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In this December 6th 2000, which do you have make to decrease violence around you since the last year?

This year Canada underlines this day as being the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women. Established in 1991 by the Parliament of Canada, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women coincides with the anniversary of the death of 14 young women who were tragically killed on December 6, 1989 at Polytechnic of University of Montreal because of their gender.

The last year, I launched an invitation at the time of this historic day. That is to say an invitation of compassion for an investigation in order to build a better country ! www.bourassa-lacombe.org/en/documents/writing/991206.htm It is necessary to start for investigation around you and in your own life in order to decrease this violence.

In this year 2000, I took time to invest more than 2 500 hours on my Web site is a 80 hours output per weeks from January to July. What can I do I am hyperactive and altruistic since my childhood. The goal of this investment it is to show you what a determined person can do to decrease violence.

To write a letter to the Prime Minister for Quebec entitled «Lagging since five years and half already.» and to forward to him on August 24th 2000 www.bourassa-lacombe.org/en/documents /writing/20000824_0834.htm Into the fact that made twenty years that the criminal past of a serial rapist disturbs me in my life. I can thus certify to you that it's there also violence made to the men. But how will we be able to decrease this violence? There is only one way bus it is one path: the path of the truth and the life. «A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.» John 13:34

I, by love for you all, I had run as a independent candidate in the district of Sherbrooke in order to build a better country. This campaign enabled me first of all to work like advising in spiritual guidance anti-crime and anti-suicide. It also allowed me to advance my criminal investigation.


To take note of the answers which I provided to the academics of University of Sherbrooke at the time of the debate of November 08th 2000: www.bourassa-lacombe.org/en/documents/writing /20001108_usherb.htm.


It should be also known that I was witness of a severe constraint to the good electoral functioning in the county of Sherbrooke. It was of my duty of citizen to deposit a complaint to the Commissioner of Elections Canada because it is wise not to tolerate this violence anymore: www.bourassa-lacombe.org/en/documents/writing/20001125_electionca.htm.


Without forgetting La Tribune of Sherbrooke, that you want Messrs Gilles Fisette, journalist, Beaudoin assistant director to the information and Michel Morin, Director of information missed love at the time of this campaign in several occasions: www.bourassa-lacombe.org/en/documents/press/20001109 _tribune.htm

At the time of my election campaign, I went also to the College of Sherbrooke Monday November 13th 2000 in this period of the Remembrance because I remember to have lived as student in animal health technique from August 24th, 1992 to May 12th 1995 excluding the period from my training course at the CHUS in psychiatric medical file CHUS 398 068 from February 11th to April 12th, 1995. I invited Messrs Yvan Denis and Gerard Déhaies, two of my ex-professors to repentance for they had prevented me from going to make my training courses in Florida as technicians in animal health in the field of the racehorses. Who more is, I beneficed from this electoral visit to explain to Mr Jocelyn Vallée, general manager of the College of Sherbrooke what he could do before taking his retirement to cast out violence, criminality and suicide from our schools all over Canada, but to arrive to there it would be necessary to reconsider this week of February 06th, 1995.

Here why: «Have you seen him? A real insane! It could go at his home to seek weapons and then to come to kill us like Marc Lépine did!» declared a coed of group 1308 of animal health to the College of Sherbrooke Wednesday February 08, 1995. The director of the College of Sherbrooke, Jocelyn Vallée decided that it was not useful to ask for a police investigation. I thus became victim of these people who hold the truth captive. It should be also known that all people who saw it without denouncing anything are in complicity with them in this history because they did nothing to go against it.

«The dg of the College leaves his post - the institution is in the search of a successor with Jocelyn Vallée which will leave its function on January 9th» After 10 years with the lead of the College of Sherbrooke, the outgoing general manager indicates that it is time for him to pass to other thing. Without wanting to work out on the causes of its departure. La Tribune of Sherbrooke of Monday October 9 2000. «That made a long time that the idea plot in my head and I announced it to people of the College at the end of September. I did not make the personal assessment yet. I am very proud and grateful to have been with the use of the College of Sherbrooke.» explained Mr Jocelyn Vallée.

However in the «Sex cases at the School of the Triolet - five teenagers suspended for supposed contacts» the principal of the Triolet of Sherbrooke, Micheline Loignon, confirms «It did not have no chance there to take. We suspended the five boys indefinitely, so much and as a long time as the police investigation will not be supplemented in this history», indicated the director on October 28 2000 to the journalist Rene-Charles Quirion of La Tribune.

I had corresponded with Dr. Valery I Fabrikant since September 26 2000 (professor Fabrikant is that whom lost the control of his mood and assassinated four of his colleagues of the Concordia University on August 24th, 1992), he goes without saying that Dr. Fabrikant live at present to the penitentiary of Cowansville. This last forwarded to me a document of 91 pages whose title is very  revealing «What really happened at Concordia University and how the media lied about it.» Dr. Fabrikant knows that I do not approve the fact that he had took the life of others, because it is written: «Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:» Matthew 5:21 «(...) Defraud not (...)» Mark 10:19 Today, I can say to you that I red the document of Dr. Fabrikant in his entirety, after having taken knowledge of his version of the history we develops a very pathetic compassion. You need to realize that nobody is safe from confrontation, injustice, persecution, provocation, competition or a lack of love... How to make then not to lose the control of our mood?  The only way of arriving there it is by the fast and the prayer and by having also ears to hear. «But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;» Matthew 5:44
Yes! I remember of my 43rd birthday June 20th of this year, I remember also to have celebrated the fifth birthday of «VICTOR DELAMARRE
» last June 08. I recall you that: I am not the reincarnation of VICTOR DELAMARRE
, or the reincarnation of MARTIN LUTHER JR KING, again very less the reincarnation of Jesus Christ! I am simply the incarnation of «SERGE JOSEPH Because the one who sends me gives life as much as it takes away life. I you 4 reverse side asks to believe me by wishing you a very GOOD YEAR OF 2002 OF REPENTANCE À my respect and in several respect unquestionably. That GOD the FATHER of OUR - LORD JESUS CHRIST ENFANTÉ PAR LA VIERGE MARY PLEINE OF FAVOUR, fills you the heart of necessary light Adrien Bourassa-Lacombe» since July 12th 1996 after the decision of Me Guy Lavigne, director of the Civil state of Quebec No: 1996 CN 1149 of the file: 952054.


«Persecution provokes paranoia while lack of understanding from people may cause schizophrenia» SBL
 «Mark 3:21 et John 7:20» (King James Version)
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