Prison Letter Public Security Minister Quebec 970113

The director of the marital status of Quebec Me Guy Lavigne returned decision on July 12 1996 # 1996 CN 1149 informant in file 952054 what follows:
Concerning the renaming of Serge Joseph Adrien Lacombe, it
Director of the marital status makes the decision following:

November 22, 1995, Serge Joseph Adrien Lacombe, born on June 20, 1957, to Verdun, Quebec and domiciled and residing at the 103 Oxford Crescent, Lennoxville, addressed a request to the Director of the marital status with an aim of changing its name into that of Serge Bourassa-Lacombe, in accordance with articles 58 and following of the Civil code of Quebec (L.q., 1991, chapter 64).

The applicant provided, with the support of his request, the proof of the publications of the opinions required by article 5 of the Regulation on the renaming and other qualities of the marital status;

The request, the declaration under oath of the applicant, and the parts were produced with the file;

CONSIDERING that the applicant was recorded, in the parish Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs in Verdun, under the patronymic «Lacombe», that is to say that of his father;

CONSIDERING the desire of the applicant to add to his surname the patronymic «Bourassa», that is to say that of his mother, with an aim of allowing him to be distinguished people who bear the same name as him;

CONSIDERING that in accordance with article 58 of the Civil code of Quebec, the Director of the marital status is competent to authorize the renaming for serious reasons;

CONSIDERING that the renaming can be granted when that which it gate knows troubles and sufficiently serious problems which could be attenuated, even eliminated, by its renaming;

CONSIDERING that the applicant showed, with the satisfaction of the Director of the marital status, that it had a serious reason to change his name;

CONSIDERING that in accordance with article 51 of the Civil code of Quebec, the name allotted to a person is that of her father or his mother or a name made up of with more the two parts coming from the surname from the one of them;

CONSIDERING that the Director of the marital status was given like policy to connect the name composed by a feature of union, so as to avoid any confusion on the identity of the person;

CONSIDERING that no opposition, objection or observation arrived in the twenty (20) days which followed on November 11, 1995, date of the last of the publications or opinions prescribed by the law;

BY THESE REASONS, the Director of the marital status,

AUTHORIZE the renaming of the applicant «Serge Joseph Adrien Lacombe» in that of «Serge Joseph Adrien Bourassa-Lacombe»;

ISSUE that the birth certificate of the applicant is modified consequently.

Birth certificate Modified 29-08-96
# inscription 1195704170633

Moreover, the director of cabinet associate with your ministry Me Andre Gariépy have reply to a letter that I have send the 03 November 1995 recommended by mail in New-Brunswick and address to the Student Govern for the College of Sherbrooke CC to 57 person of which the Minister for the Public Security. Mr Serge Ménard N/R 3768-1 Had well receive my explanation about this injustice social which last since 1979. Be since that, a man who carry the same first name and the same last name that be «Serge Lacombe», in the same way than the same date of birth be «20 June 1957», in the same way than the same size like the same weight be «1m70,70kg» required «actively sex rapes towards several women in 1979 in the area of Montreal».

Considering that the only distinctions are the colour of the eyes brown visits blue as well as the presence of tattoo on the two arms for the criminal.

I am at present in detention at the Rivière-des-Prairies Detention Center after having hitch-hiked for more than 8 000km to understand this injustice and remake my name.

Moreover, I traversed more than 12 000km by mountain bike through North America serving to me of «Terry Fox» and «Victor DeLamarre» for finally being understood by the Quebecer and Canadian society. I have even drawn a pup of 60 pounds to the 96 Summer Olympic Games at Atlanta with the colour of my self-named foundation. Moreover with the N/R the 3768-1 Minister Serge Ménard understood the direction which my foundation will take.

  • November 23, 1995

    Mr Serge Bourassa-Lacombe
    103, street Oxford Crescent - APP. 105
    Lennoxville (Quebec)
    J1M 2G3

    Dear Sir,

    The Minister for the public Security, Mr Serge Ménard, received your letter on November 08, 1995 in which you announce creation to him of the Foundation Serge Bourassa Lacombe. Moreover, you make a statement on certain facts and situations to him in which you were implied.

    The Minister is sensitive to the situation that you expose to him and took good note of the objectives of your foundation

    Sincerely yours

    The associated Principal private secretary,
    Andre Gariépy, lawyer

    N\R: 3768-1

  • I thus ask you today, Mister the Minister for the public security Mr Robert Perreault to do what is necessary so that justice is made in my file so that the Quebec's people can understand that «The pen is stronger than the sword» «Patience and length of time is stronger than force and rage» «The power to believe in GOD and our prayer, it is more powerful than anything else».

    Serge Bourassa-Lacombe's Fondation will be used to help all this youth who grow. I am one of the servants of God, Jesus Christ our saver. God gave me the force of courage which I have, that made since March 14, 1995 that I do not consume any more any drugs. Moreover, I showed that I behave very well in society even if my life it's without wages, nor social assistance for the moment.

    People who had the chance to see me are proud of me, for my travailing which traversed the equivalent distance Montreal - Tampa 4 times by mountain bike with a load between 120 and 245 pounds is 54 and 111kg. Thanks for your collaboration, Mister the Minister.

    (On May 09 2000, I will have been traversed:


    + 40 000km by hitch-hiking on the roadside.


    + 16 000km by bicycle with a load between 110 and 245 pounds (50 and 111kg)


    + 1 200km with foot with a backpack representing a weight between 57 and 80 pounds is 25.85 and 36.29kg

    CC :

       PO Box 77 Woodville, Florida 32362

    - Dr Wolwertz psychiatrist doctor Rivière-des-Prairies Detention Center

    - Eric Nutbrown, friend and roommate

    - Jacques Paquette Assistant Director,
       Rivière-des-Prairies Detention Center

    - Louise Baron adviser for Action Autonomy
       1561 rue St-Hubert, Montréal, H2L 3Z1

    - Me Guy Lavigne Civil Status Director
       205 rue Montmagny, Québec (Québec) G1N 2Z9

    - Me Sylvain Delagrave (was unknown at the time of this written letter)

    - Pierre Antoine Baril Coordinator for Action Autonomies
          1561 rue St-Hubert, Montréal, H2L 3Z1

    Serge Bourassa-Lacombe
    103 street Oxford Crescent # 105
    Lennoxville (Quebec) J1m 2g3
    Po Boxes 77 Woodville (Florida) 32362
    (819) 566-4951 and 1-888-393-8047


    (-) Marc Lépine II

    not =

    Victor DeLamarre II (+)

    Created with the College of Sherbrooke
    February 08, 1995
    by the false evidence
    Created with the Lake Bouchette with
    the Hermitage Saint-Anthony de Padoue
    by the inspiration D
    Saint Spirit

    Illegal arrest

    604 days without income



    Judiciary error

    + 8 000km to make inch



    Medical error

    12 000km by bicycle from Montreal

    «The formation of those two events involves the following consequences»

    Concerning the renaming July 12 1996 # 1996 CN 1149
    Birth certificate Modified August 29 1996 # inscription 1195704170633
    Passport renewed Friday 1996 December 13 Fredericton NB
    Driving licence & sickness insurance renewed in Alma January 03, 1997


    Serge Bourassa-Lacombe's Fondation believes and says to you: «The pen is stronger than the sword» «Patient and length of time is stronger than force and than rage» «The power to believe in God and our prayer, it is more powerful than anything else.


    Serge Bourassa-Lacombe

    «= >

    Victor DELAMARRE