CHICOUTIMI, April 24th 1997, 18:00 h.

Physicians College of Quebec
att. Dr Roch Bernier President
2170, Boul. Rene-Levesque Ouest
Montreal (Quebec) H3H 2T8

Formal complaints

This letter was registered from Chicoutimi and sent as conform copy to 26 persons. Please refer to the list at the end of this letter !

I undersigned Serge Joseph Adrien Bourassa-Lacombe President/Founder and Controller of Serge Bourassa-Lacombe's Fondation. Make you a deposit of formal complaints and well formulated. In this 775th days of social injustice, for because the February 11th 1995 it had an error on the person because at first the teachers Yvan Denis and Gerard Dehais of Sherbrooke college lied because the last-mentioned wasn't in front of a judge. So it wasn't a perjury to them that to project me like the work master of Sherbrooke, in describing me of, "Marc Lepine II". The main thing to prevent me to go to Florida for two training period of five weeks in the world of race horses as veterinarian assistant to finally become the best servant in this animal reign.

It goes without saying that the public security was in danger since 1979, A man who had the same identity than mine was search to have committed on Montreal Island territory several sexual and violent attacks towards the women of this region of Quebec. What who bringing for me interminable disappointments and ordeals. In the first place an arrest that we can qualifying of illegal by two officers of the Surety of Quebec posted at Trois-Pistoles because they discovered and confirmed what I was apprehended since eight months already. In second place lets talk about of this way of life at CHUS in the medical dossier # 398 068 where it had with an affirmative certitude; partially altered for where it had with an affirmative certitude; partially altered for forgery and the use of forgeries, criminal harassment of all kinds,assault, chemical torture (Lithium, Haldol, Dolmane, Rivotril & Ativan), physical and mental tortures of all kinds during 57 days, provoke poisoning by the medical team involved in the file # 398 068 from which an attempt to murder who can my death.

Considering that we had persecuted me in my town since April 12th 1995 that is since my come out of this hell, because a anti-Christ team control the place. I had to not only protect myself from them, but to see to continue to serve Jesus the Son of God in order to build a better country. However I should did for this do to summary my life by written before to go to United-States because none is a prophet in his own country. It's at Aguanish that I wrote this historic letter and it's in Sussex at New-Brunswick that I finished. The soup been to much hot in that time, for since a good moment yet. Afterward, I certified the letter at Saint-John, New- Brunswick cost 298,78 $. All ways fed by the HOLY-SPIRIT for to do the work. This letter been address to the student's association of Sherbrooke, C.C. to 57 persons among which: The Minister of the public security, Mister Serge Menard who have answered the November 23rd 1995 N/R : 3768-1, Dr Remi Laird occupying at this time, His work never gave any answer or result.

In this historic letter, it describe the outcome of this physician

       Not any urine and not any faeces during 7 days;

       Lost of a percentage of my vision leading a blurred and trouble vision from February 12th to march 27th 1995;

       Aches du to this febrile state from February 12th to April 9th 1995;

       Convulsion and stiffness from February 12th to march 20th 1995;

       Fatigue, muscular weakness, ataxia, sleepiness, trembling from February 28th to march 20th 1995;

       Confusion, disorientation, muscular spasms, hyper reflexibility from March 11th to 16th 1995;

       Weaning of 13 days from March 14th to27th 1995;

       Sleep lost from February 11th to April 11th 1995,140 hours in 57 days;

       Mental and physical torture from February 11th to April 12th 1995;

       Lost of my sexual function from February 12th to April 9th 1995;

       Lost of a certain happiness of life from February 11th to April 12th 1995;

       Potential of dangerousness for to dying from February 11th to April 12th 1995;

       Lost of academic concentration from February 11th to April 27th 1995. 

Now the global outcome of this exercise is this one: Illegal arrest the February 11th 1995, followed by 57 days of tortures, 6 months of persecution including my admission at (Verdun Hospital Center for an athletic feet problem medical dossier # 1411=» use of excessive strength and injection of a very virulent virus and target to attack exclusively my digest system) * (Sainte-Mary Hospital Center criminal harassment and provocation during eight hours an theft of an electronic document coming from my pocket, electronic agenda Sharp IQ 8300 =» Aim destroy my innocence in order to protect all those criminals under neat the table without any doubt.)=» Causing a hypo-thermia=» purchase of two ice bags the July 22nd 1995,at L/S A. Desautels enr., 4141, boul. Lasalle, Verdun at 3:46h. & 5:02h. =» internal bleeding =» state of shock who could cause my death =» Le Naturiste J. M. B. Verdun ; Aloes Vera in gel + concentrate cabbages extra + chlorophyll =» prayer during five days =» wonderfully well by Jesus the Son of God =» God finally saved me from those medicine monster.

Moreover, I lived 24 days of exile in New-Brunswick so be it of Saturday October 14th 1995 0:01h. to November 6th 1995 15:40h. and 388 days of exile in the United-States, so be it from November 6th 1995, 15.40h. to November 29th 1996 13:10h. =» + 8 000 km, Walked and hitch-hired at Quebec in 1995 =» 2 212 km, peddled my mountain bike in Canada =» +10 000km., peddled my mountain bike across the east coast of North America, which 5 000 km in Florida. In top of pulling my vice-president Fox this dog that millions of person saw in all industrials country of the world. Because it was us who was making the unique Olympic team working to spread out this act of faith and peace under the colors of many countries.

The Organization of SERGE BOURASSA-LACOMBE'S FONDATION was in the town of the Olympics Games of 1996, ATLANTA GEORGIA. Nobody in this world will have the power to infirm this patrimony because even Mister DAVID LETTERMAN'S TALK SHOW pubic revelled the accomplishment of this © TEAM WORK © =» + 4 000 km, Walked and hitch-hired in Canada at New-Brunswick, Nova-Scotia, New Foundland as well in Quebec.

=» January 2nd 1997, 17:35h to January 3rd 1997 9:35h, sponsorship for lodging at Motel Dequen, 800, av. du Pont N. Alma QC. G8B 5E9 of Mister Gilbert Garneau (418) 668-0088. =» January 4th 1997 4:00h., Lonely in the night, I'm to a point to froze outside, so to not die and to not make any crime, I' going with a free will to the police station of Alma, the town of hospitality as they say. They offer me lodging by the cell until 7:00h., I accept on my on free will for to not make any crime. =» 7:00h.the police doesn't free me because it's had a deposed mandate toward me since 1995 for a question of criminal harassing. There didn't knew any details (where, why and when), but they should to take me. =»The Surety of Quebec, of Alma they take me there the handcuffs to the wrist in front my body, without have the time to recover my luggage.

=»From January 4th 1997, around 11:00h. to January 8th 1997, around 13:30 I have lived my prison regime baptism in the detention establishment of Chicoutimi, 225, rue Price est, Chicoutimi, Quebec (418) 545-3830, fax ; (418) 543-5287. The nurse Mister Jeannot Jean will recall forever of my aptitude to appear in court despite that he isn't a psychiatrist doctor. =» My baptism of patrol wagon, these schools bus painted in blue to the colors of th public security ministry, handcuffs on wrist and ankles link by chains, destination Orsainville.=» For to not disorganized this detention establishment who is Orsainville, because I'm in transition for Montreal, They gave me the nick #8 for the night of January 9th 1997, in this moment I accept because I'm an enthusiast of meditation/relaxation/deep breathing, since 7 years already. =» To January 9th 1997, 6:30h. to 16:30h., transfer of Orsainville to the detention of Riviere-des-Prairies.

=» Transfer to Bonsecours's prison of the urban Community of Montreal, I consider myself in territorially, into an extreme enemy territory, been given that they knew a man with the same identity than me since 1979 and that they knew me since summer 1995. For the first time in my life. I drank the water of a toilette in front another accused. =» The January 10th 1997 around 15:30h.,A psychiatrist doctor probably attached to Philippe Pinel Institute of Montreal, judged my mental health state incapable to appear before a judge of the criminal court of Quebec.=» A false double testimony before the judge by this psychiatrist doctor because I was perfectly able to appear in court.

=» Return to the Riviere-des-Prairies's establishment to January 10th 1997 around 19:30h. like defendant # PAVO338854296 in the G5D213H to January 22nd 1997 around 12:30h. (Dr Wolwertz, psychiatrist doctor engaged to Philippe Pinel Institute of Montreal was charged of the first psychiatric evaluation for this matter. He asked me several questions. He obtain also several answers very coherent from the part of the President/Founder and Controller of Serge Bourassa-Lacombe's Fondation. However he deformed before me the content of my answers and reporting all wrongly in this medical report who had became mine. (Goal of this exercise, to prescribe me some medication so as to protect all this above describe criminals.)

=» In accordance with the Quebec's charter of rights and freedom of the of the people, I maintained my refusal right of medication and the January 13th 1997, at 13:41, I have wrote a letter to the public security ministry, Mister Robert Perreault, a letter who have described him the lived situation by his author. (Mister Robert Perreault transferred a part of the dossier to the minister of the Cabinet of Justice. Mister Paul Begin N/R ; 3768-4). =» The second evaluation, done by R. Ricard a boarding like psychiatrist doctor, so as to take the relieve of dossier because I had denounced by written the Dr Wolwertz earlier of liar.

=» Invitation of Dr Ricard to transfer me into the wall of Philippe Institute of Montreal so as to had tell me for to be more close to me so as to understand what it was append to me in 1995. =» Detention in the walls of this institute to the January 22nd 1997, around 12:30h to January 30th 1997, around 10:30h. (A psychiatric evaluation of 8 days, outstanding interest for a voluntary participation proposed by me, so as to do speed up this science, often to much suicidal, caused by the medical power to abuse driving the bottom vice that everybody know but that less people try the in front attack because they are afraid to loose there live.)

=» Liberation by the Quebec Court, Criminal and penal chamber, in the locality of Montreal, M. U. C. Police, the decision been dispense the January 29th 1997, 19:14h., Dossier 500-01-16679-950. To leave by the grant door of the Institute Philippe Pinel of Montreal, just as had been my desire, just as had been my pray. In order to build a better world, In order to be able to become the FIRST GRANT PEACE MAN ACKNOWLEDGED IN CANADA. To be able to show around by myself without any pills in my pockets so as to be highly credible in my remarks for the well of all the humanity.

=» From that time, With glamour I cry out the VICTORY on the other hand the work wasn't finished yet =»Because my release was conditional, commitment of my part to lived at Maison du Pere or Old Brewery Mission, to inform the tribunal by written and beforehand of all address change, To abstain myself to communicate in any way whit the employee of the points at Calieres, to keep the peace and to have a good behaviour and to respect the following conditions: at 15:00h. the January 30th 1997 to present my self to the CLSC des Faubourgs, 1250, rue Sanguinet, bureau 460, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 3E7 for to meet Mister Thierry Webanck a Criminalist and to follow his recommendations, in my dossier CUM 33-950803-041.

=» Like I was surprised to meet, the February 3rd 1997 at 16:30h., Mister Alain Malenfant Yes! You have well red, Alain Malenfant ©THE SON OF THE FATHER© MISTER Raymond Malenfant. Since that we remember of family disappointment, we understand why his son didn't hesitated to leave of this shelter condition of last resort and to hasten to supply me a shelter silent partner to February 4th 1997, 17:00h. to February 7th 1997, 7:45h. at the Motel Metropole, 5250, rue Jarry est, Montreal, Quebec, H1R 3A9. Alain Malenfant General director of the place, tel : (514) 322-8640, fax : (514)322-5210. The February 7th 1997 at 9:00h., I present myself in the audience room 4.07h. in order to be present to the tribunal of the law court of Montreal and,afterwards, to be present according to the exigency of the tribunal, in order to be treat according to the law.

=» A modification was brought to the dossier # 500-01-016679-950, the police squad CUM 33-950803-041, to live at this following address : 103, rue Oxford Crescent # 105, Lennoxville, Quebec, J1M 2G3, in order to be present at tribunal of the law court of Montreal, 10 east, rue St-Antoine, audience room SAD the may 22nd 1997, at 9:30h. and afterward to be present according of the exigency of the tribunal, in order to be treat according to the law.

=» The march 4th mars 1997, around 9:45h., La Tribune de Sherbrooke and his Director of the information, Mister Stephane Lavallee called the Municipal Surety of Sherbrooke in dialling # 911, in saying that he was afraid of me. My friends, Le Petit Larousse & Le Petit Robert (dictionaries) qualify this behaviour of protective toward all those criminal of the district of St-Francois who all abuse of power and who all commit organized crime under neat the table since 1994.

=» February 18th and march 27th 1997, several strictly complains been wrote and put down in front the Commission of the people rights and rights of youth, Mister Real, 375, rue King Ouest, bureau 105, Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1M 6B9, tel. : (819) 820-3855, fax. : (819) 820-3860. =» The march 19th and 20th and also the April 1997, several strictly complain been wrote and put down in front of the Commission of deontology police in, 1200, Route de l'Eglise, RC. 20, Sainte-Foy (Quebec G1V 4Y9, Mister Marcel Canuel, tel. : (418) 643-7897, fax. : (418) 528-9473.

=» A complain been strictly put down by written in front of Mister Laurien Aspirot, a right technician the march 18th mars 1997 between 14:10h and 15:28h at the Commission of socials services, in the Edifice SSQ, tour des Laurentides, 2525, boul. Laurier, 2nd floor, Sainte Foy (Quebec) G1V 4Z5, tel. : (418) 643-3400, fax. : (418) 643-5335. =» The march 21st 1997 to 10:45h. to 11:50h., I'm to the Quebec Parliament in order to hear the debate part concerning the law project # 104, law on the cost reduction in the public function (a special and voluntary invitation of the detectives Herve Fortier and Jacques Quinn ; detectives for the Surety of Quebec, volunteer because I wasn't under an arrest, the goal of this exercise, will permitted me than to better make myself know in order to install a thrusting climate of by each others. The exercise a last three hours, then I directed myself in Mauricie for to reconstitute my family (uncles, antes, first cousins. For finally learn in my natal town who is Verdun, by my father Mister Raynald Lacombe in front of my mother Madam Marie-Jeannette Bourassa that a policeman of the Surety of Quebec attached to the parliament have called him to asked if I knew if I was a mental sick person since two years ? That what entrained to them, a complain strictly written and deposit to the Commission of policy in deontology, the April 11th 1997. =»

The march 25th 1997 at 13:00h., I present myself for the first time of my life to the Physicians College of Quebec for to meet your syndicate to 217O, boul. Rene-Levesque ouest, Montreal (Quebec) H3H 2T8, tel.: ( 514) 933-4441 or 1-888 MEDECIN, post 270, fax. (514) 933-3112, (one of yours receptionist ask me to wait, then one of your secretaries came to see me at 13:15h. To indicate to me that the people of the Syndic were outside for there lunch and invite me to wait for them into the conference room during that time them they were organized at a superior floor in your college. Thirty minutes later, Misters Maurice Miousse and Richard Meloche presented before me at 13:45h., like two huge bouncers ( large and the breadth of shoulders, been very imposing before me), that most is, by there behaviours, it's come without saying that the conversation that I had with them last less then five minutes. Me who all ways refused to judge onto the appearance or also on word hearing of Dr Guylaine Lanctôt and/or Dr Roland Albert, I went by myself accompanied of the HOLY-SPIRIT and today I declare publicly by written that this two bouncers were without any doubt member of this medical mafia and have well do there job. =»

A complain been strictly written the march 27th 1997 at 13:52 and deposit a bit much later in front Mister Claude Lavoie Director of administrative services of the Regie Regional de la Sante et des services sociaux de l'Estrie, 2424 rue King Ouest, Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1J 2ES, tel. : (819) 566-7861, fax. : (819) 569-8894, this complain been written in order to denounce this foolish and scandalous criminality who persist at Centre Universitaire de Sante de l'Estrie since the February 11th 1995 in the dossier # 398 068. That more is in a dated letter of march 6th 1997 Mister Normand Legault, Director of the internal administration and the technical services, site Bowen 580, rue Bowen sud Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1G 2ES (Object : An access of demand of Mister Serge Bourassa-Lacombe (PLA.96-124) who explaining that the cite person in heading been effectively suffer a consultation of refusal of his medical dossier at the CHUS in 1995. The treating psychiatrist doctor have judged at that time that the knowledge of certain information will had been prejudicial for the client (WHAT IT MUST BE READ HERE is rather for all the criminals put in cause). The commission for the access information had been grab of refusal, but I hadn't this file in hand ( he declare by written on this answer letter that I obtained a copy in my hand).

A new access of demand have been deposit to CUSE in April 1996 by the client. The summary of the dossier authorized by the psychiatric doctor have been sanded off to an address in Florida, such that demanded (NEVER IN ANY TIME, I undersigned strictly by written to never have received any of that summary of medical dossier, WHO'S MORE to have in any moment deposit a new demand in April 1996). In January 1997, a copy of the clinic dossier have been equally transmitted to the Institute Philippe Pinel, to the demand of the client (PLEASE READ INSTEAD a demand done by the Dr Ricard because this last one was searching and wanted to understand his patient WHO'S MORE In any time I cannot see the content of my medical dossier until now WHAT WE ARE HIDING IN THIS MEDICAL STORY ?). =» The April 16th 1997 at 15:15h. to 16:55h. I was at the Regie de l'assurance-maladie du Quebec, 1125, chemin Saint-Louis, Sillery (Quebec) G1S lE7 in front of Madam Pauline and Lorraine tel. : (418) 646-4636 & (800) 561-9749 in order to eventually know the bill of this social injustice as well as the members of the medical profession implicated to the dossiers since February 11th 1995.

Since the November 29th 1996 at 13:10h. I am into my country the Canada and more of 600 business peoples had the occasion to discover my person. Since the beginning of my adventure more than 30 000 persons supported me who is more, a millions of persons helped me indirectly.

It is the time now to reveal you that, THE HOLY-SPIRIT directly inspire my brain since my child hood, it's with any doubt for this reason that JESUS call me more today, because I never denied Him like Peter (Matthew 26.69-75 ; Luke 22.55-62 ; John 18.15-18,25-27). For the one between you who should forgot, GOD talk to us since several millenaries, in the OLD TESTAMENT by the example he used of big prophets. In the NEW TESTAMENT He goes further, He EVANGELISE us with his Words by using JESUS. JESUS came to accomplish big things on the earth in the name of His ALL MIGHTY FATHER, GOD. JESUS also accepted to die on a cross for to save us from ours sins. Today, SEVERAL GET THE MOCKING LOOK AND EASY LAUGH, ON THIS HOLY STORY. THE HOLY CHURCH BEEN BECAME WHAT IT'S BECOME WITH SINCE OF CENTURIES AND CENTURIES, I LOST IN IT MY FAITH. However I'm FIDEL REMAINED to the WORD OF GOD, I'm one of his SERVANT. However because we used me like a SCAPE GOAT more than one time into forty years of life and that I never disowned GOD and/or JESUS of my HOLY LIFE. JESUS, elected me like one of his DISCIPLES/PROPHETS. It's for this reason that I will become the FIRST GRAND MAN OF PEACE IN THE HISTORY OF CANADA. Because my country treated me like the UNITED-STATES treated MARTIN LUTHER KING. He became afterward a GRAND MAN OF PEACE. Anyway, I thank and never forget what the AMERICANS and the UNITED-STATES have done for me.

It's the time now to demand to know the BILL in order to BUILD A BETTER COUNTRY. It's for this reason that I demand to take knowledge, strictly by written and in front of you all the one who will read me, this bill. Mister Normand Legault, you who is the Director of the internal admission, CENTRE UNIVERSITE DE SANTE DE L'ESTRIE, 580, Rue Bowen sud, Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1G 2E8, you will own in the most brief delays (the most prescription is of 30 days of the reception date of this letter) to do reach me a true copy of the original of my medical dossier # 398 068 in Its whole for the period of February 11th to April 12th 1995 inclusively as well as an exercise. I take advantage also of the occasion for to formally make a complain of all the received services in this dossier and that in front of all you in order to BUILD A BETTER MEDICINE =» A WORLD IN BETTER HEALTH =» A BETTER COUNTRY AT DAWN OF THIS THIRD MILLENNIUM.

Mister Lauren Boisvert, you who is the is Director of professionals and hospitals services, CENTRE HOSPITALIER ANGRIGNON, 4000, boul. Lasalle, Verdun (Quebec) H4G 2A3, you will own also in the most brief delays do the same thing than Mister Normand Legault, however you will do it for the medical dossier #1411 in order as that I be able to understand this end of days of the July 18th and this night of July 19th 1995, as well as this transfer request, by ambulance to the CENTRE HOSPITALIER DE STE-MARY. It's go without saying that I make also by the same occasion a complain of all the received services in this dossier.

Madam Celine Germain, you who is the Coordinator of the gestion risks, CENTRE HOSPITALIER DE STE-MARY, 3830, avenue Lacombe, bureau 1301 A, Montreal (Quebec) H3T 1M5, you will have also in the most brief do the same thing that Monsieur Normand Legault, however you will do it for the medical dossier # 609657, in order that I be able to understand why your medical team take me eight hours of my life, without doing anything for my feet and all this in harassing me for to try to make me loose my temperament control. Several PATIENTS have without any doubt LOST PATIENCE in front of those "GOUROUS" OF THE MEDICINE for finally find our self like those s DUPLESSIS'S CHILDREN or also behind bar of a maximum security penitentiary, because MENTALLY HELPLESS IN FRONT THOSE MONSTERS OF THE PSYCHIATRIC MEDICINE. It goes without saying that I lodge also a formal complain against all the received services the July 19th 1995 between 7:30h. and 15:30h. in this dossier.

Mister Pierre Pinard, you who is Responsible of the complaints, CLSC ST-HENRI, 3833, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal (Quebec) H4T IP8, I wish to make you understand that the July 18th 1995, after to have presented myself at five private clinic on the territory of the C. U. M. with my new insurance health care with my color picture on it, for witch reason for all the staffs into place refused to provide me the medical services that my feet were demanding in this beginning of night. Also refusing to assist me in this demand procedure of name change, me who didn't lived with any salary and with any welfare.

BECAUSE OF A MISTAKE ON THE PERSON. The fact to be different and/or to have several personalities, isn't in itself a mental illness, because all the GRAND ACTORS OF THE WORLD IN THIS WHOLE have all several personalities and they are very CHAMELEON, that what make them of THE BEST ONES. We need to debunk the mental illness, in order to DECLINE THE CRIMINALITY, THE CRIMINAL FURTHER OFFENCE AND ESPECIALLY THE SUICIDE. Alike the TERRY FOX'S FONDATION WHO WANT TO BEAT THE CANCER, THE SERGE BOURASSA-LACOMBE'S FONDATION WANT TO BEAT THE MENTAL ILLNESS with the SUPPORT or the GOOD MEDECIN, because this one became SHY with the passing of decades in the FEAR TO DIE. We will DEFEAT this MEDICAL MAFIA, convinced that GOD,, THE ALMIGHTY FATHER created the DOCTORS for to CURE AND NOT for to RUIN.

ALL THOSE ANSWERS WILL HAVE TO BE SEND OFF AT YOUR EXPENSES TO THE INDICATED ADDRESSES OF MY FONDATION AT THE END OF THIS LETTER. Because your fellow will learn by the scope of my written that to the human anatomy the feet and the head are two extremities, like the persecution and the paranoia. Witch is more, the hypoglycaemia and the manic-depressive are two very different health states, on the other hand into a panic state they offer the same symptoms. This is for this reason anyway that the Association of the hypoglycaemic of Montreal and the Association of the maniac-depressive of Montreal have already exchange of there members vice versa. All the more like you know several maniac-depressives accepted in first place there decease, because these "GOUROUS" OF THE MEDECIN suicide to do a BRAIN WASHED of many follower of LITHIUM AND ALL THE OTHER CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES. Like all those GENIUS that the SOCIETY didn't been able to accept IN there DIFFERENCES ! Today I have the power to tell you, that, nobody will not be able to destroy SERGE BOURASSA-LACOMBE'S FONDATION because JESUS asked me in using ME.





@$$$$!?!?SINGLE WITH NO CHILDREN!?!?$$$$!.... @.



  1. The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, The Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.
  2. His delight is in the feat of the Lord, And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, Nor decide be the hearing of His ears;
  3. But with righteousness He shall judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth; He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, And with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked.
  4. Righteousness shall be the belt of His loins, And faith fullness the belt of His waist.
© The pen is stronger than the sword. © That what declared to us this combatant Mister Benjamin Franklin, He obtain the United-States independence.
© Patience and a long time better value than using strength and rage. © written the poet Lafontaine.
© We are responsible for ever of what we tamed. © Le Petit Prince, St-Exupery

© The power to believe in GOD come with our PRAYER, it's more POWERFUL than anything. © Serge Bourassa-Lacombe, told you today that I'm a man who possess this FAITH who can move MOUNTAINS. ©

C.C. :     

Begin Paul, Minister de la Justice du Quebec, Quebec (Quebec) Canada
Boisvert Laurent, Dir. Ser. Prof., Angrignon Hospital Center, Verdun (Quebec) Canada
Bouchard Lucien, Premier Minister du Quebec,   Very Honourable, Quebec (Quebec) Canada
Bourassa Marie Jeannette, Mere du President/ Founder & Controller, Verdun (Qc.) Canada
Bray Sharon. Publisher & Editor, The Enterprise, Bucksport (Maine) USA
Chretien Jean, Premier Minister du Canada, Very Honourable, Ottawa (Ontario) Canada
De Lagrave Svlvain, Advocate de la Defence Montreal (Quebec) Canada
De Palma Hubert, priest de la Sainte Eglise, Mont-Roland (Quebec) Canada
Dewrell Don. Chaplain, Speaking the Truth Ministry Woodville (Florida) USA
Dingwall David, Minister of Health of Canada, Ottawa (Ontario) Canada
Doyle Pierre Philippe &, Maranda Nathalie, Office of the Professions of Quebec, (Qc.) Canada
Germain Celine, Coor. Gestion Risks, Sainte-,Mary Hospital Center, Montreal (Quebec) Canada
Giguere Yvonne, Sister de Mary Jeannette Bourassa. Trois-Rivieres ouest (Quebec) Canada
Jacoby Daniel, Citizen Protector of Quebec (Quebec) Canada
Lavoie Claude, Dir. Comm. & Serv. Adm. RRSSS of the Estrie, Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada
Leblanc Romeo, General Gouv. of Canada, Very Honourable son Excellence Ottawa (Ont.) Canada
Legault Normand, Dir. Of the intern adm. Of CUSE, Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada
Marois Pauline, Minister of the Education of Quebec. Quebec (Quebec) Canada
Mercure Claude, Resp. Syndic of Physicians College of Quebec, Montreal (Qc.) Canada
Perreault Robert, Minister of the Security of Quebec, St-Foy (Quebec) Canada
Pinard Pierre, Responsible of the complaints, CLSC St-Henry, Montreal (Quebec) Canada
Reinhardt Annick, Advocate Commission of the Access to the information, Quebec, Canada
Ricard Dr., Psychiatric intern physician, Institute Philippe Pinel, Montreal (Quebec) Canada
Rochon Jean, Minister of the Health of Quebec, Quebec (Quebec) Canada
Toupin Claude Mme., Service à la Clientele, RRSSS de Montreal-Centre (Quebec) Canada
Tremblay Real, Commission of rights of the persons, Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada

Why Such Signature?

103, rue oxford Crescent app. # 105
Lennoxville (Quebec)
J1M 2G3
P.O. Box 77
Woodville, FI, U.S.A.,

388 days of exile in the United-States 1995-1996.  I will never forget my Vice-President Fox