. At 20:30, a nurse arrives at me with a sleeping drug, I says to him: «You go against the  Canadian Charter of rights and freedom of the person», idem at 21:00 and 21:30. I say to him while I would like to get some water instead. My nurse answers me that he is going to bring some water, for he is tired to see me travelling at the tap since my arrival. He is not wrong because I drank a lot of water. At 21:35, my nurse arrives with a pot at water. I ask him to wait besides me, while I smell this water, I say to him: «I do not want to drink this water, because you puts sleeping drugs inside!» This nurse reveal himself because his head had changed of colour.

At 21:55, they issued a code #55 against me, two nurses of Herculean shoulders in my room arrived. I didn't expect that for me, they puts me on bed by force. With an adrenalin secretion I succeed in raising them, it is at this instant there that six to eight members of the medical team throw themselves on us as they make it on a holder of a football balls, it is me which is underneath. I had probably the same feeling of this taxi driver Richard Barnabe about whom they not intend to speak since this story had been judged in front of the human beings, I realized that my ribs were probably more flexible than his, because mine did not break. Then, the second snare occurred, knack, they tear your nicest shirt to inject you then a unknown substance into the backside to leave me finally alone.

I am surprised to see that after the injection, I have no pain in my backside where the needle was introduce, I discover instead a paranormal phenomenon rather a new feeling from the end of my fingers up to my shoulders. Warmth and prickle are very nice, I like this feeling of ease and it points out to to me that Jesus Christ accompanies me in this hospital. Besides, since this musculature injection, my two forearm are hard as steel. This feeling lasts about fifteen minutes and then I sleep about fourteen hours. In the waking, a nurse comes to say to me that all medical team suffers to see me confined to reside in this small room and that they go all out to find me one inside the hospital.

On Monday, February 13th, 1995 at about 16:00, I am invited to follow both nurses who will aim me to a new room, who they say to me that it is located on the fourth floor. They take the elevator, to go there; I have a certain difficulty in walking, I am in a physical state upset by this «lawful narcotic of the day before». At the exit of the elevator, I see a door which they open by pushing a red pressure button, my intuition says to me that it is their that they drive me and my lucidity informs me that I shall not go out from there as I get ready to enter there. I walk in this square of hall, nobody becomes identified with me. A patient of the name of Rejean Saint-Pierre approaches me by saying, you have just arrived here you, I had a good dialogue with him. Later, they invite me to a cross-examination, these psychiatrists doctors asked to me three questions: «What date we are today? Do you believe in God? And did you accept His powers? In the first one, I said to them: «We are at present on Monday on February 13th, 1995 it is 16:30 without reference to my watch!» In the second, I answered in all honesty: «Indeed that I believe in God, Jesus Christ our Saviour.» In the third, I answered: «Yes! It is obvious that I have powers, besides on December 25th, 1995 I accepted a gift from Him to have more to help others. I so well used it that February 4th, 1995, God came into my body. I prefer to be possess by God than by the Demon.» Especially with the hallucinogens that they had injected in me the day before.

Meeting it is ended on it. When I arrive in front of the guard's post, all medical team was in front of me, I present myself to them by saying to them : «Good Day to you all, my name is Serge Lacombe, I am perfectly lucid and I know very well where I am, I am at the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) presently. I agree to be here without any treatment. You are about twenty persons in front of me, none of you will be able to give it to me, even if you try to be united all together you wont be able to make it.» I was very calm, I even was stood back about ten feet of them, I was separated by a even a reception desk. It is true that I pointed them off all with my finger while swivelling on myself.

A man who exceeded his group by a head, took fright by saying: «It is necessary to call the police!» I answered: «Call, the police you are twenty against me, I believe that I need protection.» After about thirty minutes of wait, two policemen of Sherbrooke Police arrive. They invite me to follow them in a room which proves to be the isolation room of the 4B, that is #61. One of the armed policemen says to me: «There is a bed, you will lie down on it. Don't you!» I am perfectly lucid and noting that I am disarmed, I lie down. Then he adds this: «This lady is nurse, she is going to prick you a backside then you are going to be allowed her to make. Hey!» I am still perfectly lucid then I comply according to his order. Let me say that the injection that I had received at the emergency was one of test, because this dose was three to four times as concentrated.

I realized it on Tuesday, February 14th, 1995, having slept from 18:30 to 11:32, that is 17:02. I got up with the help of a nurse who wanted to leed me in front of the doctors. I walked by rolling my shoulder on the wall while being supported by this nurse. Sat in front of these men, one got ahead on me by saying to me: «I am doctor can I help you?» I had side effects so much infamous, I was as a puppet show who feels pain from the head to the foot. I suffered so much that I hung myself with my two hands to his arm by crying and by saying yes. It is as it, that I accepted the treatment «per os» (or even by the mouth). This day there, I was a «muddle dedaleen» and I see again the same doctors who explain to me that the illness which developed in me is not serious in itself when it is Lithium treated.

Besides mister Pierre Peladeau the one who is possessing the Journal of Montreal and at the head of the Quebecor Empire is publicly displayed as manic-depressive and we treat him with some Lithium and now he does very well.

In front of this unacceptable medical stupidity, I answer them: «Speak to me therefore of Graham Bell and Henry Ford, two were taken for madmen before they acknowledge the genius of their creations. Mister Bell invented the telephone, today thanks to him we can send a letter or a photograph to the other ends of the earth thanks to his creation while mister Ford was the creator of the production of a serial car. At this time there, there was no Lithium then and I know that I am not in lack of this salt. You are in medical error and you go contrary to our Canadian Charter of rights and freedom of the person (or even Humen Rights).»

At 21:55, a woman came in my room awakening me with her flashlight by lighting me in full face and in a vigorously tiresome way forced me to take this prescription of pills. It was really nightmare to have to live it in a hospital of Quebec, believe me my friends.

On Wednesday, February 15th, 1995 at 12:00, I have dinner in my room and the medical team prevent me to wear the clothes which my friend Genevieve Lamoureux had specifically brought for me. At 14:55, I accept the visit of my professor Patrick Metcalfe who came to announce me that he was indicated for the valuation of my return to the school. At about 16:18, four specialists of mental illness are sitting down around me forming a semicircle and during thirty minutes in a tempo of  a second say to me alternately: «Does this quickly turn in your head? This quickly turns in your head? It must turn quickly in your head! This quickly turns surely in your head!»

Once per second during thirty minutes it makes a total of 1 800 times.

At the end of thirty minutes, I was tired enough to answer negatively to their question I answered by a yes only to analysis the behaviour of these specialists. They all got up all at once and exit the room having heard a yes from me. I ask them: «Eh! What are you doing? Why do you leave so?» They say to me then: «We finished, it is ended!» At 21:00, a nurse comes to see me with two pills in her hand, one to sleep and the other one to decelerate my brain.

On Thursday, February 16th, 1995, 04:00, I go to the guard's post, because my throat drawing away a dry cough, I am unable to sleep in this state. No cough syrup is available, what draws away a lack of sleep for me. At 07:12, it is my first catch of blood for the end of proportion of Lithium. At 07:30, I made the decision to refuse willingly medicaments which they gave me. According to Canadian Charter of rights and freedom of the person (or even Humen Rights). At 09:46, the psychiatrist in future give me my clothes, I hope for my freedom at the same time because I have no busness there. I am more clever than all medical team. At 14:47, I refuse th Lithium as treatment. At 15:59, I give some Belgian chocolate coming from my friend Patrick Lagniel to the psychiatrists doctors, during one of these numerous meetings.

On Friday, February 17th, 1995, 08:38, on the same shift, they change nurse to try to succeed in manipulating with more wealth. Why do they act so? Do they make it to every patients? What are the interests? In what purposes do they make it? Is it means, the most efficient that medicine finds to reassure the psychopath?!... At 09:34, I have a meeting with my doctors. At 09:53. I give an article treating some Lithium that I read in the Journal of Montreal to the psychiatrists. At 21:55, I phoned my friends Michel Igual and Eric Nutbrown.

On Saturday, February 18th, 1995, from 11:30 to 14:00, I am nicked by this lecherous medicine, I cannot remember of what manner. However, they chose a Saturday, because they during the weekend discharge the majority of the patients so that in this time there, you had hardly witnesses of the scene on your side. Overall, intramuscular injection by Machiavellian force of a substance which affected my view as well as my metabolism which is now greatly decelerated.

On Monday, February 19th, 1995, 16:00 I sold my trip for Daytona Beach, Florida, to madam Caroline Boisvert from Lennoxville for the sum of $130. The initial price of this trip was 279 $, I must have suffered a $149 loss. Madam Boisvert paid me with a check #50037 815 049 625 7, her check was really good and I want to thank her publicly for this.

On Wednesday, February 22nd, 1995, between 09:00 and 12:00, I went with a future psychiatrist to visit the department of electronic microscopy of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) because I said that this activity was part of my training of our lesson of histology. I persuaded all the medical team to lead me to this event, me who wanted to see again the group #1308 for the good of all. In spite of the fact that they had transformed me in neuropath. I knew how to control some of my side effects not to frighten these young adults.

On Thursday, February 23rd, 1995, from 16:00 to 19:30, my parents came to visit me at the hospital. Why did they leave Verdun, one a Thursday afternoon to come to see me? My mother always worked for the Income Ministry of Quebec and I knew that they needed her at her job. In June, I asked that question to my parents, I was not lucky for they suffer in this case of the recent discovery of the medicine, they suffer from the Alzheimer illness. It is easier to make are self sick than to keep are self in health. Though it is there, I would well like to know why they came one Thursday rather than a Saturday.

At 18:00, I am happy because my friend Genevieve Lamoureux brings to me some new battery CR2025 for my electronic agenda. Thanks for all that was made possible because mister Patrick Lagniel advanced me the necessary amount of money for the purchase of them and because mister Marcel Bergeron, the husband of the woman that I saved her life in this hospital which provided me the necessary screwdriver in order to opening of my electronic agenda. It is a miraculous event in itself because I can continue to write.

On Monday, February 27th, 1995, 10:00, I received the interdiction to participate in activities with my friends the patients of the 4B, by my internal psychiatrist. I do not grab the sense of this proscription, it is devoid of sense. My internal psychiatrist cannot even say to me why they act so.

On Tuesday, February 28th, 1995, 08:30, I read an article in the Journal of Montreal of mister Peladeau who is called: Research advances, maniac-depression. It is written in this article: «According to the researchers of one of the main psychiatric hospitals of Canada, this evil affects near a million of Canadian.» According to the statistic of 1993 we were 28 753 000 Canadian to live in the country, what amounts to saying that one Canadian of 28,75 is attained by this illness. This illness all over its bipolarity is very popular, medicine uses it as police insurance and this is what is necessary to change. It is obviously necessary to prevent this abuse of power.

On Wednesday, March 1st, 1995, between 10:00 and 11:00 they force me, in this Ash-Wednesday, in participated against my will in a volleyball activity. I even do not succeed in touching the ball once so much that I am neuropath at the farthest by their pills. From 11:00 to 11:30, I see my internal psychiatrist and during my meeting with him, I threaten him to change hospital if they do not answer my vital needs. From 14:00 to 14:45, I walk around the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) with other patients. We are accompanied by the nurses of our special wing.

On Saturday, March 4th, 1995, between 19:00 and 20:30, I accept the visit of madam Lise Pelletier aunt of my friend Genevieve Lamoureux. This lady was schocked to see what they had made to me, because we had seen each other in the time of Holidays. She who works in the field of soft medicine by playing what they call «Reiki» pointed out this Machiavellian stupidity.

On Sunday, March 5th, 1995, between 14:00 and 15:30, I participate as a neuropath of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) at an controlled exit by my father outside. I recovered the opinion poll which I had filled on February 10th, this one having resided in my locker at the College. I also went home to go to get other clothes. Once our way back at the hospital, my father lends me forty dollars. It was twenty-two days since I had gone out of the hospital fields. I explain to my father that I must move from my actual room in this next Saturday because I have one sister only and her birthday will belong. Let me say to you that I did not have difficulty in persuading him of the importance of this day for me. On the contrary, he wanted me to move everything to his place to be able to have more control of me, because in illness we become much more vulnerable.

On Monday, March 6th, 1995, 15:00, I call my friend Patrick Lagniel to kindly ask him to allow me to store my belonging at his place. I ask this to my best friends, however this last had seen me as a «muddle dedadeen» the week before asking him this. He understand nothing in this rapid move, but in front of the clarity of my request, I achieved really to persuade him to store my furniture in the warehouse located above his restaurant. I hold by these writings to thank him publicly for hi humanitarian, shone gesture, and his wife Joel, her associate mister Michel Igual as well as all personnel of this nice culinary place. I apologize for everything at the same time disadvantages attributable to all these swindlers who were pitiless in all this history. However, one day Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation will monopolize the Restaurant La Falaise Saint-Michel for a very special culinary menu and as President-founder and Inspector I shall delay you publicly a check to cover all your incurred expenses of service. I like you all, and I think of you very often.

On Saturday, March 11th, 1995, from 09:30 to 16:00, I came to take out my furniture from my home very because this place reminds for me of very bad memories. My father, as well as my friends: Patrick Lagniel restaurator, Claude Jodoin cook at La Falaise Saint-Michel and Eric Nutbrown caretaker of a high school and of a church came to help me in my move. At 15:00, I must take my medicine, because I am under a conditional permission. To acquire this leave, I promised to accept that my father accompanies me to protect me from my neurotic state caused by the medications which they gave me up to now.

I must take 300mg of Lithium besides a small pink pill which accompanies it.

In this neurotic state I tremble so much that I avoid from it tablets down furthermore having succeeded in carrying them in my mouth, I splash my clothes and the kitchen floor in front of my father, my mother and my friend Eric. My mother is the first person who helps me by saying to me: «It is not serious, you are going to recover one day!» To have been normally constituted at this instant there, I would have been able of my two hands to kill madam Gaetane Gagne this roommate whom I wanted to help by installing me at her place because she was in need of that 200 $ as income. Furthermore this lady was in the apartment precisely to protect herself from me more, because a liar when she lies, she knows it.

On Monday, March 13th, 1995, at 11:30,
the medical team refuses my final leave of the hospital.
From 16:00 to 16:45,
my internal psychiatrist realizes that
the concentration of Lithium is too well brought up in my blood.

I life supporting an intoxication because the day before my internal psychiatrist had asked me how many litres of water did I drink a day? I answered him: «I drink four litres of water a day, without counting the liquid contained in all fruits and all food which I use a day.» My psychiatrist asked me then, to reduce my consumption of water by half. While Fabricating it according to the writings of CPS (or even Compendium) say: «It is imperious for the sick man to follow a normal diet where sodium chloride and liquids will be present during the treatment of Lithium.»

On Tuesday, March 14th, 1995, 15:00, I decide to stop any treatments, given that I does not take Lithium anymore from yesterday by medical proscription. My physical and mental body orders me to stop using this lawful narcotic prescribed to check side effects of Lithium. Then, I cease using hypnotic Dalmane, antipsychotic Haldol and Rivotril anticonvulsant. This decision of survival caused the first period of weaning of my life. Furthermore the medical team cut me from all my privileges besides finding me with all this medical team on the back. I decide to put down a symbolic gesture to memorialize event, the shoot of this beard will remind me of the start of this no medicamented life by this lawful said narcotic.  

On Wednesday, March 15th, 1995, from 14:05 to 15:00, I am called in a meeting by my internal psychiatrist. Throughout this meeting, this last tries to persuade me that Lithium is a medicament which does work for everybody, it is for this reason that Stelazine exists. A medicament which acts as Lithium with however fewer side effects. My weaning had ended on March 27th, it is only at this instant that I could really read this human medical Compendium CPS and understand that my psychiatrists are really endowed with a Machiavellian mystical atrocity. Because in the CPS they write that Lithium is an anti-maniac and that Stelazine is an anxiolytique, antiemetic, neuroleptique.

On April 9th, 1995, I must have accepted against my will to take Stelazine for the first time, because four nurses had succeeded in nicking me and pointed out to to me the way of the «61» that isolation room at about 08:15 in the morning. Knowing that madam Nathalie Auclair had a medical prescription of Stelazine with a concentration of 1mg available in the 4B. Why my internal psychiatrist said to me that this concentration was not available? While the Manufacturer is writings in the CPS: «Dosage: Individualize dosage and prescribe the weakest which is efficient. In omni practice: The dosage of a use attack is 1 tablet in 1 or 2mg twice. In an use practice, it is seldom necessary to exceed 6mg/day. Later of the inherent extended action of trifluoperazine, the most part of the patients can be efficiently treated with a bidaily handy dosage; some people could take a dose of maintenance of one dose a day. (To emaciated subjects or of small size, the treatment must always be begun with the weakest dosage.)»

Though it is at 22:00 this evening there, a nurse gives me a tablet of Stelazine of 5mg. I ask her for a tablet of 1mg. she says to me in front of other patients than this concentration is not available. I ask her to cut this tablet in two, she says to me that it was impossible for her to make it. It is while I showed to her how to make it, I grabbed this tablet with the help of the nail of the thumb and with the index of my right hand and crunch it with my trenchant. There remained exactly 2.5mg. in the small cup. I drink after the absorption of this new narcotic, a litre of apple juice and I lie down at 23:20.

During thirty minutes I feel my brain whipped at the rate of
a one second for a total of 1 800 times.
I try therefore to drink 4 litres of water, knowing that it is going to dilute this narcotic.
From 23:30 to 01:30, I am sick, I vomit some bile with the rests of the medicaments.

Mister doctor, what would have been the effect of this narcotic of a concentration of 5mg without this litre of juice of apple? What is the purpose? Is it an experience without my consent? Do you know how to read and to write? Why are you lying like this? Do you make it for an interest other than yours? Have you a Sword of Damocles upon your head? One day I shall find the key of this mystery perhaps by making the reading of the medical file #398068, of course God willing.

On Friday, March 17th, 1995, at 16:30, psychiatrist announces me on whom they decided to impose to me against my will, a closed cure because she sees a potential of dangerosity for me. From 17:30 to 18:30, madam Monique Auger representative of Prodef Estrie arrives to defend me from this closed cure. She asks with my approval to see my medical file to know the reason of this remedy, because this lady sees no dangerosity in me. Besides, all this time there, I was accompanied with madam Brigitte Nemirovsky one of the cousins of my friend Genevieve Lamoureux. Psychiatrist answers this request negatively and goes against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom of the person (or even Human Rights).

On Sunday, March 19th, 1995, 10:30, I meet the second psychiatrist, this one owes according to the law of closed cure to make the second valuation. Is this second psychiatrist paid to pre-empt or confirm the decision of a fellow worker or an associate? I understand, why they were afraid at this instant there. Since March 14th, I lived a period of weaning in their hospital because of their abuses of power. My body struggled against this lack of lawful narcotic until March 27th without the help of the medical team. For three successive nights, I was covered with seven flannel blanket which I had folded in two, nevertheless I slammed teeth all night while wetting my bed from all sweat of my body. I was there in hyperthermia all this time there, to overcome all that in one hospital of Quebec in 1995, without a medical support. This medical team had the reasons of the world very to believe in a sliding of my part towards a deep depression where from this potential of dangerosity for me or for others. Many witnesses saw with which Force of courage, I was full of spirit to develop this Rage to conquer this mystical and Machiavellian abusers with patience and persistence.

On Monday on March 27th, 1995, my body had got rid of very side effects which have prevented me until this day from reviewing my school notes with the aim of my final exams. At 19:00, my friend Genevieve Lamoureux brought me my notebook of Pathology because my professor Patrick Metcalfe will based is evaluation on this material to establish my potential success for my final exams.

On Tuesday, March 28th, 1995, they delayed me a brochure edited for the Direction of communications... Rights and appeal of the persons accepted in closed cure. During a meeting with psychiatrist, there is a loss of control of the mood of this lady because I still refuse her treatment, by saying to her that my weight is 155lbs and that according to Health Canada I am in health. At 20:30, my beard was now old of fourteen days and it was really itching because it was curly. Happily, that madam Angele Bergeron girl of Pauline had come to cut it for me. I want to thank this woman publicly, because her scissors and razor definitely allowed me to keep the control of situation.

On Wednesday, March 29th, 1995, 15:30, my professor Patrick Metcalfe came to visit me to determine the improvement of my mental capacities. In spite of this improvement my professor evaluator recommends me to make my exams from 1st till 19 May, to put all the chances on my side he said to me. Me who wants to make these exams at the same time as the students of the group #1307. It would have allowed me to avoid to make my exams alone and to make my trainee later.

On Friday, March 31st, 1995, at 16:05, the psychiatrist says to me: «Mister Lacombe, you know very well that you were accepted on February 11th, 1995 in this hospital, because you had a potential of killer outside.» It is at this instant there that I openly closed up towards her, because she was stubborn by baiting me persistently to try to make me ill.

In the evening a nurse take my left hand and personally left carries out a pronation with my hand and my forearm, while putting a pressure of his right thumb on a position of suffering located on this forearm to test my degree of aggressiveness, he says to me. It was rather a gesture of provocation for his part in front of the analyst of situation the internal psychiatrist. What would have been able to become a nice nicks because I had my free right fist to hit his left temple wildly. Made to underline, this nurse had the wrist twice bigger than mine. What would they have made of me, if I had put down this type of gesture in front of this evaluator?

On Wednesday, April 5th, 1995, 11:00, I have a meeting with my psychiatrist concerning the reappraisal of this closed cure or keep in establishment which will end on April 7th, 1995, is after 21 days. In spite of my good behaviour, psychiatrist decides to extend my hospitalization of a second remedy, that one according to law must be of a length of 90 days. I ask her why? She says to me: «Mister Lacombe, you are not manic-depressive, I see paranoid episodes in you. For this reason, I ask you to return to all activities as much indoors as outside the borders of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE). I notify you however that if you use an activity to escape, the police will bring you back to the hospital. I trust in you and we need your whole collaboration and your full trust towards the medical team. From 13:30 to 14:30, I participate in an activity inside, light exercise and relaxation.

On Thursday, April 6th, 1995, in the morning, I participate in a hockey game for the end of behaviour evaluation. You who read me, did you hit yourself intentionally with a hockey stick on your tibia? To put off a whole medical team, me who plays without treatment in front of these neuropaths patients, psychopaths, muddle dedaleens as well as some nurses, I anticipate the game and I deliberately put my left leg in front of this slap shot without noticing it. I stop suddenly playing to go to this watering refrigerated machine place to cool down my leg. The representative of this activity gives me some urgent ice, I treat myself alone during about fifteen minutes. Later, I am transformed into Kirk Muller, I perform at general surprise a return to game by limping lightly. I apply of the ice to all breaks of game, I count 2 goals and I achieve 2 nice passes which will allow to my team mates to mark. Our team win the games 8 against 3. It is that what I call to have this Force of courage, it was the price to be paid for my social reintegration. Besides, I carry another light mark on the epidermis. To thank me for this courage, the medical team refused me to play bowling outside the borders of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) with all these patients who they wanted all that I accompany them.

On Saturday, April 8th, 1995, 09:30, I ask a nurse, the approval to go to the snack-bar to buy the newspaper «La Tribune de Sherbrooke». He says to me then: «I am not authorize to give you the approval to let you to go there alone.» I ask him then to be accompanied and he accepts. At 13:30, I walk finally outside, I feel then as a horse that they go out of stable in spring. I need to spend all this energy. Unfortunately I am slowed down by the nurse who accompanies us, I cannot walk at my pace because I move away inevitably from the group. I decide to walk around them, however I walk so quickly that it them dazed every some not much. In the course of this step, I see arriving, from Verdun, my parents on board of their van. Instinctively, I run towards them while this nurse shouts me to come back. His command indifferent me absolutely because I smell my next freedom, I am on the point of winning this brain war.

On Sunday, April 9th, 1995, at 08:15, I am once again nicked because I am, in the bad place and at at the bad time, that is to say in this case in guard's post without witness on my side, four nurses did point out to me this room #61. Rather than to fight with them and to muck up all equipment all over the wounds that I would have had the time to inflict on them before they succeeds in preventing me from it, I decided to leave in this isolation room. Where these mystical and Machiavellian torturers intimidated me in three resumptions. To locate you well this room is closed by a door provided with a transparent square Plexiglas having two locks. Between this door and the hall of the wing there is a small hall which links up these two parts, the door overlooking the hall of the wing is really full so that when you are in isolation nobody see you, you become therefore for your torturers a very vulnerable prey because you have no more means to be supported by witnesses of event.

You are all the more vulnerable and more pitiable, when you know beforehand that these pitiless swindlers without scruple and without soul and conscience shall never hesitate to ask for police help to nourish their deranged thirst mystically towards this Machiavellian stupidity. This day there, I remained one hour there, it is long to wait during one hour a person who does not come. At 09:15, they point out to to me the exit by saying to me that my internal psychiatrist wants to see me. At 09:20, I invite therefore by telephone to come to meet me during this day for my protection given that twenty days having accepted the written warning which threatened me of an isolation room, they had succeeded in nicking me. From 09:30 to 09:55, I am in meeting with my internal psychiatrist, the psychiatrist on duty as well as this future psychiatrist. They make a comeback on the event of the day in me eloquent of my aggressivity and my illness manic-depressive. I speak to them of health by fruits, while picking my grapefruit in front of them. Even before eating it, I offer it to the team of psychiatrist sat in front of me. I feed on this juicy fruit containing this natural sugar. The psychiatrist on duty says to me then: «Mister Lacombe, if you refuse to take your treatment, your hospitalization is going to be longer and it risks putting in danger your scholastic year.»

In front of his incomprehension, I give him a photocopy of a newspaper article coming from «La Tribune de Sherbrooke» of April 4th, 1995 about which they speak of this MEDICAL MAFIA treated as such by the writer and doctor Guylaine Lanctot and I ask him to joint this with my medical file as well as my curriculum vitae. He says to me then: «Mister Lacombe I see that you would have be a very, very good lawyer.» At 15:00, my friend Genevieve Lamoureux arrives with my school bag, such as I asked to her this morning. At 19:00, Patrick Lagniel and Claire Boulanger comes to determine my physical and mental state of health.

On Monday, April 10th, 1995, at 13:30, I sign the official papers for the complaint which I formulated against the hospital and the medical team of the 4B, that must be sent to the Commission of the Social Affairs of Quebec. Documents were entrusted to the representatives: Carole Panneton and Sophie Caron from Prodef Estrie. At 16:30, I have a meeting with my new psychiatrist given that I forced other one to take a small vacancy. In the presence of the internal psychiatrist and in this trainee in future, this new psychiatrist announces to me that my closed cure is now opened. The program of this opening is the following they will liberate me on Tuesdays mornings for 24 hours to evaluate with me how it went on this activity on Wednesdays to see if there is a potential of dangerosity to reintroduce me socially. It is envisaged that I sleep in the hospital for a night during my return.

On Tuesday, April 11th, 1995, I want to leave at about 09:30, because my friend Claude Jodoin said that he was available this morning to come to pick me up at the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE). I realize in that morning that they had deceived me the day before because they said to me that my departure will not be before 13:30 because the release papers will not be ready before that time. I call my friend Claude Jodoin to make him aware of this incident because I especially do not want to make him lose his day. At 10:15, the medical team of the 4B announces me that I can leave. My nurse says to me: «Give me the time to prepare your treatment for your day of freedom.» I answer him: «I am in health, I shall not therefore need this treatment.» My internal psychiatrist says to me in his turn: «Mister Lacombe, I agree to prescribe you Stelazine in a dosage of 1mg. b.i.d. as you asked me for it. However this dose will never be rather sufficient for you, a minimal dose of 2mg. b.i.d. will be requested.»

At 10:35, I leave the psychiatric wing of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE). At 11:34 I arrive at the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke) in the department of animal health. I meet the professors: Patrick Metcalfe, Michel Lockwell and Claire Bariteau, the technician Nathalie Provost as well as 20 students + or - 5. Then in the department of biology I speak with a cycling professor whose name I ignore.

At 12:45, I go alone at the Coffee A.L. Van Houtte to have dinner with my friend Claire Boulanger. A lady who entrusted me one day, long before that I am hospitalized, to have been raped by a nurse in a psychiatric wing of a hospital of Sherbrooke when she was 19 years old. This lady is thirty-eight years old now, they control her mood therefore for 19 years. She is aware that her body is use to all the medications which she must take a day. Perhaps that if the psychiatric domain would cease spying her on deceitfully while baiting her on a regular bases, perhaps that she would live in an improved well-being finally. They said that a paranoiac psychopath, that is to say attained most often by a frenzy of persecution which becomes identified by intuition or interpretation from wrong premises. However, I was witness with her sister Mary of a true premise on Friday, May 5th, 1995 during the evening when we were all three in the bar Meadow's of Sherbrooke when a man contacted a woman by saying:

«We go back to the CHUS (Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke).»

This man with a strange behaviour spied on me personally from 22:30 to 24:00 this evening there. At that evening, precisely, Claire could say to her sister Mary in front of me: «You Are going to believe me from now When I shall say to you that I was followed in such place, in such the hour and in such circumstance. It is 19 years since it continues in my life.»

Let us come back, in Tuesday, April 11th at 14:00 now, I go alone on «Place La Cité» to meet my friend Jean Pierre Champagne there. At 15:00, alone I go back to the Coffee A.L. Van Houtte to find my friends there: Carmel Halle, France Comtois and Brigitte Nemirovsky to share this win. At 16:30, alone I go to the office of my lawyer Mister Gaetan Grenier, I discuss then with his secretary because he is away. From 17:00 to 20:00, I go alone at the restaurant La Falaise St-Michel to work voluntarily for service returned and meet my friends Patrick and Joel Lagniel as well as Emmanuel and Christian. At 20:30, I go to the Coffee Bla Bla with Christian and at 22:15 my friend Eric Nutbrown arrives to bring me at his place.

On April 12th, 1995, at 07:45, I go to the restaurant «Chez Charlie», that located on the street Camirand because I am invited by Eric to have a lunch. I meet madam Caroline Rouleau and her friend Simon. At 08:50, I am back at the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) by the snack bar at 09:05. At 09:11 I have my friend Eric Nutbrown to sign my report of activity on the guard's post counter of the 4B. At 09:30, I am reading my report of activity to madam Pauline Bergeron while transcribing it on another sheet because originally he is written in the back of a place mat. I give my report to the new psychiatrist treating my file, in front of the internal psychiatrist and of psychiatrist in future. I say to them: «I shall need no more your services, because at no time, during this period of 24 hours, I did not have paranoid episodes. For this reason, I refuse to be seen in external hospital because I am in health, as I was at my comming in the emergency of the hospital. I also refuse any treatment.»

At 10:30 in this date of April 12th, 1995,
I thank my internal psychiatrist for having written for my new psychiatrist.
This last having decided to liberate me, seeing no
dangerosity in me.
This psychiatrist accepted my version of facts because he took time to listen to me.
It had my file in hand since Monday, April 11th, 1995 only.
While psychiatrist been made to go on holiday,
this last had worn herself out trying to persuade me that I was attained of one
manic-depressive bipolar illness as well as of a paranoid psychosis.

Weighing up of this medicine:


- no urine and no faeces during 7 days


- loss of a certain percentage of my vision drawing away a vision cheats and flusters from February 12th till March 27th, 1995


- ache owed to this fevered state from February 12th till April 9th, 1995


- convulsion and inflexibility from February 12th till March 20th, 1995


- make tired shakings, muscular weakness, lack of coordination, drowsiness from February 28th, 1995 till March 20th, 1995


- confusion, bewilderment, muscular spasms, hyper reflexibility from March 11th till 16th March 1995


- weaning of 13 days from March 14th till 27th March 1995


- sleep lost from February 14th till April 11th, 1995, in 57 days only 140 hours


- physical and mental torture from February 11th till April 11th, 1995


- loss of my sexual functions from February 12th till April 9th, 1995


- loss of a certain pleasure of life from February 11th till April 11th, 1995


- potential of dangerosity of death from February 11th till April 12th, 1995


- loss of academicals concentration from February 11th till April 27th, 1995

Now, I have intention not at all to maintain you on the contents of my diary of April 12th in today because what I have just written asked from me a lot of energy. Furthermore I cannot really write two works all at once. Though it is there, I must really reveal you certain problems since my release of the hold of these mystical and Machiavellian swindlers for the ease of all humanity. First of all, on Saturday, April 15th, 1995, at 13:30, I arrive to my parents in the presence of my friend Carmel Halle, to pick some clothes there. My father reproaches me for several things on the choices which I had to make throughout my life, as: «I had told it you not to leave your job at Hydro-Quebec. I had said it to you to not marry Joanne Vincent. etc, etc»

On Wednesday, April 19th, 1995, between 19:00 and 22:30, I go to the hotel Delta with my friends: Claire and Mary Boulanger, Genevieve Lamoureux, Carmel Halle and Eric Nutbrown. I meet the Doctor Guylaine Lanctot for the first time of my life.

I had predicted, on April 7th, 1995 when they brought to my attention the information of the keeping of this evening of information, that I would have gone out of this closed cure to be present at this evening.

The Saturday and Sunday, 22 and 23, April 1995, all day long I participate in a workshop prepared by the Doctor Guylaine Lanctot. I deliver my evidence even in front of this hangman reporter paid bby the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE). I am accompanied with my friends: Francoise Fournier, Claire Boulanger, Carmel Halle and France. I point out even the presence of ancient hardworking madam Monica Auger from Prodef Estrie.

On Thursday, April 27th, 1995 in the morning, I begin to studying with the aim of my exams starting on the May 1st, 1995. I achieved my two theoretical exams in Research technology and drawing away Experimentation one 76% as final outcome. On Thursday, May 4th, 1995, my lesson of Histology is achieved with a 98% result. On Friday, May 5th, 1995, my exam of Secretaryship and Service to the Customers is passed, result for this lesson 72%. After this first week of exams, everything points out that I head for a certain complete success, and after 18 years of schooling, I smell it well.

On Monday, May 8th, 1995, I get ready to start my second week of exam. However my professor Patrick Metcalfe does not come in my exam which himself had positioned in the agenda. I inform the technician mister Gilles Perron and say to him that I go to the library of the College to continue my review. At 11:30, mister Gilles notifies me that inopportunely my professor Patrick Metcalfe absolutely forgot me and that he is outside the city, he must put back my exam of Pathology on Tuesday, May 9th, 1995 at the same hour that is 08:30. All those who read this letter, you are not without knowing that there are regulations of the ministry of education which stipulates that if a student does not come in an exam acquire the zero note for this exam. Though it in itself, the error being human I leave chance to the racer.

On Tuesday, May 9th, 1995, I come with my friend Eric Nutbrown at the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke), noting that at 08:30 my professor Patrick Metcalfe did not arrive. I ask my friend to wait for him with me, during these wait, I introduce my friend to madam Nathalie Provost technician of the department, to my professor Jean-Pierre Roy, as well as to the head of the department Michel Lockquel. It is while mister Michel Lockwell attracted by pure provocation to create a slide to me so that I succeed there in losing the control of my mood, by saying to me: «You your problem, it is because you are unable to accept people who rejects you. We will not make it easy for you, etc, etc...» I greet my ex professor and the one who had to supervise my training period in research Gerard Dehaies, mister did not deign to answer me. My friend Eric even made me following remark: «You feel that this man loves you in no way?»

My professor Patrick Metcalfe arrives finally at 10:00, I say to him: «I was ready for this exam of Pathology at 08:30, supporting it is already 90 minutes since I wait. I must go to the library to refocus on this material. «From 13:30 to 14:30, my exam of pathology was answered in the office of my ex professor and responsible for my clinical training period Yvan Denis. I see very well the letter this last of which had thrown me out of a gesture of provocation on April 19th, 1995, When I had gone to the College in the presence of my friend Brigitte Nemirovsky. This letter had been specifically sent in this veterinary surgeon madam Siobhan P . Ellison who was the one appointed for my trainee in Florida.

This letter was written on February 15th, 1995 by mister Yvan Denis. It is write: «Dr Ellison, It is with some consternation that I learned this morning that my student Mr. Serge Lacombe has been Hospitalised for a prolonged period. As of now it looks most probable that he will not be able to finish this semester, including the two 5 weeks internships he was supposed to do this spring in Florida. There is a possibility that we try to repeat the experience next year, it witch case we will contact you. Yet, we want to thank you for you gracious help, and hope that this will not cause any inconvenience to you and your practice. Sincerely.»

Mister Yvan Denis, so why this letter thought it was stapled at the high of your eyes for 83 days? Was it considered to be a hunting trophy of by you? Was this a way to throw at me a poor fate? Did you learn to enjoy to destroy people during your sabbatical trip on a sailing boat? Though it is there, I made my exam in the office where misters Yvan Denis and Gerard Dehaies had heckled me on December 8th, 1995 at 08:30. During this exam, I could not answer a question being worth 3 points, I wrote as answer to this question: «Temporary psychological problem, synonymous slips of memory, May 9th, 1995, 14:30» the hour in which I finished my exam.

However, I fail for this lesson of Pathology because the behaviour attitude of mister Patrick Metcalfe up to date on beginning of this week prevented me from concentrating for the exam oral of Pathology of May 15th, 1995. This oral exam missed drew away mention failure on my last reports of collegiate studies with a 53% result. Besides on May 9th, 1995, 10:23, I asked my professor Martine Nadeau of putting back for my exam Care to the exotic animals from Wednesday morning to afternoon and and from Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon. All that caused by events of the beginning of this week as well as this poor behaviour attitude coming from certain professors.

On Wednesday, May 10th, 1995, I ask my father to come to Sherbrooke because I need a witness to be accompanied in an ultimate step. I say to him: «I am on the way to success all my final exam, however because certain professors still give me some trouble, I must inform the Director of the College Mister Jocelyn Vallee of it.» From 10:10 to 10:34, we wait at the College in front of his office. From 10:34 to 10:41, I address my complaints to mister Jocelyn Vallee who asserts me not having been filled in about my story of Mark Lepine II. However, he confirms me in front of my father that he will make essentials so that they provide me a good supervision for the success of my final exams by calling the highly responsible persons for this College. He congratulates me even for my self-control and peace which I have and he is really persuaded by the gesture which I have just put down that there was an error on the person.

I lead my father at my friend Eric Nutbrown, this last is very filled with enthusiasm by the gesture which my father have just put down. And to thank him, I invite him to have dinner at the Restaurant La Falaise Saint-Michel, during this dinner we are served by the maitre d'hôtel mister Michel Igual. My friend waiter Emmanuel who come to say to me that a man know me in this dining room. Surprised! Five men are sitting down at the same table for a business dinner, they all work in the automobile field. Furthermore these men all know me since 1985 or 1987. Are present at this table: Mister Claude Joannette the one who had been committed to the company Bear Automotive Inc. in 1985 after the walking papers of these three impostors. Misters Jalbert father and son of the Centre of estimate Guy Jalbert of Sherbrooke, these shall always remind of this bridge of lift for car installed by night in their trade, on top of that the son is cured of a carcinogenic illness at the level of the eye. He knows who cured him, he understood. A working associate of mister Joannette working at U.A.P. distributor of car parts as well as a manufacturing representative of cars were also at this table. Our meal is given by my friend this restaurant keeper. Several weeks passed so that finally to hear my father saying that he has never appreciated this day of May 10th, 1995.

On Thursday, May 11th, 1995, at 18:35, I grab a report on CHLT Television which mentions: «17 685 social assisting in the region of Sherbrooke, because of prejudices caused by a campaign of the previous government which spoke of impostor of social assistant what draws away a difficulty in job for all these social assisting.»

On Friday, May 12th, 1995, from 12:15 to 13:10, I answer my exam of Care to the exotic animals in the presence of my friend Genevieve Lamoureux in the working office of the technicians in Animal Health of the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke). Result for this lesson in my newsletter of collegiate studies 66%. From 23:00 to 24:00, I am in the bar Meadow's to celebrate with some champagne this month of freedom with my friends: Eric Nutbrown, Genevieve Lamoureux, Jean-Pierre Champagne and her friend, Claire and Mary Boulanger, Carmel Halle, Michel Picard as well as Lucienne.

All my friends who could come, had a glass of champagne to underline the recognition which I dedicated for them. We raised our glass in favour of all friends who saved me. I wanted to show it publicly, I chose the place and the hour. Today, I want to thank all these people who, nearly or from a distance, allowed me to the point of writing this letter which finishes. Those who read me, you can take into consideration that there is more than a dozen thousand persons who were sensitized in my social injustice, up to now.

On Saturday, May 13th, 1995, from 16:00 to 16:45, I go with my friend Eric Nutbrown to the Carrefour of Estrie. In this shopping center, I cross mister Mario Morency, a man whom I knew in the autumn of 1989 because he studied in medicine during 1989-1992 at the Centre Hospital Universitary of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE). At this time there, I saw him practically for all aims of weeks because I went there to see my friend Johanne. For these weekends, I sometimes made some social activities with Mario, we cycle, go out to dance or go eat in a restaurant. In March 1990, I become owner of a home with my friend Johanne then this man even came to eat or to visit me at home.

Mister Mario Morency is the first internal psychiatrist to have seen me at the Centre Hospital Universitary of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE), I acknowledged him by seeing him and have say to him: «Eh! Mario, how are you, I am happy to see you. He disavowed me. By his mystical and Machiavellian insanity, I was committed for 57 days in the hospital. When, I saw him in the shopping center if I had been normally constituted I would have stifled him in the public. Rather than to make it I give him a handshake which he is not ready to forget because this day there with smile, I makes him to live a paranormal phenomenon. Luckily that, I had a witness of the event, because there were inside this shopping center this day there other psychiatrists pay by the Centre Hospital Universitary of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) in the file CHUS 398 068.

On Sunday, May 14th, 1995, in this Mothers'Day, my friend Eric Nutbrown drives me at my friends Paulines Bergerons. I phone my mother, she is away, I ask then to my father to say to her that I love her and that I will visit her on May 15th, 1995. Madam Pauline Bergeron keeps us to have a dinner. After the dinner, at the request of Pauline I go with her and my friend Eric to the elderly home of Wotton to visit one of her aunts who will die some days afterwards.

On Monday, May 15th, 1995, against my will, I did not attempt to this oral exam of Pathology because of the events for which my professor Patrick Metcalfe is directly victimized my concentration for the rest of my studies. Believe me I really wanted to success in all my final exams, without ever developing an unhealthy mind of revenge as certain person. Exam was envisaged between 14:00 and 14:15 being in Montreal at this instant there, without money I could not inform them of my abscence.

At 17:00, I arrive to my father with a good sincere handshake I am happy to see him. At 17:40, my father Raynald said Renald treats me as an ass-hole and he says to me: «You are going to take your pills, you will not make me ill.» of a very aggressive tone because I was to write a part of my diary of travelling. I leave because he is very unpredictable and attacking knowing me very vulnerable without witness. The patient belonged me and my father knew it. Would he have any time been able to mutilate himself and calling (911) and find guilty his son of this mutilation? Him who February 11th, 1995, declared erroneously to the policeman of Sherbrooke and unknown to me: «Yes! I saw my only son tried to kill this lady in front of me.» I leave on the meeting of my mother, I explain to her that my father has just made me live. She believes in it nothing, and on the street, she is very badly comfortable with me. I tell her not to get worried for me that everything goes well.

On Tuesday, May 16th, 1995, I shall not make my exam of Haematology as well as on Thursday, May 18th, 1995, I shall not make my exam of Nursing and surgical technics what will draw away 44% and 29% as final results reciprocally on my official report of my collegiate studies. This day there, from 16:50 to 17:25, I walked alone in the wood, I want to defecate, I lean on a rock to relieve, a plot of this rock fell, I shall remember of this bark of birch for a long time, strip the bark that I found in wood. I crack this wood to be cut with a fastness which is unknown to me. I was never also angered of my life. I serve me of this anger to slog away some wood. I increased mind more, to become even wiser. I am able of much more than this me because I think of you and you and still you and I do not forget the one who created me. I am his attendant, one of the attendants of Jesus Christ. This text was composed by me on May 19th, 1995, at 07:31 and is the perfect image of my state of soul of instant in the survey of day and a certified copy of my activity of the day before.

On Wednesday, May 24th, 1995, 10:00, I am in The State control of the Health insurance of Quebec, in 425, rue de Maisonneuve, suite #300. I meet mister Louis Pierre Foisy, having apparently identified me in front of him with proof of identity which he accepted. It refuses to disclose me my address of actual residence, delays to acquire my new card, 45 days. On the contrary at 11:50, I meet mister Marcel Marcotte of The State control of the Car insurance of Quebec, subsidiary of the Covered market of Anjou for the renewal of my driver's licence. One of my friends mister Francois Brunet lent me $90 so that I can acquire it this same day.

We are in 4 and a half years of year 2000 why this difference of delays?

On Thursday, May 25th, 1995, at 19:00, I accepted from misters Michel Igual and Patrick Lagniel a ballpoint pen with their name written over. It is written: «La Falaise Saint-Michel, Sherbrooke, QC, J1H 5N3.» This fountain pen had be given to me during a supper with all personnel in place. Because a friend of me informed me that they got ready for a mystical and Machiavellian medical swindle against me, blow had to be made in the bar Meadow' s ordered by the medical team which is afraid of the truth which I transport from mouth to ear. These people there, had prepared their blow for a long time beforehand because all unknown or known patients of the 4B had a wrong picture of me. It was about a swindle lethal there, because I knew about it too much. Besides in front of danger, I must have cancelled my voluntary action towards La Grande Randonnée Cycliste de l'Estrie and its president Laurent Peloquin.

On Friday, May 26th, 1995, during the day, I prepare my reports of incomes tax myself as I make it since 1975, it is the first year which I produce it late. It is written: «Excuse me for the delay, I was hospitalized at the Centre Hospital Universitary of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) in psychiatry from February 11th till April 11th, 1995. I hope that you shall see no offence there. I excused all these psychiatrists for their medical errors in my file.» At 23:15, with the help of my cousin Danis Bourassa and his wife Nicole, I could loaded with the conveyor of passenger Greyhound destination Ocala, Florida, expense of the ticket 173 $ + 40  $ US. I must off-load at the American customhouse at 00:15, because I do not have a job at present in Canada, I do not have sufficient proof of residence. Besides, I am told that it would take me 100 $ U.S. a day so that they can let me through. At 01:15, they transfer me at the Canadian customhouse, I ask then for an explanation because I do not like to waste my time nor to make waste time to others like that. Me who has precisely taken time to pass to the Embassy of the United States to Montreal not to waste time. The officer says to me then: «Even if you acquire a visa from the embassy, the officer at  the customhouse can refuse your passage.» At 01:40, I leave the Canadian customhouses towards Montreal to arrive at 02:28 overall 05 hours and 30 minutes it is a loss of time.

On Saturday, May 27th, 1995, 04:00, I arrive to my father with my cousin Danis and his wife, my mother is present with my sister we are therefore six persons. My father do not understand why I try to move away from him while me I do not understand why on Monday, May 15th, 1995, at 17:40, my father treated me as an ass-hole. He says to everybody at this instant that it is not true therefore that I became untruthful, at the end of this dialogue. At 08:20, I converse with my mother it is very nice for me. I like her very much but I shall never have sound support because she is afraid of my father and this medicine. At 11:30, I go to see mister Nguyen Mgoque, Doctor of Medicine of general practice, 3987, rue Wellington, Verdun, tel: (514) 767-4313. This doctor do not want to call for my medical records.

On Sunday, May 28th, 1995, at 11:00, I meet my first cousin on the Wellington street in Verdun, it is ten years since the family hides him from me. I said to him then, that he must go to buy his Lithium, I ask him if he knew that I had gone to be torture in a psychiatric wing of Sherbrooke during 57 days this winter? It answer me negatively by saying to me that he knew that I had gone back in study without more. he entrusted me that he is not sick of the whole, but that he being the most pious of his family, he resigned himself to accepted manic-depressive illness to save his family especially since he lost 1 and a half year of his life in the hospital, that he had lived in four closed cure from 1985 till 1995 because of his family. They even managed him electric shocks in the Douglas Hospital Academic Psychiatric of Verdun. I said to him that me I shall not accept an illness which I do not have to save my family because I also am the most pious of this family.

On Sunday, May 28th, 1995, at 13:30, I visit the Museum of Archaeology and history Pointe La Caliere of 350, place Royal, Montreal, H2Y 3Y5 as part of this day hits opened to the museums of Montreal. I ask to see the Drector madam Francine Lelievre (514) 872-9150, for first of all the congratulating for this exhibition which really puts grandiloquence on the job of all our French Canadian forefathers and I use opportunity to introduce him my friend Show Zhao as well as his son 5 years old Jason. I say to madam Lelievre that my friend is of origin quibble and live in our country since 1989. I am sure that madam Lelievre still remembers this meeting because I me differentiated by the others all over this exuberant joviality which lives in me since my childhood, I am really marginal, there are not errors at this level there. However, it is necessary to understand that this divine energy is provided to me by God, Jesus Christ our Savior because I am immensely obliging for him. And no human being can destroy this divine link between him and me because he endowed me December 25th, 1994 of a perceptive lucidity.

This archaeological site is linked up with the first customhouse of Montreal, in this day carries the Director Francine Lelievre opened had taken the initiative in inviting the visitors to deposit menus very personal objects for people of future. I give evidence then, in one my eccentric gesture always perfect limps made by wood and by glass, in front of several witness of the stage of part. I gives evidence there therefore: a business card imagined by me and conceived by mister Claude Pepin (819) 566-1531 of graphic Comprehension CP, of 880, rue Jogues, #301, Sherbrooke, J1H 2X9, with a magnetic access card of the network of photocopier of the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke) as well as an explicative note of my move performed on March 11th, 1995.

This store, will pass to history God willing. Later we go to the Musée des Beaux arts to see exhibition on Mobile Beauty. You know this exhibition about the car been very interesting for me which had been by deterrent nature in the service of all these people during 15 years of my life. And to underline this nice present, I helped this young couple whose car had broken down of puncture very close to this museum of the Sherbrooke street. They fast realized with that brilliance of experience, I saved them the expense and the wait of a towing by this nice Sunday afternoon. This couple was accompanied with another couple, think in you that they would be unable all at once all to come to testify for me, if one day the society forced me to make it. Witnesses of type, I seeded with it throughout my life.

On Tuesday, May 30th, 1995, between 09:00 and 12:15, I go in the Montreal downtown to buy a part of shower Water Pick. On my way back, I meet in the subway of Montreal, madam Sandra Ledoux ex student of the group #1307 in 1995 at the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke). Of the station Alexi-Nihon up to the station Church, we live this encounter very agreeably communicator. She announces to me that she begins working in a veterinary clinic at Lasalle city this same day. I say to her that I life still this social injustice, I became travelling for the good of all and not to make it for me abundantly. Arrived at my father, I must have left in a great hurry and without having dinner, because my father makes me realize all over his behaviour of discontent in front of the purchase that I performed to be a help to him. I am very vulnerable when I am with him without witness of the stage. My life is every time in danger because my father is a big sick man that the society is stubborn in not wanting to acknowledge it. Because the one who upsets the society, it is me, my father having become cushy one servile faced with the actual society of Quebec.

On Thursday, June 1st, 1995, my friend Eric Nutbrown lends me 200 $ so that I can perform a return in the automotive business. At 12:00, Eric came to drive me to Granby, where from I buy a bus ticket for Montreal. I want to thank him publicly because without this $200 loan, and without the divine goodness of madam Micheline Gauthier of Second-hand clothes shop Mex Enr, of 70, south rue Saint-Antoine, Granby, J2G 6W5 I would not have been able to become this luxury beggar, thanks to this three-piece suit handmade whom madam Gauthier gave me for 58 $ including a shirt. At 17:00, I am at the Place Versailles to recover my presidential shoes at my friend Raymond shoemaker of this centre of purchases which know me since 1984. Furthermore I use the cleaner of the place to make shorter my two trousers of clothes. I am therefore ready to confront the market of use it.

On Friday, June 2nd, 1995, at 09:15, I go to the cars parts Distributor UAP/NAPA at 2095, avenue Haig, Montreal, H1N 3E2 to meet mister Rene Primeau Sales Manager out there. Because with the notability that I have in the field, already misters Jean Thurso and Claude Joannette both Representatives for this employer consulted me, knowing that they had just made a reorganization of the personnel of division equipment. The receptionist points out to me while mister Primeau is at the Manor Richelieu of Pointe-au-Pic with representatives manufacturers since yesterday. Given that I take part by the hyperactive way to try to find a job since May 12th, 1995, I decide to go there by hitch-hike. I want to thank publicly mister Rene Rheault of the Centre Shell Lanneville Enr located on the street Hochelaga in Montreal, to have provided to me some plasters and one of his customers first named Michel which drives me on the other side of the Hyppolite-Lafontaine tunnel.

At 13:25, I must pay for the passage of the bus of CTCUQ to go to Beauport. At 14:10, I decide to take the taxi because the circuit of bus to have access to Mont-Morency falls is in 2 hours, expense 13 $. At 15:00, I hitch-hike again from the Falls to reach the Manor Richelieu. At 17:00, I meet an ancient customers and friends, mister Robert Rousseau of Industries Kleen Flo Tumbler Ltee, who said to me that there is no manufacturing representative there for now, while mister Claude Villemure, said to me that he works at the UAP/NAPA store of the boulevard of Seminary at St-Jean on Richelieu now. I really see one of the masters of writings of this congress mister Rene Primeau, this man acknowledges me, this man did not see me for 5 years. I am happy to see him again, how is it that this man points off the finger on my jacket by asking me of a babyish and scoffing tone: «What this is?!...» In front of the undesirable reception of this man, I answer him: «This, it is only the promotional pin of the business of one of my friends from Sherbrooke without more».

I want to thank mister Robert Rousseau and his wife for having brought me back up to the Mount Saint-Ann the same evening. At 20:30, I arrive at the Beauport Shopping Center finally. I also thank madam Nancy Nolan to come to pick me up after her job and to have accommodated me at her home for the night. This even allowed me to make acquaintance with her brother and his girl friend. Besides sensibiliser these people in my reason.

On Saturday, June 3rd, 1995, at 14:00, madam Nolan with her divine goodness even deposited me with her car at the Cartier Saint-Sacrament of Quebec. At 16:30, my friend Abdou Amidou receives me at his place in the High-City of Quebec. I am only lodged in it, because I am with three Africans who live on social security benefits, therefore below the poverty line.

On Sunday, June 4th, 1995, from 06:30 to 11:00, mister Maurice Grenon of Chicoutimi take me on board in hiss van (so called a pick-up truck). I want to thank publicly this old man for having supported me to have a lunch at L'Étape. He deposits me on the boulevard of the Kingdom and I did walked during two hours to reach the Arvida Shopping Center. From 13:30 to 14:10, I have a rest in this place, I drink a juice of mango and eat three grapefruit besides accepting a good piece of birthday cake from the IGA Grocery Store, then I walk up to the exit of Arvida. From 15:00 to 16:30, I went to Hermitage Saint-Antoine of Padoue, located in 250, s
route de l'Ermitage, Lac Bouchette, G0W 1V0, in four steps. I met Marcel Provost Father Superior Capuchin a friar (418) 348-6344, Fax.: (418) 348-9463. I want to thank him publicly for all the work that this man accomplished blissfully and to have lodged and nourished me from Sunday at the supper charitably until Friday midday. Because he acquiesced to my request, I shall succeed in changing the world all over this retreat place in this 800th birthday of this Saint.

On Monday, June 5th, 1995, from 00:00 to 02:30, I accompany the security guard in his round of surveillance. I came here to save my family without caring me of my food and my shelter. I worked during 60 hours to transcribe all contents of my electronic agenda on some paper. I phoned my ex employer Moog Canada Ltd to notify Mike Holland Vice-President in sales of my interest to serve the company again as I make it before. I did phone others employers who having a 800 hot line. I met the manager Denis Le Bel of the Hermitage and sensitize him in my story. On Friday, June 9th, 1995, at 07:00, I call my parents to wish them a good wedding anniversary. In this day I took no chance, I sensitized Marcel Provost Father Superior Capuchin by asking him: «You know what you and I are writers then I would like to give you a photocopy of my writings so that it
be protected by Saint-Antoine, in case I would lose the original or whom one would attack me to take it away from me ."

On Monday, June 12th, 1995, 09:00, I am at 205, rue Montmagny, Quebec (Quebec), G1N 4T2 in the office of the Direction of registry to pick a form of change name there. Later, I go in the Mauritian region because several members of my family live there. I must establish out of any doubt that I am not the one that some people would like that I be and must understand so that the reason my father spread falseness on my subject since 1980. On Wednesday, June 14th, 1995, I write an explicative letter of our family situation to my aunt Jeanne Bourassa that I send «C.C». to nine members of my family chosen rationally by me, with on top of that in annex a copy of the card which I have forward by post recommend to my father a card underlining the holiday of the fathers. On Thursday, June 15th, 1995, I am in The knitted cap to meet the first cousin of my father, the abbot Claude Lacombe Catholic priest there. I share to him my writings of yesterday because I want to pierce the mystery.

The abbot Claude Lacombe remembered, he who is much younger than my father, to have seen in tears, the mother of my father. My grandmother Lacombe was at this time in a deep depression there because she had entrusted to the mother of Claude: «It is not odd, everybody in the city call us the madman's Lacombe Family.» Really that it does not have to be odd to make consider to be as such, because they brought into the world a family of 4 guys and 4 girls among whom the two of them are seen by psychiatric medicine from their youths. My father in all that, was surely the most gifted in his family, then his mother shut indeed most often on my father more often than in his turn. Where from the projection of the father towards his son.

This evening there, the abbot Lacombe offers me to order all that I wanted as food. Later, I fixed several workers of the company IBM, who came from the state of New York in their finding a shelter for the night by acting as interpreter in this engineer gas bar. Me whom was there to ask for a piece of cardboard to be able to go back on the road. At general surprise, I must gracefully have slept on this folding bed in this room of conference graciousness of the Motel Le Gîte. The following day, I am the ambassador of my province and my country because I have lunch with these Americans that I entertain and sensitize in my cause. This rest allowed me to meet a member of the personnel who inopportunely lost a member of her family by suicide because of the same pressures as me but too strong for him.

On Friday, June 16th, 1995, in this itinerancy hobo life I make a U-turn my look being attracted by a red point of the fatness of a ten cents. I am sure that one of these miniature cars, this one belongs am buried under this gravel. I belong to Saint-George de Champlain in 2km from the residence of my uncle Gilles Bourassa he is the first to see this red small Porsche. My uncle Gilles spontaneously wants to have me visit her maple plantation this afternoon there. In north of Saint-Boniface, he accomplishes my dream of April 17th, 1995 in accordance with what I lived. It is while I have say: «Uncle Gilles in two years my foundation will buy your maple plantation.»

On Tuesday, June 20th, 1995, I life my birthday alone in the city of Montreal. I go to the CUM Police Service, 750, rue Bonsecours, Montreal, H2Y 3C7 to acquire a police certificate signed by the agent #905 Edmond Babin. Later it will be in the Section of operational Transmission of GRC/RCMP, 4225, rue Dorchester, Westmount, H3Z 1V5, by the agent Martin Russet CVO862. Then, I sent a fax to the Vice-president of sales Mike Holland of Moog Canada Ltd as well as to my friends of the Restaurant La Falaise Saint-Michel. At about 17:30, having met my mother the day before, who had then said to me: «Your father forgives you for the card of the fathers holiday that you send to him.» I went to my parents house for the supper. I am proud to show to those who I like, my birthday present which shows that during my adulthood I never had been criminal in my country.

Devastates! My father loses the control of his mood and in front of me put down a gesture of ungratefulness aggressively towards my mother, in the back of his wife. I am leaving this home, because I am afraid of the violence of my father, then from the repeated request of my poor mother I come back in the home to eat this common holiday cake. My mother this evening there, washed for me all my clothes and I left sleep elsewhere.

On June 22nd, 1995, I post a letter to my uncle Gilles Bourassa to confirm him the interest of my foundation to keep his family maple plantation as heritage.

June 24th, 1995, in this night of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, I try to sleep in a park besides the Richelieu river at Saint-Jean. Do you have already tried to sleep with these mosquitoes? Conclusion, I did not close my eyes during the night as during my hospitalization at the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE).

From June 25th till July 9th, 1995, I lived on board of a boat own by my friend Gordon Bruce, this dry dock boat for renovation at Saint-Paul-de-l'Ile-Aux-Noix. On June 26th, 1995, I send a curriculum vitae to madam Sally Flood of Moog Automotive Ltd.

On July 17th, 1995, from 06:30 to 08:30, I am in Dunkin Donuts of 5900, street Sherbrooke East, at Montreal. I delay my last 5 $ at 07:57, to the waitress Nathalie for the very good service and persuaded when I shall soon be hired at UAP/NAPA as Representative or Manager. Then, I walk on the Sherbrooke street towards the Dickson street, by intuition I change direction absolutely because the exit of these 4 cheerful women intrigues me. I realize that they were really sat down at the table in this Donuts place to spy on me because at 08:10, I saw them entered 5810, street Sherbrooke East, Montreal in the Office of the commissioner general of work in Medical Health for their work.

I go back therefore to the Dunkin Donuts to share my discovery between friends. I went then personally towards mister Rene Primeau to prove if he can become hurdy-gurdy connects up for me. At his big surprise, he gives me some candys as well as a false telephone number accompanied with a 25 cents to get rid of me by inviting me to go to phone publicly one of his working associate. I decide to cross in the mailroom, to phone without any cost, why did they sent the police there to take me out of this building belonging to UAP/NAPA. By the behaviour of mister Rene Primeau, I am now persuaded that when he was sales manager for Valvoline oil products in 1989-90, he took part by the active way in this conspiracy of which mister Myer Bloom was at the head to destroy me.

On July 18th, 1995, I am guided by the system to go in the hospital of my choice to have treat my feet of beggar. I chosen to go to the hospital where I was born at the Complex Hospital of Verdun. Because the doctor on duty refused to treat me, me who had 8 plasters by foot caused by blister on blister on blister + fungous disease (mushroom) + even athletic foot. Me who does not have eat for a day, it was 22:30, he refused even to nourish me. To my request the CUM police comes, I believed to force this doctor on duty to cured me. I quickly realizes that it was rather to force me to lay on a bed and to be tie up ankles and wrists during 8 hours without drinking or eating. On top of that, they injected me a unknown substance into my thighs by laughing, and invoking God to come to save his son.

July 19th, 1995, from 07:00 to 07:30, 2 ambulance mans drive me in the Ste-Mary's Hospital on the Lacombe street at the Mount-Royal City. I was in this last during 08:00 and they served me a meal there at 13:30. In the fact, of modern medicine, I have been therefore 24 hours without eating. Do they expect that I become attained with hypoglycaemia to favour my transfer in this called Douglas Hospital Academic of Verdun . Though it is there, I know from a well-informed source that a historical file concerning me would already be in file in this place to clean as all others. From July 19th and until August 25th, 1995 at the risk of my life I shall live at my parent's, for restricted risks I barricade myself indoors, that dissatisfies my father and his psychiatrists friends there. On July 22nd, 1995, I go to L/S A. Desautels Enr, 4141, boul. Lasalle, Verdun at 03:46 and 05:02, to buy from there some cube ice to allow me to pass from a hyper thermal state (min. 39 degree Celsius) to a state of hypothermia.

I finally slept from 05:30 to 10:30, my waking was violent because the virus which they had injected in me by laughing in the hospital of Verdun was very virulent attacking precisely to sicken all my digestive, rousing tract one very serious internal haemorrhage, my faeces were of a dark blue for the first time of my life. Having phoned the poisons unit which could make nothing for me, I entrusted my stunning history to this advisor formed by mister Jean Mark Brunet of products Le Naturiste JMB who recommended me in front of my state a bottle of Aloe in gel, some cabbages extract into phial and some chlorophyll. Expense 35 $, with 5 days of prayers invoked by me, God finally saved me from these monsters of medicine.


- July 23rd, 1995 Discovered a job in Mont-Orford


- July 24th, 1995 Loss of my job by Daniel Lupien


- July 30th, 1995 CUM police posts 22 at my father cause untruthful receptionist CKVL liar (CRTC is worth for him threaten of death)


- July 30th, 1995, 14:45 Pilgrimage Polytechnic of the University of Montréal - entreaty of these Ladies to protect me


- July 31st, 1995 at the beginning of solicitation to accumulate funds for my Foundation by beginning with Sun Youth


- August 8th, 1995 I discover how the Postman of Canada treats the mail of a beggar.


- August 12th, 1995 Recovery of my writings in the Lake Bouchette


- August 16th, 1995 Arrest by security Garda of UQAM handcuffed for 45 minutes - CUM police causes liar of death threat


- August 25th, 1995, 01:00 Departure from Verdun by bicycle for 4444km towards Florida


- September 7th, 1995 1 000km between 2 historical places separated by 2km at Saint-Germain of Kamouraska

On Sunday, September 10th, 1995, at 19:00, I arrive at the airport of Natasquan, then I am received by my friend Sylvain Deraps. At 20:00, I am in the bar L'Horizon of Aguanish belonging to my friend Pauline Deraps. Already at 22:30, the Montagnais of the Pointe-Parent Reserve, mister David Ishpatao in front of mister Pascal Mestokosho and two Montagnais of the Reserve La Romaine as well as all my friends presents there give to me a bracelet of friendship. In front of this David's unforeseen and unprompted gesture, I must have gone of my smartness there, I took 6 wooden sticks then that they use to toss coffee, to support the ice, or else to create of our inspiration. It is now written on each: «L'HORIZON D'AGUANISH LE 10 SEPTEMBRE 1995 22:30» and «MERCI BRACELET D'AMITIÉ en plus de ma signature». I give 4 to the Montagnais and glue together the 2 others on the wall near the cash. Paul Lalo, Montagnais of La Romaine, asks me to glue his underneath mine what forms a triangle to represent a tent. Here is with which fastness I make friends because I want to be very sincere.

I am one of the servants of Jesus Christ our Saviour which returns it to me very well. 

On September 11th, 1995, at 15:10, I meet the elder of the village of Aguanish Honorable Edmund Deraps who announces me whom he will celebrate theseis 96 years on Monday September 18th. After that I sensitize him in my cause, I kindly ask him to bring me some paper to be written. I agreeably surprised barrel to see him arriving with a letter which asks «I support the special action of International Amnesty so that the usage of torture in Turkey ceases». In the endorsement of this letter, I write then and from middle the same thing at the top: «Aguanish September 11th, 1995, 15:10, To Mr Edmund Deraps for these 96 years of September 18th, 1995. Long life in this region of natural resources, to this man who will be a hundred-year-old one day. Signature of the president founder and Controller of Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation.»

September 12th, 1995, at 11:35, I gives to my friend Pauline Deraps a laser reproduction of my fetish necklace which I even bought in Florida at the beginning of December, 1991 and which I carry since this time. I promised to my friend that I shall give her this one having taken back up to the artisan Seminole who will make me then an other one. Madam Pauline Deraps as some of my friends knows that: «It is in the fruit that we know the tree.» and realize now that I am near a divine crop, thing deserved well considering this laboured work. At about 14:00, I went with my friend Sylvain Deraps to Montagnais Reserve of Pointe-Parent (Natasquan) to meet David Ishpatao there, to ask him to necessary help me to see my sweater representing the ideology of my foundation embroidered by the hands of a Montagnais. And, I learn that his mother madam Mariana Gregory is embroiderer.

I shall leave this splendid region therefore with a curly hair, the only artifice in me, I want to thank madam Michele Deraps for this humanitarian gesture. I see as days cross that with the Force of courage which lives in me that my foundation will take a lot of importance even if his President-founder and controller live like a hobo manner for 142 days. People of Aguanish will have allowed me to compose this letter in a haven of charming peace, far from everything: ass-hole, lout, boor, pignouf which would have prevented me from working this letter of 100 hours in composition only.

I want to thank very much the people of; Aguanish, Baie-Johan-Beetz,Havre Saint-Pierre, Natashquan and Montagnais Reserve of Pointe-Parent. I also greet people of; Aylmer Sound, Blanc-Sablon, Brador, Chevery, Forteau, Harington Harbour, Kegaska, La Romaine, Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, Middle Bay, Mutton Bay, River Saint-Paul,
La Tabatière, Tête-a-la-Baleine, Le Vieux-Fort and I urge our political decision-makers not only to link up Havre-Saint-Pierre with Pointe-Parent but to link up also Pointe-Parent with Middle Bay, to favour this County of Duplessis too much for a long time denigrated by these forefathers decision-makers. Furthermore I dare to hope that continuity of 138 considered by the Ministry of Transport as being one of our main roads, will be extremely asphalted for the good of all.


To see the page title of this appendix, please, be urgent here!

I left the city of Rivière-du-Loup on October 12th, 1995, even before being evicted from this city, the High Direction at the College of Rivière-du-Loup having lodged an official complaint against my Foundation to protect the High Direction of the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke). This official complaint was lodged to the Director of the Rivière-du-Loup police. It is for this reason that I could not write this annex in Quebec, in spite of the technical support of my friends Peter Ritchie and Emmanuel Dube, both students at the College of Rivière-du-Loup furthermore a business owner was even disposed to provide me with the paper and the necessary logistics so that my letter be produce in 57 copies!

I left my province on Friday the 13, at 23:59 I crossed the border of Nouveau-Brunswick. As President-founder and controller of Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation it is in Sussex, Nouveau-Brunswick that my letter will end and furthermore that this one will be mail registrated. Excuse me for the English keyboard and let me say to you that my pilgrimage in Hermitage Saint-Antoine of Padoue will be very advantageous for the humanity because the divine inspiration of Saint-Antoine will have allowed me to become Victor DeLamarre II. Several shall remind of this man from the Saint-Jean Lake gifted with a supernatural force which in 1916, by dint of arm and thumb by thumb, succeeds in moving enough this granite block of at least 9 091kg (20 000 pounds) or else as when it becomes firmer foot as best as he can on a ledge of the rock, took in the arms the statue of Saint-Michel Archangel weighing at least 591kg (1300 pounds) and nimbly put it on its pedestal very close to the cave Notre-Dame-De-Lourdes of this Hermitage of the Bouchette Lake.

I pretentiously do not want to tell that I will become strong as this man on the occasion of the 800th birthday of Saint-Antoine. However if I continue being treated as such, I shall be able to hide it any more from nobody. Because I am telling you on February 13th of this year without being aggressive, towards whoever it is, they upset 2 policemen armed to come to strap me in a bed of hospital while July 18th, 1995 because a doctor did not want to cure me, nor to nourish me, they call more than 10 armed policemen to come to strap me in an other bed of hospital. And allow me to say to you that several people were adherents of Satan because several people said: «God comes saved your son!» Then a policeman came near me to say to me: «Ask him therefore to come to save you now!» What drew away a made general laugh. I cannot say to you who spoke, nor who has laugh because I was in an adjacent room. However a medical team as well as a police team of CUM were present at this celebration.

If I can write to you, it goes without saying that I acted as a Good Prince without resisting, in another way they would surely have made from me a vegetable neurovegetative as this taxi driver the Honourable Richard Barnabe the one that several people have already forgotten. So if one day, they come there to make a vegetable with me, I hope that you will castigate all responsible diabolic monsters.

Now, I contact all those who will have accepted a copy of this letter by direct or indirect way, I ask you to make alliance so that things change. I am sick to hear the world saying: «The good always pays for the bad.» «More their is changes more it is similar!» «It is utopian to hope for a worldwide peace.» In all this disillusions people which will search by all means to counter this plan, I ask you to reread me more than once because in the Holy Writings they speak about Paradise of the Earth. Furthermore every person who will dare to be mischievously taken in my writings by daring to pretend that it is not the image of my reality of life, please consider this person as criminal.

Mister Jean Garon Minister of education, I ask you to discharge at the same time the Director of the College of Rivière-du-Loup and the Director Jocelyn Vallee of the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke) further to the maintenance which I had with him, on Wednesday, May 10th, 1995 between 10:10 and 10:34 in front of God and my father. I ask you to make the necessary household to ameliorate distinctly the situation which continues that is to say since the training of the department of Animal Health in your institution for a long time. The Director and me surely do not have the same sources of internal information, especially since he has never declared to have been filled in about the events himself encircling the creation of this Mark Lepine II indoors even at your institution.

In front of this insubordination towards yourself and of this conspiracy towards me. First of all, it is true that in an unaccustomed situation they can easily slide into a state of panic. And it can have an undesirable effect of pulling others. All these assistants of support and of teacher think of all these students, all these students as well as being actively in work. I ask you therefore to go about things in the following way, first of all please demand the resignation outright of these conspirators: the Registrar mister Rene Richard, mister Gerard Aufort the Theaching Director, mister Michel Lockwell the Head Chief of the department, the Professors and Supervisors equivocating horribly some of their students, even me who turns out as the righter of wrongs of this to be sweltering story.

As for my professor Patrick Metcalfe as castigation, you shall allocate him compensatory jobs without remuneration by making understand to him that his quality of execution will protect him perhaps from this Sword of Damocles. His jobs will be to rebuild this department of Animal Health at the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke) besides replacing the professors who has resigned to assure the success of all these pupils. To achieve his new mandate, mister Patrick Metcalfe will have to quit his job of veterinary surgeon at the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) and to close his veterinary clinic. At least, until this department will be restructured and inevitably until autumn, 1996.

Do not forget on top of everything, to discharge the psychologist mister Jean Soucy. I shall be sure that he is removed lifelong. Besides, you should discharge this professor who draws away the students in care nurses in the psychiatric wing of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE). They say to me: that he is the Master Chief of the concept 4B belongs! If you are not capable to identifying this man, I shall make it for you. Maybe you think mister Garon that these sanctions are too strict, let me say to you that in the past they hung high and run every torturer. I ask the technician of the Animal Health department  mister Gilles Perron now to look after the seed and in reference to our telephone conversation of July 31st, 1995 at 17:10, I ask you to support the morale of these troops.

To come back to you mister Jean Garon, I am sure that you will erase my debt as studying #7534686, that you will work in alliance with the interventionist people of the field and that you will find means to pick up funds which will be yearly poured into Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation to protect the world of any morbid event.

I ask the Dr Remi Lair, you who are Representative for a team of 7 doctors of the Syndic at the College of the Doctors, at 2170, boul. Rene-Levesque Ouest, Montreal, H3H 2T8 tel: (800) 773-0111, I demand lifelong expulsion of psychiatrist madam Lynn Gaudreault, of the internal psychiatrist mister Mark Lefebvre, the internal psychiatrist Mario Morency as well as several other members whom I shall have possibly to identify unfortunately not having their names. The persons before called are all in job of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE). You will be able to redraw easily the doctor who was on duty in the Hospital Complex of Verdun July 18th, 1995 working from 20:00 to 24:00, you will castigate them similarly to the others.

The doctors who will have to be remove lifelong from the Ste-Mary's Hospital of Montreal, worked on July 19th, 1995 from 8:00 to 15:30. I shall have to identified them later publicly . Of course you will have only to reread and to make reread if necessary the contents of this historical letter more than once.

I demand by the way a compensation for the damage and further interest to this undesirable and intolerable hospitalization, I invite you to see again the weight of this medicine in 13 points of the page 42 of this letter as well as this evening of July 18th and this night of July 19th, 1995 in the Hospital Complex of Verdun, without having forgotten the day of July 19th, 1995 in the Ste-Mary's Hospital. It is necessary to say that there was a theft of an electronic and physical document of my containing diary: last day of hospitalization, my return to the College of May 1995 as well as failure of my final exams because several professors slipped into human stupidity, as well as a party of my life as beggar.

This theft is very serious in itself because the representatives accomplished it
with the intention of protecting themself and destroying my innocence.

As your Syndic needs Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation to look after the seed by protecting the world from those Mephistophelian doctors by beginning with the psychiatric medical field. Happily that the majority of the members of your Corporation work blissfully. For all the reasons invoked in this letter your compensation will be to give to the Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation a very contemporary car a red Porsche 928 GTS with a 5 gears manual transmission with as LOGO this fetish representing the head of a bear paint artistically on each of the doors. A patient being called Carol will be delighted to draw a human being artistically in a three-dimensional manner half-man/half-woman strap in a hospital bed by these famous leather bracelets among which some of your members used to create several of any room medical records of an utopian violence. This work of art will have to be signed by the hand of his artist's name «Snot» reproduced askew and of optimum greatness on the hood of this Porsche.

Given mister Lair that this car of function will become the car of function of the President-founder and controller whose mandate will be to watch the medical field in is whole by beginning with the psychiatric side of this field to check; any abuse of power whatever it is, to prevent the creation of illness in this field, to make on that the patient whoever he is and wherever he is is not ill-treated and even less tortured that it is physically and/or psychologically.

Dr Remi Lair I must say to you that we live the time of cutting the expenses everywhere for the good of all. Our politicians will not cease repeating it, then be going to work you and me in close collaboration and we shall preach by the example. Let us return to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, every human being has the right to recuperate health. I am sure that you and I, we shall be able to guide all intervention people of the field in this new reform of Health.

When the Government is going to cease to washing our brain
with our Sick Insurance?

It would be time to condition our brain of Health Insurance, French-speaking have a big adjustment to be made because we were screw more than once. While the English-speaking as well as people who are bilingual understood: «You can screw me ounce, but not twice.» In this car, you shall install for me in it: a hot line (800) and all the logistics so that I will be permanently linked up with the Police (see Police Pack) as the actual patrols car. To save lives, a computerize connection hook-up with the Internet Networks and national judicial File of Canada will be of necessary. Furthermore by the present I ask with you for the approval of CRTC to be broadcasts mass media directly in with the help of a webcam built in inside my car in order to be always spied on particularly by those people working in the field of mental study because I shall be a Preacher for them as part of my new functions.

It is obvious that it is a very avant-garde concept, concept that must be patented and protect because created in Quebec in Canada. My foundation will go around the world, because the society treated me more harshly than mister Mark Lepine this man who lived contained on himself and who detested the women so as to kill 14 before committing suicide on December 6th, 1989.

In the name of all these women and all these tearful families
which lost a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter as well as one future daughter-in-law. 
In the name of all these men who lost their future wife, and in the name of our society.

When I lived at the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) as Mark Lepine II inside I told to myself that if I succeed in accepting all this torture without losing the control of my mood I shall be able to go around the world from my living being with a Foundation which will carry my name given as Mark Lepine made it belonging commit suicide. At least, the mother of Mark will realize that the death of her son will served the humanity by finally moving positively forward.

Say that
Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation
will protect all humanity of future event as:
Mark Lepine, Valerie L. Fabriquant, corporal Lortie, Richard Barnabe, Raymond Malenfant
Because according to me all these people lived an sociopolitic injustice up to date in their life!

Because a human being who is supervised well will never lose his face like that. It will also protect all these psychopaths with a potential of danger for them or for the society as well as all these futures geniuses which the society considers to be madman all over their marginality not knowing too much what to make with them, the end justifying the means, they make them even more marginal by treating them as being attained by mystical frenzies of all kind. And when these people are too disturbing they treat them as Guru at the head of a new religious sect to get rid of them.

I shall be the ruling head of this FOUNDATION up to my death because I am a incorruptible public peaceful man now. I am persuaded Dr Remi Lair that you will be very much like me, so persuasive in your turn, in order to give away the information to all your members. You will judge all together the inclusive sum which shall put into my FOUNDATION so that it is viable and desirable for the good of all. This sum of money will be publicly revealed by a ceremony in front of God and the human beings. I forgot, in the bottom of the back glass, as well as on the roof as well as on the doors of this Porsche they will have to be able to read the name of my FOUNDATION there.

Please become aware that I shall take no wage as part of my functions. My Foundation will see to nourish me well and definitely to lodge me, I shall live no more this hobo and vagrant life the day which my car will be ready.

Warning mattering for you never ask me at all to suing you to put on wheel this foundation, because this trial will pass to the history, becoming costlier than that of Mister O.J . Simpson in the United States. It means that I would be essentials so that it becomes recorded in the book of Guinness Records. Besides, all humanity would lose in the exchange there, including your Corporation, you would lose there even your face. Do not forget that the time which you will take to answer my request, will be the time for me whom I shall take to roll my bicycle in order to make more people aware still. Extending even my hobo and vagrant life. You therefore have interest in acting fast, this is not at all a threat of death. Because I realized that it is very easy to be taken to a solitary beggar and to accuse himof things which he has never said to get rid of him.

I ask to mister Serge Menard the minister of the Public Security to put under evaluation all the people who will have to leave their work following this historical letter as well as their immediate family. Because any loss of job can draw away a deep slide in a depression especially when that they know that they are accused of abuse of their power by conspiracy. The Public Security will being threatened because there will be a potential of danger there without any doubt for these persons and their immediate environments. These persons will all need to be watched, while others will have to be put in closed cure the time to be sure that any potential of danger for these persons or for others will be dispelled.

As a matter of great urgency, they should put in prison mister Yvan Denis professor at the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke) as well as madam Gaetane Gagne agente of trip for the Va Go agency of Sherbrooke, these two persons are able of Black Magic i.e. able of influencing other persons with hindsight in evil way, in this case belong the most responsible persons, on the contrary they do not excuse others. Furthermore I ask to be sworn in front of God and the human beings, as every public man as part of his new functions.

I am a incorruptible public peaceful man now
and I shall know how to help the humanity to disclose and to check this corruption.

As President-founder and controller of this new Foundation, I shall work to straighten any abusers of power to protect the unjust from the society and the society from the unjust. It is for what Jesus Christ our Saviour asks me to do, as one of his attendants. The justice of the Earth still does not refer to Scriptures, then help me to serve God well our Creator. As you know it yourself several things remain to change for the good of all humanity.

Everything must leave from Quebec, let us work now together
and let us show that this is possible to reinforce this Public Security.

First of all, in 1980 I was merged with another individual, (see p.11). And on February 11th, 1995 in the Police Station of Sherbrooke, I was put under an illegal arrest see p.25 from this letter. Then, it was on February 13th, 1995 in the psychiatric wing 4B of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) when two policemen have use an extreme mental force toward me (see p.30). Then it was, on July 18th, 1995 in the Hospital Complex of Verdun (see p.54). Then on July 30th, 1995, 2 policemen of the CUM come to intimidate me at my father's home (see p.55). And even on August 16th, 1995 in UQAM 2 policemen will liberate me from this arrests without giving me a copy of the report of event (see p.55). To finally be stop by the Safety of Quebec at the Trois-Pistoles Police Station on October 10th, 1995 and to be forced to take away my sweater because of a man having the same first name and the same last name as mine with the same date of birth and the same age as me, the only difference he is tattooed on both arms I am not. He is criminal and I am not.

On October 12th, 1995, I go to the Rivière-du-Loup Police Station to sleep in a cell there having no other place to go. They notify me that I shall be liberated at 07:00 in the morning, I am still there at 7:30 because I am told that the Director wants to speak to me, it is a direct threat and an illegal arrest. Definitely on, I cannot provide to you the name of these members of the Force order in the case of police abuse of power , but at the appropriate time I shall know how to identify them. As you see thing a lot remain to be verify and to change by beginning with my file and ending by that of other people to be sure that the criminal takes the rap instead of the one who is not.

They should also reveal the address of every impostor whoever are, (see p.13 and 14). Finally so that ceases any so mental violence as physical, I shall invite my father myself to set up in a cell as defendant in the prison of Parthenais for 57 days in front of God and the human beings. I contact now the general secretary Jean Paul Sabourin du CRTC, shall have to you work in alliance with the PUBLIC SECURITY minister to release all these human beings of Press, because more than once they accused me erroneously of profanatOr of threat of death because I threatens to lodge a complaint to your organism.

I ask mister Michel Yvon the Syndic representative Director in the order of the Psychologists of Quebec of lifelong removing mister Jean Soucy psychologist the College of Sherbrooke (now called CEGEP of Sherbrooke). I ask to madam Danielle Poulin Representative in the order of the Nurses of Quebec I ask that are discharged some of his members whom I shall have possibly to identify not having their name in memory. It is however sure that mister German Labrie should begin to look for another job because he was it most psychopath at the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE).

In this 50th birthday of the Organization of United Nations, I ask to the Colonel Antoine Fasching first lieutenant to put necessary pressures to her organization so that Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation be acknowledged also all over the world because my ideology is to attain this universal and worldwide peace for the good of the rich man as much as that of the poor man. The time came so that they begin to be sensitive in the share of our natural resources according to Scriptures,the word of God, Jesus Christ our Saviour.

It is true that there is a lot of other Abdulhah Salman to rescue from the torture in Turkey, I ask to madam Sonia Trepanier the Chairwoman of Amnesty International now to put the international pressures so that my foundation be well known all around the world.

To you two, you will succeed surely by working in alliance with mister Daniel Jacoby citizen protector and all the people involve in that field whom are interests to see to reinforce our CHARTERS OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOM OF THE PERSON (see HUMAN RIGHTS). It is necessary to create something to prevent the not respect of this charter because again and again this year, I nearly died by mentioning that this charter was not respected.

You madam Pauline Marois Minister delegated to the administration and to the Public service also in charge of the Administrative Commission of the Regimes of Retirement and Insurance, I ask you to grab all the pensions funds and/or retirement of those abusers of powers which is not entitled to touch because they all heavily failed in task of a highly criminal manner and transfer it into a cartel for Serge Bourassa-Lacombe Foundation . It will be better for them than be in prison. You can always have recourse to the Public Security minister to make an easier task for you. It is useful to say that as President-founder and controller I shall be taken no wage to give the example for those which acquires still two. All the money poured in my foundation will serve for the protection of the humanity only.

I contact the Very Honourable the Excellency Romeo Leblanc our General Governor of Canada, as well as the Honourable Molgat Gildas President of the Senate of Canada as well as the Honourable Canada Herbert Gray our General Solicitor now, given that every First Ministers are still in the spirit to fight either to defend a Yes or a No while several people are famished in our country.

I ask you to see that the job that I ask be done as soon as possible. Besides the Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte represents God in Canada, several people forgot his command. Yes! And this becomes possible and urgent Serge Bourassa Lacombe Foundation.

You Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, at all times, in any place and under any circumstances I shall go to visit you at your request as part of my new functions because I became a incorruptible public peaceful man. Besides no settlements underneath the table for me because only God, the regulator and me would know it. I want that my recognition becomes public in front of God and the human beings. By the way let me say to you that the abbot Hubert de Palma is not a wrong priest, he is as me one of the true attendants of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

In 1963, my grandmother learnt me to be on familiar with it because at this time there they began being on familiar with God.

It is five years already since I contact this Saint-Antoine of Padoue, saint dedicated in objects or lost reasons, because in 1990 I lost the desirable reputation which I had built by dint of Courage and by mouth to ear.

Now I became Victor DELAMARRE
Thanks to 800th birthday of Saint-Antoine of Padoue!
Surprising that it is so there it is not father superior Capuchin friar Marcel Provost!

P.S. Who said that the good will always pay for the bad, me I roll and shall roll my bicycle towards Florida. If they want to see me coming back, they just have to inform me of it by the mass media, my friends of Florida they wait for me.

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Serge Bourassa-Lacombe in Sussex October 27th, 1995
103, rue Oxford Crescent #105
Lennoxville (Quebec)

To see the back page of this autobiography, please, be urgent here!

C.C. Persons having never seen me.

Brouillette Yves, Chairs for the Group of Commerce and Office of Assurance of Canada, Saint-Hyacinthe

Brunet Jean-Marc and Weider Ben, one is a doctor and the other is a real Napoleon, Boucherville and Montreal

Diano Esa, President A.T.S.A.Q., Montreal

Douville Jean, Chairs UAP/NAPA, Montreal

Garon Jean, Minister of the Education of Quebec, Quebec City

Gastonguay Claude, Director of the Service for the Students of Sherbrooke's College

Gildas Molgat, President of the Senate of Canada, Ottawa

Gray Herbert, Honourable, General Solicitor of Canada,  Ottawa

Hivon Michel, Responsible of the order of the Psychologists of Quebec, City of Royal-Mount

Jacoby Daniel, Ombudsman, Sainte-Foy

Lair Rémi, Director Responsible for the Syndic of the College of the Doctors of Quebec, Montreal

Leblanc Roméo, Very Honourable its Excellence Governor General of Canada, , Ottawa

Marleau Diane, Minister of Health of Canada, Ottawa

MAROIS PAULINE, Minister delegated to the administration and to the Public service also in charge of the Administrative Commission of the Regimes of Retirement and Insurance, Quebec City

Ménard Serge, Justice Minister, Quebec City

Mongrain Jean-Luc and his Team, De-plot Journalistic, Montreal

Poulin Danielle, Director Responsible for the Syndic of the order of the Nurses of Quebec, Montreal

Reinhardt Annick, Lawyer for the Commission of Information Access, Montreal

Sabourin Jean-Paul, General Secretary of the CRTC, Quebec

Simoneau Normand, Director of the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE), Sherbrooke

Trépanier Sonia, President of International Amnesty, Montreal

Turcotte Jean-Claude, Cardinal of Canada, Montreal


C.C. Persons having already seen me personally.


Bergeron Jacques, Special Agent for the Service Anti Crime of the Insurers, saint-Hyacinthe

Bergeron Pauline, Ex patient at the Centre Hospital University of Sherbrooke (CHUS/CUSE) from whom I saved the life in this Hell, Wotton

Bouchard Roméo, Writer, Journalist and Creator of this historic page, Saint Germain of Kamouraska

Briand Raymond, Director of Territory Moog Canada, Brossard

Bruce Gordon, Painter and body shop worker, Montreal

Caron Sophie and Panneton Carole, Prodef Estrie, Sherbrooke

Champagne France, Representative of Eastern township for A.T.S.A.Q., Fleurimont

De Palma Hubert, Abbot and Not false Priest in the service of the Human beings, North Fort Myers

Denis André, Director to the Current Services for the Caisse Populaire Sherbrooke Est, Sherbrooke

Déraps Edmond, Dean of Aguanish's municipality

Déraps Pauline and Sylvain, Aguanish's Horizon, Aguanish

Di Filippo Dominic, Joe and Tony, Storekeeper in the Automotive, Saint Léonard

Fasching Antoine, Lieutenant Colonel Canadian Association for the Organization of the United Nations, Montreal

Gauthier Claude, Ex manager of the Restaurant The Quick at the Plaza Alexi-Nihon, Montreal

Gauthier Micheline, Owner of the Second-hand clothes shop Mex, Granby

Grenier Gaétan, Lawyer, Sherbrooke

Halle Carmel and Dubois Liette, him Writer in the Shadow at the moment, her Strong-minded intellectual woman, Sherbrooke

Igual Michel, Lagniel Joel and Patric, Owners of the Restaurant La Falaise, Sherbrooke

Ishpatao David and my Brothers and Sisters of the Montagnais Reserve, Pointe-Parent/Natasquan

Jalbert Guy, Owner of the Centre of Estimation of Sherbrooke

Lacombe Jean-François, First Cousin , Dental Technician and Denturologist, Verdun

Lacombe Renald, Father and Pension, Verdun

Lanctôt Guylaine, Doctor and Writer of the Medical Mafia, Coaticook

Lamoureux Geneviève and Nemirovsky Brigitte, Eyewitnesses, Sherbrooke

Laurent José, Nurse and Second Mother, Ocala, Florida

Lavoie Jocelyn, Owner of a station Certiguard Service, Montreal

Lelievre Francine, Director of the Museum of Archaeology and History Pointe-à-Calière, Montreal

Noël  Richard, Mayor of Aguanish's municipality

Nutbrown Éric, Caretaker of a High school and a Church, Lifesaver thanks to his hospitality, Lennoxville

Michaud Lyne, Director for Manpower, Sherbrooke

Péloquin Laurent, President of La Grande Randonnée de l'Estrie, Sherbrooke

Perron Gilles, Technician in Animal Health for Sherbrooke College, Sherbrooke

Prévost Serge, Tax auditor and Bookkeeper for he Quebec Government, Montreal

Provost Marcel, Father Superior Capuchin and Writer, Lake Bouchette

Riendeau Pascal, President of the SETSAS, Sherbrooke

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